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  1. I took it a second time about 10 minutes later and it had a few different questions mixed in with some of the earlier ones and this time my cities were Lexington, Winston-Salem and Chattanooga.
  2. Chattanooga, Memphis and Birmingham for me. I suppose it moved me more southward when I answered “ya’ll” instead of “you’uns”. A lot of people in my county do say you’uns but I have always said ya’ll.
  3. So sorry to hear of his passing. I remember when he was a young player at UK along with Dan Issel. He was a talented player. He has always been an ambassador to his Wildcats and will be missed, especially with his radio analysis.
  4. That is gonna be some kind of WOW when they hit the hardwood this fall. There’s a lot of talent on that team.
  5. My home course is Sag Hollow in Booneville and it is a difficult walk. Few attempt it. The course is built on two different elevations, 5 holes that follow the course of a winding creek and 4 more greens slightly over 100 feet above at the top elevations where the clubhouse is located. To get from the different elevations the two par 3s are shots of 100 foot drops to the greens. The issue for the walkers is navigating the steep cart paths that lead from the bottom holes to the top holes. We do have a few walkers on our 9 hole layout but they usually play only the top 4 holes a few times each and basically use it for exercise and practice.
  6. Estill County wins the 14th region softball championship and will advance on to the state tournament. Senior pitcher Emma Winkle didn’t allow a run scored in her two district wins and the three region victories in post season.
  7. Hazard Bulldogs Junior Sawyer Patrick threw a one hitter to defeat the Powell County Pirates in the championship game of the 14th region tournament at Perry Park in Hazard. Hazard’s record moves to 27-9 as they advance to face the winner of the 1st region in the state tournament.
  8. That would be a tough draw for every region imo. 14th has their work cut out for them.
  9. What is the new Hopkinsville/Christian County school going to be named? Have they got that far yet?
  10. East Carter and West Carter are merging. Site suggestions and discussions have already begun. Other schools that I haven’t seen mentioned on here, and maybe because a consolidation will never occur, is Barbourville and Lynn Camp being absorbed by Knox Central. And since I’ve mentioned the word “Central”, I hope any future mergers do not include that word in their name. There’s a zillion Centrals out there. When MC Napier and Dilce Combs combined to form Perry County Central why didn’t the committees simply go with Perry County High School??? Why didn’t Floyd County do the same? Everyone already knows that the schools are being centralized. It goes without saying. Harlan County got it right and didn’t add the Central when they merged Cawood, Cumberland and Evarts. It’s a useless word as part of the name. I hope the folks in Carter County call their new school simply Carter County High School. I know that sounds picky but i watched a basketball game a couple years ago in the WYMT Mountain Classic between Floyd Central and Knox Central and both teams had Central on the front of their jerseys. Nothing else, just Central. So Central was playing Central. By the way, Central won.
  11. Hazard moves on to Friday’s championship game vs Powell County.
  12. The Pirates advance to the championship game Friday with a shutout of the Bobcats.
  13. Hazard pulled out a nail-biter of a game in the bottom of the 7th with a squeeze bunt RBI.
  14. Yes, but it didn’t apply transfer rules to K-8 like the new one will do.
  15. He may have been telling me his total bet amounts for the day and I didn’t understand. Maybe the $30 was how much he wagered when all were totaled. I have never been to the races and the terminology is a a little vague to me. But I know he was sure a happy camper with his $7400 win.
  16. I’m totally against student loan debt forgiveness. What about the people who have already paid their loans? That is many individuals over the years. And what about the future college attendees, are they going to be offered loans that will not have to be repaid, too? Where does it end?
  17. A friend called me last night and said he took a chance and put Strike Rich in his boxed trifecta. A $30 bet won him $7,400.
  18. 😄Of course….and a great song too!!! I feel like a dumbbell. 🥴
  19. I admit, I didn’t get it. 😄 The way your post read to me was if I’m saying Breathitt County should win the 14th region next year then all the excitement is gone since everyone now knows who will win the title. That’s why I posted again with an explanation. I suppose I misinterpreted your post.
  20. One of the bigger schools in the mountains. Should have plenty of candidates.
  21. Kentucky All Stars are always going to face an uphill battle when they play Indiana, who has a 2.3 million population advantage.
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