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  1. I mean, what would you have this say?
  2. That's what I was thinking as well, 6 wins seems reasonable, 7 possible. Anything beyond that and they're playing well above expectations I'd say.
  3. Tough schedule. With that said, it's an SEC only schedule, so they're all going to look tough I'd say. At least the home games are winnable match-ups, with Georgia obviously being the toughest.
  4. Got ya. They do not have any type of workout facilities there correct? Primarily just golf, pool, tennis and food?
  5. Is the pool open at the country club, dining? Or is it just golf right now?
  6. It seems like something of this magnitude needs drone/helicopter footage to really capture the extent of the damage.
  7. Which sucks, those are some great games.
  8. Go figure. Simon Kenton schedules 4 Ohio schools and now doesn't get to play any of them. I do like the game against Cov Cath though.
  9. I think that your answer is part of my reason for the question. Obviously the easy choice is the ACC, as things are. I'm just not sure if it's Notre Dame's first choice if they could choose ANY conference without any strings attached. A Big 10 conference with Penn State, tOSU, Michigan and Notre Dame would be fun to watch.
  10. It only took a world wide pandemic to make it happen. My next question, would the ACC have been their choice the whole time if they could've chose any conference right now?
  11. Mustard and it's not even close. I would or have put every other condiment on a cheeseburger or lunch meat sandwich. All of them within the past month or two. Condiments are my weakness.
  12. That is my only fear. I could just continue to work out at work. Or even do activities outside but I really prefer going go the gym.
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