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  1. This team is young, and super talented. WR’s and QB have been growing and improving. Soph QB Tate Rice is a natural, and he has some monsters protecting him, and some giant WR’s to throw to. It’s gonna be a fun year in Manchester!
  2. One thing I took from all these numbers is Huggins has to be the best coach without a title.
  3. Already thinking about how nauseating next year will be anytime: Duke is on the road Dicky V calls the game Duke plays Carolina- as if that could get worse National Sports Media has a slow day and nothing to talk about
  4. They’ve found jobs for the last two basketball coaches. But haven’t managed to find a job for a coach who wants to be there and wants to coach football. The proof is in the pudding at Bracken County High School.
  5. This is accurate. They’ve now let two coaches go in a row for non football reasons, and every other team has seen significant upgrades in their facilities since 2010 while football has seen nothing. Football is an afterthought for most of the administration and all of the community. Sad.
  6. Gotta think the door is open for longtime Assistant Dean Ravencraft. It’ll be a busy applicant pool though. Solid program, good history and a weaker district.
  7. The sun coming thru the windows can make that gym tough to see in.
  8. It’s NKY. There’s plenty of coaches that will teach in one district and coach in another. Especially to coach the Bluebirds.
  9. If you set the over/under a 2.5 I would take over.
  10. If last night means Taylor is back then I wish last night wouldn't have happened.
  11. I think that is the main reason they dropped UC to 9 this week. The committee can now say there is no reason to go to 8 to include a G5 schools. The strategy isn't hard to figure out. And I hope no one thinks the amount of teams will increase just because. Right now the conferences reveive 24 million to divy up. Until the money goes up the amount of teams isn't going to.
  12. Nor are you getting in with 12 of them. A G5 team isn't going. Period.
  13. And that's also the reasoning for putting them there. So when people get all up in arms and say we should have 8 teams in the committee could respond with a G5 school still wouldn't be in. UC wasn't going to get in becasue quite frankily the top 4 teams are pretty set. Alabama is in, Notre Dame is in, Clemson should win this weekend and they'll be in, and let's face it, Ohio State will steam roll Northwestern. What the committee has done the last two weeks however is bury them far enough down the rankings that if anarachy happens when they walk in next week they don't even have to conside
  14. Uh, didn’t Mueller run a variation on a wing-T for a long while in Ft Thomas?? Offensive systems change and evolve, but they all have an element of history to them.
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