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  1. This is just me thinking, but I would imagine the playoffs get shortened in some way.
  2. San Diego has no chance unless they build a new stadium first. San Antonio is a possibility but they would have to build something other than the Alomodome. Also, the emperor of Irving would fight tooth and nail to keep a team from being there. St.Louis will forever be the city that owners dangle out there saying "build me a stadium or I am off to St. Louis." This is no different than what NBA Owners do with Seattle.
  3. This is good to see. While he wasn't in a full-fledged angry holdout it was also well known he wasn't playing a snap week one without a new deal.
  4. So he had a lot of options and evidently the one Duke offered was the best? That’s what I gather from all of this.
  5. I realize the paying of players is pretty common. But with a guy like ZW it honestly shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s a stupid rule that forced him to go to Duke in the first place.
  6. 9th region is only 3 counties total. 14 of 19 teams come from Kenton and Boone County.
  7. Former EKU Football player. I believe he’s been helping with the program for awhile.
  8. I believe 2018 Cov Cath and 2013 Holmes are the best two teams.
  9. Any word on a captain for the Pirates?
  10. Pendleton had a great game plan that involved running the clock but still being aggressive. Defensively they played really well, even out rebounding the Camels. Gross was the difference in the second half for Campbell County.
  11. Apparel and equipment outfitters have popped up all over the country. They usually come in with a pretty sweet deal for a couple years and then the taking care of stage is about over. Trouble is they ask schools to sign contracts that are 5 or more years long. The uniforms are ordered so far in advance that it really doesn’t matter who you use. The emergency situations however, especially with equipment, means schools need to have a company close that they have good a good relationship with. Could make for serious trouble if they don’t.
  12. The 38th plays home and home as well to determine seeding. The 37th just plays one game to determine seeding. The 39th is a draw.
  13. Pendleton seems to be playing well and they have played everyone tough. Are they a surprise in the 10th this year? Coach Elsbernd doing a pretty good job in his first year as a wildcat.
  14. Absolutely a great choice. Lions would be lucky to have a great young coach like him!!
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