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  1. I thought Villa was hosting the All A, at least that is where I will be on Wednesday?
  2. Rebounding was practically even, I had Beechwood with a 2 rebound advantage and Hudl had it even, but it doesn't record team rebounds.
  3. Congratulations to the Tigers on a sensational season, and farewell, and good luck to the seniors, and much luck in the future. I'll second that. The Beechwood Boys' Basketball Class of 2021 won 91 games, the most in any four-year stretch in school history. I am extremely proud to have been involved with this group. The future is bright for these young men.
  4. Up 66-32 at one point. The Juggernauts finished with a 22-0 run vs Tiger JV players to finish the game.
  5. My hometown team in Ohio where I was statistician for 13 years, Reading, lost in the first round of Division III sectionals 63-54 to North College Hill.
  6. Tigers were 1-15 from 3. Some teams aren't allowed to have an off day I guess?
  7. Lots of love for Jake, he's not a 9th Region player.
  8. I have a few more years from the '80s to still research, but for Beechwood I have Tyler Fangman with 45 vs Boone County. Career is Scotty Draud with 3,024 so far.
  9. Senior Scotty Draud scored his 3,000th point with 2:03 left in the 2nd Quarter on his way to a 27 point outing. He needs 41 points to pass Dixie Heights' Brandon Hatton as the all-time leading scorer in 9th Region history. It's likely he will break the record on Friday at Dixie. Congratulations Scotty!!
  10. Can we get a moderator to correct the score to read 66-53? Thanks.
  11. Not completely up to speed on the NKAC Division system, but I was told the win clinched Beechwood's first ever Division II title. Scotty Draud led the Tigers with 36 and 10 rebounds, shooting 11-11 from the charity stripe. Downton added 19 with 7 boards.
  12. My understanding is that RPI is being used for District Tiebreakers, but I do not have positive confirmation that is the case.
  13. According to the screenshot of the scorebook I received, Downton had 29 with 7 3pt FG, Draud had 20 and Boyd had 12. For the Camels, Beiting had 16 and Hegyi 11.
  14. Final from The Den. Scotty Draud with 28 pts, 8 assts, and 6 rebs. Will Downton with 21. Kelly Niece with 28 of his own and scored his 2,000th career point for the Pioneers.
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