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  1. Askew is a turnover machine. He may be tremendous player later in the season but I’m definitely not impressed with him right now. Also, way too much one on one selfish play for my taste with the entire team.
  2. Kentucky is just so young. Their opponent today is an experienced squad. There’s no doubt UK has the most talent, just hope it shows up today.
  3. Great show. I watched it in 2 evenings. The writer of the novel, Walter Tevis, is the same guy who wrote the books that The Hustler and The Color of Money are based. He graduated from UK and is buried in Richmond, Ky
  4. Indiana has their best team in decades, maybe forever....I’m not familiar with their football history, but Ohio State is in a league by themselves this year in that conference. Buckeyes by at least 3 TD’s is my guess.
  5. I didn’t get to watch the game but I looked at the post game stats and noticed Gatewood didn’t take any snaps today? He started the last game and played most of it. Was he sick today or injured?
  6. He is a heck of a basketball player as well from the little that I saw him in the state tournament at Rupp.
  7. This is off topic but I’ve got to visit that part of the state one of these days. It’s like it’s in another world from eastern Kentucky. I live 20 miles closer to Atlanta, Georgia than I do Fulton City (350 compared to 370 miles). I’ve never been to the most distant parts of western Kentucky in my 66 years. Bowling Green is as far as I’ve been.
  8. I agree with DragonFire, Connery was the only James Bond. Others have done a good job but Sean Connery was the only 007 in my opinion. He also did excellent work in The Untouchables, Indiana Jones, and many other movies. Simply a great actor.
  9. It tasted too sweet for me. Sweeter than any other diet drinks.
  10. This 1st quarter was like watching the drip of cold molasses. And a stadium that has the feel of a high school game doesn’t help.
  11. I think he had UConn beat in 2014 when he switched to a zone and cut their 10 point lead to 1 point. But he then inexplicably switched back to man defense and UConn’s pair of lightening quick guards cut the Cats to pieces and won the game. I have always felt if he had stayed in zone UConn was in trouble. You could almost feel their panic. They weren’t making outside shots and it cut their guards ability to drive to the basket or create. I’m sure UConn’s coach, who was fired a few years later, breathed a sigh of relief when Calipari decided to return to his man defense.
  12. UK has such a turnover in players that I can’t keep up with who’s on the team anymore. Years ago I knew about every player and a good guess of how much they might help the team but I don’t keep up with recruiting like I once did. Brooks is the only one I know much about and he’s a returning player. So those of you who do follow recruiting and talent please enlighten us on how this year’s team will look and how far they can possibly go in the league/tournaments. I’ve read enough to know getting Sarr eligible will definitely help but I don’t know much about the rest.
  13. I don’t agree that Ashland’s schedule was “weak” last season. Of course they played some teams in their region not all that strong but playing Warren Central, Butler, Trinity, Clark Co, Johnson Central, Mason Co and 3 very talented teams from West Virginia does not equate a weak schedule. All teams have several weaker teams on their schedule. You can’t play top 20 teams every night. This season they have Male and Covington Catholic early in their schedule. Those will definitely be difficult games for them and should give an idea to where they should rank. I believe they’re also in the Marshall County Hoopfest.
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