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  1. Lots of great "stops" on his resume but that's about it based on the above post. The Tennessee OC would've been a good choice before he came off the board.
  2. Sounds great for USF. I could imagine Rocky Top fans are extremely bummed. Their back to relevance tour was short lived.
  3. Any talk of John Sumrall from Troy? I know he's a UK guy, but he just leads Troy to their conference championship and I think was named coach of the year for the conference. Just thinking outside the box a bit.
  4. I would've liked to have seen Fickel at Notre Dame. I think he could've done good things for them which is typically good for college football in general.
  5. That was mentioned as well but it sounds like it's gonna be Colorado. I'm just not sure it's a great fit for Primetime, it's certainly not an easy place to succeed compared to other available jobs.
  6. Both teams have to kick at the same uprights so I think it's a bit of a wash refarding them in the state championship game. If anything perhaps it's time to make the switch to college width for the uprights.
  7. Ohio State moves up to number four. Alabama praying for TCU or Michigan to fold under pressure.
  8. That's what's being reported right now. Sanders said in an interview not too long ago that he would listen when the bigger schools came calling. It's not a done deal yet but what are your thoughts?
  9. Gotta sweep the leg on that beast.
  10. And just like that a 60 yard TD reception by the tight end for Utah running over people on his way to the endzone. 34-24 Utah
  11. One thing that's stood out so far, USC's offensive line would get shredded by Georgia.
  12. I'm sure a lot of Ohio State fans are watching this game as well as some Alabama fans.
  13. After getting down early 17-3, Utah has scored 24 unanswered points and is currently up 27-17 with 14:18 left in the game.
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