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  1. Agreed. And I think both will improve a lot over the season simply from practicing against each other.
  2. Not sure they get one this week either. Penn State is overrated at the moment.
  3. It honestly felt like Mixon was going to get his, it was just a matter of when. Baltimore fans are ticked at this point. Bengals fans are all too familiar with that feeling.
  4. I think it's evident that the AP still views a loss as a negative. Oklahoma just doesn't have one yet.
  5. Agreed. And their defense puts them in a lot of short fields. They just don't WOW you.
  6. It seems that this year things are kinda wide open. I know Georgia is great of defense but I'm not sure that's enough. This would be a great year for an 8 team playoff IMO.
  7. At this point it’s definitely Georgia’s to lose. The other 3 teams are just hoping to give it their best shot and hope for an upset. Georgia being built the way they are, keeps thing interesting because they’re not offensively oriented.
  8. Speaking of Hollywood, they’ve been quiet. Which is interesting because they usually vilify guns as soon as they can. I did see that ABC tv show “The Rookie” announced that they won’t allow “live” guns on set anymore and would be using air soft instead. I get it but also see that as a knee jerk reaction. Which is also par for the course for anything Hollywood.
  9. Defund, ha. As the old saying goes, You get what you pay for.
  10. By all accounts this was a low budget film that they were trying to make lower budget as it went on. Other than Baldwin I’m not sure how much money there is to go after.
  11. This was supposed to be quoted in my prior post.
  12. I’ve read a couple articles since my initial post. Sounds really bad initially in terms of just about everything. I’m sure their will be lawsuits, rightfully so. But also, Baldwin is done. I can’t see a way that you can be anti gun and then accidentally kill someone with one. Once upon a time he could champion gun safety etc and maybe survive this but I don’t think that’s happening in today’s climate. With that said, nothing would surprise me nowadays.
  13. The two teams are set to tip-off next Friday at 7pm in Kentucky’s first exhibition game. Tonight’s scrimmage was fun to get a chance to get familiar with this years team. GREAT to see fans back at Rupp Arena. Really looking forward to next Friday night.
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