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  1. None of those stats really matter, though, as far as the no-call is concerned. Doesn’t matter if Marshall County was 0/20 from the foul line they still had this game within 2 points with seconds remaining and a chance to win or tie.
  2. Well, I could see how the numbers for occupancy would be higher if seating on the floor for events other than basketball is considered in the count. Breathitt would come close to the 4,000 number listed if chair seating on the playing court is part of the total. But obviously for a basketball game there would be no court seating, only bleachers. The total attendance is going to be much lower than what’s listed on the wall.
  3. It was definitely a foul. Really don’t understand that not being called with so much on the line, a state championship. If it was an iffy call it would have been different but that one was completely obvious in my opinion.
  4. I know that’s what they have listed but it won’t seat that many. Maybe 3,000 if you really pack them in and also count standing room. But it is a beautiful gym. One of the nicest looking ones in the state. I think Perry Central is 4,000. Knott Central is the largest in the region as I mentioned. 5,000.
  5. He’s a very good guard. Excellent shooter, ball handler and facilitator. Good pickup for my alma mater.
  6. Breathitt Coliseum doesn’t come remotely close to seating 4,000. More like 2,800. It has the appearance that it seats more because of its dome design but their rows of seats shorten in width as you climb higher to the back rows. The largest gym in the 14th region is Knott County Central, which seats 5,000.
  7. Knott’ Central’s disadvantage in this game was the same that all 14th region teams faced this season, no height. The top 4 teams in the region were basically all guard oriented. That won’t work against teams such as Sacred Heart. I knew the 7th region was a tough draw for the 14th when drawings were posted.
  8. That’s a fantastic resume for northern Kentucky basketball this decade. Who will be the top teams in that section of the state next season? My guess would be Covington Catholic will be very good again.
  9. I’ve only seen Johnson play once, vs North Laurel in a streamed TV game. But after watching Vinson throughout his 4 state tournament games I would say Vinson by a good margin. Unfortunately for him though, the vote was before the state tournament. That needs to be changed next year.
  10. Not sure but a good guess would be the 11th region. Both Henry Clay and Lafayette have 6 championships. I know LexCath has won it at least twice. Madison Central once. Dunbar once. Scott County would have has had a title since entering the 11th from the 8th. I’m sure there’s several more schools with titles in the 11th.
  11. Well, it’s halftime and Highland is up by 21. I’m officially turning in my high school basketball prediction card. 😄
  12. E-town has had too much quickness/speed for every team they have played in the tournament and I don’t see that changing tonight. A missed shot attempt is a layup on the other end of the court in the blink of an eye. Whether Highlands can slow them down is the question because no one else has, including powerful Ballard. Also the 3s that Highlands is so good at will not go uncontested tonight. Now, with that said Vinson is very capable of taking over the game and winning it for the Bluebirds. He is one of the most impressive high school talents I’ve seen at the tournament. But I think the Panthers win by around 5.
  13. I’ll have to agree with you. I don’t care how much hard work and dedication you put into getting better and winning, population numbers do matter.
  14. This game was very physical. The officials let ‘em play. That probably worked to Highland’s advantage more than Ashland’s. Highlands has a very good team. Tonight’s championship should be a dandy between the Bluebirds and Panthers.
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