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  1. Anyway the Cooksey trio can keep this close? Bell is a stud- so thinking they may hang with it being at home?
  2. Source confirming Cooksey has accepted the position.
  3. Source confirming that former Garrard County coach Ryan Young has accepted the position as head coach for the Briar Jumpers.
  4. In a time when all the talk is about player transfers, and players repeating seasons, Young as a coaching addition to Danville Christian would be a major boost for that program. Makes sense Young helping Story with the Lincoln County connection there. If it works, I could see Story handing it off to Young, affording him his second opportunity at the 45th.
  5. I have heard Derek Cooksey is leading candidate for the job. Brett is much more comfortable as an assistant to his brother, so he will not apply. Derek did a solid job at Fairview with not much talent. He Seems like the logical choice.
  6. A load of young talent coming up - This will be a great opportunity for the new hire.
  7. Any word on who may be in the running for this position? Seems really hush hush.
  8. May this be a good fit for Derek Cooksey?
  9. Lewis seems to be the overachiever in the region year in and year out. Will be interested to see if they can knock off Russell in this match up.
  10. Danville Christian with a convincing win last night over a Berea team that has produced results this season similar to Garrard County. The last meeting between Danville Christian and Garrard County was a last possession game. May it be too early to write Garrard County in for the Monday night semis?
  11. Was shocked to see this score, but been told everyone played as usual. Obvioulsy not Boyle's best game, but seems that Danville Christian has some young talent coming up. In the recent weeks they have played Casey to double OT, and believe was leading Garrard late in 4th quarter.
  12. Brett spent one season as Head Coach of Fairview Football - Resigns to be Head Basketball Coach, in which he also lasts only one season. Now that doesn’t happen every day!
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