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  1. This game is a snoozer. SK gets a chance to regroup their D and give Fr. QB first playoff experience. Understand he has really matured as a leader this year.
  2. Trinity, Male and Manual slightly behind. Trinity will probably walk to championship game. Male/Manual have a much tougher route. I see Trinity surviving their run fresher and healthier(?) to win out this year.
  3. Scott Co. will accomplish whatever Coach McKee wants to in this game...blowout vs getting youngsters playoff experience....vs polishing passing game.....vs changing up defensive schemes...vs just sharpening Wing T precision, etc. Just whatever Coach McKee wants to do.
  4. Headed out of A-town yesterday at 7:30 to take in the first three scrimmages. Was astonished only six cars in parking lot. 1st thought was where is everybody? 2nd thought re-open thread to double check date. 3rd thought, I'm a dumb___,
  5. Just a great rivalry! Since Coach Wolfe has been at Male, Manual has won this matchup 5 times, had 3 losses a TD or less, and then several less than competitive games. Not a game that annually doesn't produce a lot of competitive juices.
  6. Just wondering if all of southern Kenton Co football guys might find Brossart as an attractive option rather than the northward, congestive commute to CovCath where they might never see the varsity field? Cross country Visalia route is not bad.
  7. Now are you saying allowing 494 passing yards isn't good defense?
  8. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.....the only thing anyone can say with certainty is our Tigers got beat by NewCath on Friday, Nov. 1, 2019.
  9. Just saw on KHSAA scoreboard that SK gave up 494 passing yards. Would like to hear more about this. I know it might be painful to relive, but can any Pioneers share a little specifics? Must have been some collassol(sp?) homeruns!
  10. Could not help but notice that multiple runners in each class finished the race but received no points. Can anyone share what types of events would lead to this?
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