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  1. Coach Faust is a class act and all business on the court. So happy for him and the program.
  2. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What a statement win by the Cru. This year’s regional tournament is going to be incredible.
  3. Cheer, cheer for ol’ Gallatin High!! Couldn’t be happier for Coach Jones and the team. Let’s go!!
  4. Well, taking a job, conducting a press conference and then backing out a day or two later will probably rub at least a few people the wrong way, even if it’s justified. I agree something had to happen, but what? I know we likely won’t ever know but I wonder what he found out that he didn’t know in the interview process.
  5. That’s incredible. Either something bad happened, or he just made a lot of enemies at Highlands. Can’t blame him for not wanting to leave home, but this wasn’t the best way to go about that.
  6. Video of the game-winner Video of Vieth’s game-tying shot
  7. He could de-commit. Teams can still reach out. Only takes one coach he idols and he's out.
  8. From alumni to fans, this team made us all so proud to be Crusaders. I can’t wait to watch them next year. Hoping a potential run for the region is in the wings. Maybe another All-A, but I won’t get too greedy. Roll Cru.
  9. St. Henry tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the end. Glad the Cru pulled out the win. Huge props to Cooper. No game is easy when it comes to regionals, and they proved that today.
  10. Leave it to a Coach Jones team to fight until the end. We’ll see you next year.
  11. I hope a coach is smart enough to give this kid a chance to play at the next level. Obviously one of the best in recent GC history, but comes from a great coach who makes his players work hard.
  12. I had my fingers crossed that St. Henry wouldn’t draw Beechwood. Knew right away they were the team to avoid out of the district champs
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