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  1. Upper middle aged white guy that doesn't trust authority. The media has warned us about you. 🤔
  2. Yeah I read that headline last night and a little bit of the article. Shocking how little media coverage it seemed to be getting, said no one at all.
  3. Might be. But for me it kinda reminds me of the Napster days with music 25 years ago. Similar concept but different landscape. I anticipate jail broken fire sticks, Superbox etc to get shut down eventually at some point, or at least lose a lot of their channels. BUT until that happens, those devices offer probably $300-400 a month in just streaming service content, not including movies or live content.
  4. Kentucky women lost their 6th straight game last night.
  5. With the recurring theme being that it's taking place in crime ridden inner cities. It's weird how this is being reported by the media. But the last I read, it sounds like this was an altercation between people that escalated and that the shooters were likely juveniles, with the majority of the victims being innocent bystanders. That hasn't stopped the calls for more gun control on social media platforms. Maybe the juveniles will follow the new laws better than the ones they're currently breaking. 🤔
  6. We've got stuff planned with 3 other couples tomorrow night. But if it turns into euchre and drinks at our house I would be just fine.
  7. It does seem like those of us in NKY will end up seeing snow on the ground from this unless something changes at the last minute.
  8. I think that's been the key for him. There was a stretch where it seemed like he was trying to assert himself with some long 3's vs getting down hill towards the basket. He's capable of making some of those 3's but more of an impact taking the ball towards the basket and finding open guys or finishing around the basket vs 20+ feet away.
  9. I thought he was being overlooked by a lot of folks which I didn't understand. I know it's hard to look at stats one year and project them for the following with increased playing time. But with that said, Onyenso and Tshiebwe were the only two UK players to average one block per game last year, but Onyenso did it while averaging less than 7 minutes a game last year. I had faith that his defense would carry over and improve. The offense is still a long ways to go but he's athletic enough to get 8-10 points a game just by hustling and rebounding on offense.
  10. Turnovers aside, Cats have looked better. Hopefully Mitchell isn’t injured again.
  11. I could probably tell you over the phone relatively easy if you even needed my help. It turns out it does come with instructions, pretty sure my in-laws just didn't realize it and forgot to pack them with the gift. But I can stop by if needed. As for the S4 vs the S5 Max, if I'm being 100% honest I didn't really research the S5 Max. I knew that it seemed more expensive based on what I saw online. The S4 worked fine, haven't had any real issues so I was comfortable just getting a second one of them. My buddy got one as well and he loves it.
  12. Super box 4, you can buy from Amazon. Worth the price IMO. I just bought a second one last week after getting the first one as a Christmas present.
  13. I’ll probably watch it but not via the Peacock app.
  14. What time does that come out?
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