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  1. Glad this was brought up, missed last night but replaying first episode at 2am Saturday so I’ve set the DVR!
  2. I thought so too, and agree on Kipp This! Well said!
  3. I wish they would modify the review process somehow, I agree that it takes to long. I will say on some calls it only becomes obvious after 4 different angles of extreme slow motion review. Officials are part of the game, live and die with what’s called on the floor. Maybe take the tennis example where players are allowed a certain amount of challenges during the game. Let coaches have 4 challenges per game they can ask for? :idunno:
  4. d Alternate is “ on the floor” as an official. He did not “know it” ...why people think these officials care who wins or loses is beyond me....
  5. Highly rated NCAA official John Higgins won’t ref Final Four after blowing a 1st-round call - SBNation.com I know there will be a lot of shots taken but the reason I post is simply to show what most don’t know. There is accountability. Had already been assigned to work final 4. Also remember he wasn’t even working the game, but was the table alternate, henceforth, seen as part of the crew. Regardless of what the common fan thinks about how “good” an official is it’s up to the JD Collins. So those working this year deserve to be there as he did last year and would have been back this year. There is accountability in missing rules and adjudication of fouls.
  6. Not was the teeth, but I did know the clue as well
  7. Fact based on what? Unless your the HC your “opinion” means as much as any else on here.
  8. Would be a foot in the door In the college ranks and doesn’t have to relocate his family.
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