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  1. I would guess that was his only option.
  2. My thoughts are that there too many teams in the big dance already. Leave it alone, if they add teams this year, it will most likely stay that way.
  3. Sad, but so true. Beginning to believe the whole organization is in that dark room.
  4. Not a rain out, the NBA also dropped 3 games.
  5. Will he be back in the booth next year, or just ride off into the sunset?
  6. When does the hammer drop on Thom?
  7. Again, I agree, but I don't believe Big Bob wants to see him on the bench while signing that huge check. My true opinion is park him on the bench.
  8. Totally agree, certainly on the down hill slide, but what do you do with him?
  9. Looks like instead of one new center, they now have two.
  10. Heck, if they never go back to school it won't matter. LOL
  11. The answer to this topic is, yes, maybe, and no.
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