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  1. Sounds like he isn't leaving Male unless it's for a school in Texas then.
  2. Brooks was trying to do too much, the rest of the team was non aggressive and borderline complacent. Ware should have gotten more minutes. He is physical every time he is on the court and UK was severely lacking that last night.
  3. Not sure that means much during the season of Covid, except to the fans.
  4. Defense also isn't helping to get anything in transition. Kentucky seems to be missing some easy passes for buckets by playing too fast at times.
  5. Brooks has really been trying to do way too much tonight.
  6. Not sure what the deal is tonight. Guys simply don't look ready to play.
  7. I feel for Justin Fields but that was one hell of an Alabama team. They dominated Ohio State with only half a game from the Heisman winner and Waddle at about 75%. This was an excellent Alabama team.
  8. Ohio State trying to give Alabama more chances in the first half. As Lee Corso would say, Not so fast my friend!!!
  9. Herbstreit must be shell shocked himself, saying it was defensive linemen Jackson on two different occasions. They're on offense Kirk.
  10. Ohio State does know Devonta Smith won the Heisman this year, right?
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