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  1. I just returned from the Post Office and Sams Club in NKY, 100 % compliance on masks.
  2. I'm guessing Fern Creek was invited and declined. Field just looks a little weak, but it will still be a good show.
  3. I would say both sides are taking their time, who really knows if there will be school this year.
  4. If Zion gets paid at Duke, did the other kids get paid? According to your thoughts Zion increased his future earning while at Duke, maybe Zion should have paid Duke for the year of exposure.
  5. Yeah, not only did the school cheat, but the student athlete as well.
  6. I'm seeing two pretty decent teams in Ashland and Oldham County, just cant call it loaded.
  7. My understanding is they don't want to be paid for 162 games.
  8. You've got Hagan and Ramsey also.
  9. Good ole social media, it keeps the world turning.
  10. Cal must be looking at some kids from the state of Indiana. Isn't there also talk of renewing the series with IU?
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