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  1. Yes, we've only been to the Regional championship game twice: 1949, 2019.
  2. FYI, it was third time Beechwood has made back-to-back regional appearances. 1948, 1949, 1991, 1992, and now 2019, 2020. Thank you for your informative articles all season.
  3. This is the 100th year of Hazard Boys' Basketball. Hazard became a member of the 2,000 win club early this season and this is their 29th state tournament appearance with 28 state tournament wins. Sources: Kentucky High School Basketball Encyclopedia and the Riherds scoreboard website for the years 2017-18 through the present.
  4. 4 classes in a state with 275 high schools that play basketball would be way too watered down. There are 4 classes (divisions) in my old state Ohio, but there are over 800 schools who play boys' basketball.
  5. He injured his knee in the first quarter. I have not heard how serious or what his future availability is.
  6. Grant Disken led the Colonels with 23 points and 4 steals. Chandler Starks had 16 points and 12 rebounds. Will Downton led the Tigers with 17 points, 4 steals, 3 assists. Scotty Draud with 16 points and has 2,395 for his career. He passed Anthony Frommeyer, Class of 1997, who had 2,389.
  7. I have them all in the KHSAA basketball encyclopedia. If you want a list for a specific district, I could send you one. There are word documents covering every district and region, but I don't know the website offhand.
  8. Since the advent of 16 regions in 1932, this is true; however, our local teams (Boone, Campbell, Kenton) were in the 10th Region from 1932-1936, but again, no repeats. In 1946, only 4 teams were in the Region Tournament.
  9. Beechwood had four double figure scores and three double-doubles last night: Will Downton - 12 pts Cole Busald - 10 pts and 10 assists Scotty Draud - 14 pts and 12 rebounds; and Mitchell Rylee - 22 pts and 11 rebounds Holmes was led by Amari Mullins with 19 pts and Quantez Calloway had 15 pts.
  10. 2019-20 is only the 5th time in school history the program has won 20 games and with the schedule played, that is quite an accomplishment IMO.
  11. Boyd has played 57 minutes and 4 seconds of varsity all season.
  12. Can a moderator please correct Conner's name in this post?
  13. He was 7-8 from the field, 1-2 from 3. It was a steal and layup drill for him today.
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