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  1. Certainly not one of Coach K's better teams.
  2. You won't see Cal in Lexington if he's not coaching.
  3. You scored 87 points, how could you have missed him that much? Ok, after thinking, I believe I know the answer.
  4. Just a question, with the KHSAA always poor mouthing about being broke, why would they pay the rent at Rupp Arena to host the Sweet Sixteen?
  5. Might be a good idea, since he is beginning to look like Billy G.
  6. Totally agree, I had not realized he was so slow afoot.
  7. He will in the conversation for Mr. Basketball in a couple of years.
  8. Yeah, I get your point. So, would you can Coach Cal after this year? Most all so called great coaches have a blemish or two on their records.
  9. Two of the better guards in the state going at it today, Johnson and Vinson. I'll go with HHS in a close one.
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