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  1. He may have been telling me his total bet amounts for the day and I didn’t understand. Maybe the $30 was how much he wagered when all were totaled. I have never been to the races and the terminology is a a little vague to me. But I know he was sure a happy camper with his $7400 win.
  2. I’m totally against student loan debt forgiveness. What about the people who have already paid their loans? That is many individuals over the years. And what about the future college attendees, are they going to be offered loans that will not have to be repaid, too? Where does it end?
  3. A friend called me last night and said he took a chance and put Strike Rich in his boxed trifecta. A $30 bet won him $7,400.
  4. 😄Of course….and a great song too!!! I feel like a dumbbell. 🥴
  5. I admit, I didn’t get it. 😄 The way your post read to me was if I’m saying Breathitt County should win the 14th region next year then all the excitement is gone since everyone now knows who will win the title. That’s why I posted again with an explanation. I suppose I misinterpreted your post.
  6. One of the bigger schools in the mountains. Should have plenty of candidates.
  7. Kentucky All Stars are always going to face an uphill battle when they play Indiana, who has a 2.3 million population advantage.
  8. I’m just basing my opinion on who the Bobcat’s have returning. Perry Central loses some key players, as does Hazard, Wolfe County and Knott Central. Of course, rosters could change significantly before the season starts. But as of right now, on paper at least, I believe Breathitt County is a clear number 1 pick as a region favorite.
  9. Breathitt County is now filled. BB King of Knott Central will be the Bobcats’ coach in Jackson.
  10. Breathitt County returns four starters from a team that was runner-up to Pikeville in the state All A tournament in Richmond and runner-up to Perry County Central in the 14th region tournament. They should be a strong favorite next season to win their first regional title in 27 years, an extremely long stretch for such a proud and tradition rich program.
  11. Hometown24, streaming service in Hindman, is reporting that Knott County Central’s BB King will be taking over as coach at Breathitt County, replacing John Noble who left a few weeks ago for the Leslie County position. BB was head coach at KCC for 12 seasons, appearing in 8 regional tournaments and winning 5.
  12. Is it located south of Richmond off I-75?
  13. Is there a limit to how much money players can make on the NIL deals? If not Oscar will rack up next year. And Sharpe would do well too, but probably not NBA 7th pick well.
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