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  1. Bilas is killing it tonight, lol. ”He’s going to reach a higher octave”
  2. “The only thing Reed hasn’t done tonight is deliver me my ice cream.” Lol
  3. Mitchell has had Reed open a couple times for a kick out and chose other options. Anytime he is open he should get the ball.
  4. I’m not sure about this season but Larry Gritton Jr is back coaching OBI and I have a feeling he will build them back into a competitive program. However, I’m not sure how long he plans on doing this job because he is also the school’s president. He may just be filling in for a year or so. He was a standout himself at OBI playing for his dad back in the ‘90s, and I think this is his second stint as head coach. I think this year he has a young team and a very good middle school team that had a successful season., Actually, OBI is in a perfect system to build a powerhouse if they chose that route. They are a boarding school with students from all over the U.S. and the world. They could theoretically build an Oak Hill Academy type program and do it legally. They have a beautiful campus and have been renovating buildings or building new structures for the past few years. The school has a lot of upside.
  5. UK needs a change. Her results will put a damper on getting quality recruits.
  6. Montgomery County and the Rising Stars coordinator hosted some good games Saturday. I don’t have exact scores but Ashland defeated Simon Kenton handily, Corbin defeated Pulaski County around 10, Pikeville defeated Boyd County by 1, Owsley County defeated Mercer County by 12 and Montgomery County defeated CAL by 9.
  7. Without their Bigs I don’t see UK beating KU. I’m predicting Jayhawks by 7.
  8. Montgomery County is hosting a bunch of scrimmages Saturday the 18th. Owsley County plays Mercer County. I don’t know who else will be there or who Montgomery plays.
  9. Good analysis of the region! By the way, what is the year that the Christian County-Hopkinsville consolidation and new school will begin? And what has been chosen as a school name and mascot. I haven’t heard much about that merger lately.
  10. The region is weak this year when compared to the rest of the state’s regions but someone still has to win it and head to Rupp in March. That someone will most likely be Perry Central, Breathitt County or Knott Central.
  11. Bama won’t have any problems winning this game. By guess by 3 touchdowns or more.
  12. I respect Knight for his coaching abilities and his successes on the hardwood (3 national titles) but as a person he was a bully and tyrant. I doubt if he was a very pleasant person to be around and I’m sure those that were had to be on guard constantly for fear of saying or doing something that would trigger his temper.
  13. If Georgia can take care of business they will soon move back to the number 1 spot. They will play three ranked teams in the next 3 weeks.
  14. Does the committee take into consideration if the teams the Buckeyes defeated are no longer rated as high? If they do then most likely Georgia will be number 1.
  15. Bethlehem is loaded this year. Maybe not in the same level as Sacred Heart and Clark County but they should win the 5th and maybe go deep into Sweet 16 play.
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