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  1. Headed out of A-town yesterday at 7:30 to take in the first three scrimmages. Was astonished only six cars in parking lot. 1st thought was where is everybody? 2nd thought re-open thread to double check date. 3rd thought, I'm a dumb___,
  2. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.....the only thing anyone can say with certainty is our Tigers got beat by NewCath on Friday, Nov. 1, 2019.
  3. Just saw on KHSAA scoreboard that SK gave up 494 passing yards. Would like to hear more about this. I know it might be painful to relive, but can any Pioneers share a little specifics? Must have been some collassol(sp?) homeruns!
  4. Could not help but notice that multiple runners in each class finished the race but received no points. Can anyone share what types of events would lead to this?
  5. Agree with the 10/10 comment. But, still maintain Coach Side Hustle will have lots of offers to peddle to recruits.
  6. I feel Andy Dalton's lack of mobility is the root of his and our O-lines problems. There are thousands (exagerration) of times he goes down when 1st pressured and minimal contact occurs. Candidly, he can make the throws given all the time in the world. But, 1st pressure puts him in panic mode looking for a place to land and his inability to escape totally disrupts his read progressions. Just disappointed and his play has not elevated the team for multiple years.
  7. Coach Side Hustle might end up being the top recruiter in the country. (Post 16)
  8. Maybe Josh Allen, Kash Daniels (Ky high school legend), and Lynn Bowden.
  9. Three games ago I felt very strongly against Bowden playing QB. Smith is not an SEC caliber QB. I felt for the longterm Stoops needed to see what we had in our younger guys and that moving Bowden weakened us at 2 positions and chilled the others' futures. He is very athletic, but his arm has failed multiple times. He is a competitor and very athletic and you have to like him; but, I wonder how many of our young QBs enter the transfer portal.
  10. So sad. 95 years to end in such a way. Never able to develop a strong sustaining endowment as many other Christian schools have been able to do.
  11. Does this mean schools will need another staff member..."Coach Side Hustle" that accompanies on in-home visits with a menu of opportunities as part of the recruiting process? Or, does Coach Side Hustle just become initially part of the recruits official visit? Coach Side Hustle might even need an assistant to co-ordinate compliance with the final regs to be adopted. ADs are probably going to need more staff to develop more donations because the Side Hustle's dollars might be redirected by donors to the higher visibility opportunities for their business.
  12. We can probably let him heal for his first year like we have done multiple times.
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