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  1. I know that we've seen a spike of positive cases the past few weeks, no news there. I haven't been able to locate any where how many of these cases are symptomatic vs asymptomatic, is this being tracked at all? I'm obviously aware that an asymptomatic carrier can pose a threat towards everyone else, especially high risk people.
  2. I guess, technically I've taken two. First was a in a 96 Honda Civic. Second I'm not sure, but if I had to ball park it was a 98 Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor.
  3. Nor should they. That's the health departments job if they want to try to do something about it. Watching that happen could be entertaining.
  4. I get what you're saying but for a lot of folks that inconvenience has been lifted. Suicides and overdose deaths are definitely still high now. Difference is that many of those that mentioned it before aren't still stuck at home 24/7. Since June 1st I've barely looked at the Coronavirus thread, I've been back to work full time since then. If they were to shut everything down again, I'd be back here scrolling every day. Going to be that way for most people about most topics we discuss on BGP.
  5. Lady and I will watch it at some point. Had talked about checking out the production in person previously but we just never did.
  6. That is interesting. It would seem to mean there are likely less people infected but possibly more fatal for those that become infected.
  7. I can agree with that, it certainly depends on the beach.
  8. I loved the beach as a kid and still do enjoy it but on the east coast there's typically not enough waves for surfing or boogie boarding unless a storm is coming. Also, the older I get the more I like to know what I'm about to step on. There's a lot of crap in/on our beaches. So now, sadly it's the pool for me also.
  9. Right on que, I get home today and the AC is acting up. Temp was about 5 degrees higher than what it was set at.
  10. 4th of July weekend with a wild heat wave rolling in. Could make for a crazy weekend, hopefully the day drinkers stay hydrated.
  11. Neighborhood announced the pool is opening tomorrow with a lot of restrictions including no furniture on sight, but you can bring your own. Hoping it's able to stay open and not get shut down quickly.
  12. Probably not a bad idea considering the talent they'll be losing on the O-line over the next year or two.
  13. Also went ahead and decided to update my profile picture, in honor of the Maverick 2 release date being pushed back multiple times.
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