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  1. It was very cool to see! It will be even more cool when the fans are there to see them raise it! Hockey season is nothing short of spectacular, @theguru!
  2. There's a LOT I could say about this game, but instead I'll just say congrats to both teams for being in the title game and congrats to Alabama on clearly being the best team in college football! Roll Tide!
  3. I agree, a game to game comparison, ND matched up better. I know that doesn't mean much, but I'm glad the Irish hung in better against them. Alabama was a beast this season though, no matter how you you look at it.
  4. For a guy that wasn't speaking as an affiliate of IU, he sure said "our" and "us" an awful lot.
  5. Okay, but explain to me how ND is deserving of that spot with the performance they had. What do you think Bama will do to them? They just don't look ready to grind it out at this point with any of the 3 other teams in it. If that last Clemson game was at least close, I'd think otherwise. As I said in another post, I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Prayers for you, Goldie. May God bless you.
  7. After the way they played Saturday, I don't feel they do. Just my opinion. I honestly expected them to lose, hard to beat good team like that twice, especially with Lawrence back. But I did expect them to show up, they didn't. I think Texas A&M deserves it over them.
  8. I think Bama will be in their head too much. I doubt this a game after mid second quarter. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. You don't think I have a problem with this, do you? This is actually an I can't lose game. I will say I'll pull for MY Irish over MY Tide. Still, Irish don't belong in the top 4.
  10. Tide will roll by whatever they want. My Irish shouldn't be at the #4 spot IMO after the pathetic display they put on last Saturday.
  11. I actually used to like them. Not a fan of Dabo. Yes, he's good, he just bugs me.
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