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  1. Great win by UK in a game they really needed to win to keep trending in the right direction. Slow start on offense in the first half but that RPO really opened things up in the second half.
  2. I read an article earlier from NPR today that said Europe is experiencing a big uptick in cases. Paris is currently under curfew from 9pm-6am. Article said that Europe reported 700,000 new case last week. Just for context, Europe as a whole has about twice the population of the United States. With that said, does anyone know if Europe has been enforcing masks like states have in the US?
  3. I wear one when I'm in businesses that ask you to, that's about it.
  4. I'm not blaming Terry in this game as much as the reflection of the offense as a whole. They can win games running the ball 90% of the time, proved that last yeae. But the balance or ability to keep a defense honest is going to be necessary in close games.
  5. I fixed it for you. The defense, left a lot to be desired in the second half. I think after the success of the past few years, this team feels like they are an SEC caliber team. But they don't seem as hungry to prove themselves as a result. I believe Terry Wilson is an asset to the team, but don't think he should be the only guy taking snaps at QB.
  6. SK, still young. Talent will be better next year and a lot better the following. I think this was a good game for the Pioneers to go on the road and play.
  7. I would like to see SK win but the Pioneers are young. It's tough when a lot of their leaders are sophomores and juniors. This game is a bit of a toss up right now I'd say, SK should win, doesn't mean they will.
  8. It feels like the Speedways events and over all relevance has continued to decrease over the years. It's a shame.
  9. I know quite a few guys that are past and present range officers for various police departments. I can say for certain that you're information or atleast the interpretation of it is not accurate. Back in the day officers may have done that. In terms of settling into a shooting/rifle stance. Now, from what I've read, hear and been told by various LEO'S, the focus I THINK you are referring to, is movement(not while shooting). A statue is a lot easier to hit than a moving/aware target. Any type of LEO is trained to account for every round and where those shots are going. No number of shots, again that's just not going to work when you are looking at a survival instinct. I can assure you, police don't shoot a numbered amount of shots. They shoot til the threat is neutralized. How many is a variable that only those officers can interpret in that moment. I've seen and heard of 1 round shootings that I questioned. Like damn that guy is a badddd dude and lucky as hell. I've also seen the ones with dozens of rounds fired that weren't enough to save the officer. There is NOT a defined amount of shots acceptable or unacceptable in the heat of a gun fight when your life is on the line. Although the media and public opinion tend to disagree. As long as you know what you are shooting at, it should be a good shooting. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it here, but definitely did elsewhere when others doubted. The officer charged was being charged no matter what. He couldn't account for his actions in that moment. Scared as hell as he might have been, not knowing what he was facing. His actions put innocent lives at risk,(not drywall) completely unassociated with the reason officers were there.
  10. I don't know enough about this particular investigation to make any assumptions. I will say this though, because I've seen it happen before. If the drug target is only active in the evening or late hours and not during the day, then LEO'S are going to serve that warrant during those hours, because that's when drugs will be present. It's not uncommon for these locations re-up their supply of drugs during the evening in the middle of business, because they don't like to sit on drugs or keep them around any longer than necessaryat the point of sale. The leaked Tatum Report about this case actually indicated that was taking place. The problem with waiting until the next day to serve a warrant at the "soft target", where the no knock isn't needed is simply communication. Nowadays 50 people can know a guy is in jail within minutes of them getting picked up. Which would make sense as to why LMPD was serving all of the warrants simultaneously. If the warrant involving Breonna Taylor was simply an arrest warrant, then yes I would 100% agree they could do it during the day or even on a traffic stop etc.
  11. Completely and totally disagree. The majority of warrants that I've seen served in NKY involved white people. I can tell you with absolute certainty that any officer being actively shot at, is going to shoot back and it doesn't matter about age, race, sex or political affiliation. It's 100% self preservation and the desire to go home at the end of the day. The warrant still gets served at night, waiting to serve it allows for the evidence to potentially disappear. The rules and regulations may not allow that in the future but until they change, race certainly plays no part. Your last statement doesn't jive? Police would fire back regardless of race, but somehow then take them into custody without shooting back? Am I missing something?
  12. That doesn't seem to be the issue here though. It's been made very clear that it's a race issue.
  13. That's about the dumbest thing I've read all YEAR, sad world we live in.
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