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  1. I understand what you’re saying. What I was wondering about was whether if it’s a court procedure placing the students at OBI. I believe they quite often have those situations with some of their students. Would that make a difference in getting a waiver to play?
  2. I’m not 100% on the issue but I’m fairly certain that OBI has numerous kids playing in various sports every year who stay in the dorms and their parents do not live in Clay County or the Oneida area. They have a lot of foreign students. We played their golf team one year and they had students on their team from Mongolia, Vietnam and China. Now, I’m not sure about students who have played a sport at their previous school but I’m sure if it’s a court endorsed transfer that those students would get a waiver to play sports at OBI. I know in the past they’ve had some darn good basketball players that had played at other schools and transferred to OBI to stay on campus and were ruled eligible to play, and no parents moved to Oneida with them.
  3. Cordia is not the same type of school as Oneida Baptist. Cordia is part of the Knott County school district. OBI is a private religious based school and has dorms on their campus. I think over half of their students, probably more, are form outside Clay County. Many are international students.
  4. OBI is a difficult place to build team continuity in their programs because they never know from one year to the next who will be on campus playing sports for the school. They are a parochial school with dorms and many of their teams have a different look every year. I know one thing though, if the school wanted to they could build a basketball powerhouse. The way their school is set up with on campus dorms and all they could be a mini version of Oak Hill Academy if they so chose, and had a coach with free reign to ‘entice‘ skilled players to come there. And I believe it would all be within KSHAA rules and regulations.
  5. FlyPattern, I’ve been told that number #9 on your list doesn’t play basketball. His brother, #8 on the list does. I suppose the family has moved to Ashland and by virtue of that he is a transfer as a student. But many kids that move to a new school don’t play sports. Since this thread is about a basketball list then he doesn’t fit the category. At least that’s my understanding.
  6. Happy belated birthday nWo
  7. The last pizza I ordered was from Booneville Funtown, a locally owned business.
  8. That place stays packed with people, especially spring through late fall. I’d say 90% of their customers are not from the local counties but rather the hikers and rock climbers from other states and other sections of Kentucky. The few times I’ve been there I have felt like an Eastern Kentucky Appalachian that’s out of place in my own backyard, lol. They do have great pizza!
  9. I’m happy to see the US launching astronauts again. I was 6 years old when they first launched a man into space and 15 when they first landed and walked on the moon. Then NASA switched to the Shuttle program in the 1970’s and in my opinion stayed with that system far too long, around 30 years. The shuttle was too big, too expensive and too dangerous. One exploded on launch and another exploded on re-entry. Killed 14 astronauts total. It seemed protective tiles were lost on many of the launches. There was just too much weight in those spacecraft and required two enormous fuel tanks to enable it to escape earth’s gravity. There were too many risks. I liked the new look today.
  10. 3 is my usual pick 90% of the time.
  11. I’m wondering what kind of mom would allow her 13 year old daughter to have her boyfriend move in with her. That’s assuming he has lived in the house for 5 years and she’s just now turned 18.
  12. If they had wanted two very good golfers from other sports they should have gone after Tony Romo and Brett Favre.
  13. He is the younger brother of Sean Marcum but its my understanding that he doesn’t play basketball. He is enrolling along with his brother, though. I’m assuming the family has moved to Ashland.
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