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  1. In 91 Raceland beat Pikeville while they were are a pretty nice run.
  2. Exactly. If you are going to penalize teams for playing a strong schedule, you are going to entice programs to avoid playing the strong programs to get better. That will equal mediocre football in Kentucky.
  3. I’ll consider it reverse psychology. Wink, wink. I feel better about it now.
  4. As for the prediction. I’m going with my Rams. Since they won the regular season matchup 7-6, I’ll go with Raceland by 1.
  5. Unless your name is “RPI”. The RPI had them at 3 and 6. Seriously KHSAA, this is broken and needs to be fixed. If this is the best we can do, then just put the playoff teams in a hat and pick them out for home field advantage. That makes more sense than this garbage. Everyone that has ever seen a football game knew these two teams were the top two teams in the class. I’m a little sensitive about polishing a turd and calling it pretty.
  6. KCD never really threatened on a drive. They did have a long run to score their only touchdown. KCD played hard the entire game and was obviously talented and well coached. Congratulations to them on a great season. Raceland never punted and only ended two drives without scoring, one on a fumble and one on a turnover on downs. Raceland was obviously working on some things for next week but was pretty dominate on defense and could do what they wanted on offense other than run A gap, which they repeatedly attempted to do.
  7. Harris gives o Wilson, hit behind the line of scrimmage but gets one Fumble, recovered by Raceland 0:10 remaining
  8. Harris rolls right and keeps it for about 10 1at and goal KCD on the Raceland 3
  9. Harris rolls right and throws to the sideline, broken up by Austin. Incomplete 2nd and 10 KCD 1:50 remaining
  10. Harris gives to Cantley for 4 1st and 10 KCD on the Raceland 17
  11. Harris throws in the deep corner of the end zone incomplete. 4th and 1 KCD
  12. Harris drops back and throws, complete Humphreys for about 9 3rd and 1 KCD
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