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  1. What’s your opinion if Newport Central Catholic beats Beechwood Friday? Does it bode for a jump to the #1 spot in Class 1A? Why or why not?
  2. Crittenden County comes into this matchup at 6-1 on the season. They are also on a 6 game win streak. Henderson County comes in at 4-1 on the season. They just stunted McCracken County last week 21-14. Does the 1A foe have what it takes to knock off the Giant? Does Crittenden County have a chance? Does Henderson County add to its list of defeated teams in its way? So who wins this matchup?
  3. Kentucky Country Day comes into this matchup at 5-1 on the season. Bethlehem also comes in at 5-1 on the season. This should be a good comparison for both teams in the class as this is just a 1A matchup that could happen again in the playoffs. Who wins this matchup? Does Kentucky Country Day show us who we thought they were? Does Bethlehem show us that this side is the state in 1A is going to be fun to watch?
  4. The undefeated Thoroughbreds bring their 6-0 record into this battle of small school powers. Beechwood comes into this matchup at 5-2 with a couple quality wins. This matchup should tell us a little more about Newport Central Catholic. Newport Central Catholic hasn’t really played the brutal schedule that we are use to seeing. The toughest game they’ve had so far was a 17-14 win over Newport. Beechwood just played them last week and wiped the floor with them 56-7. So If you want to base this game off then Beechwood should win big. But the good thing is, that’s why we play the game. Who wins this Battle of Small school Powers? Does Newport Central Catholic get that signature win before the playoffs? Does Beechwood add another name to the list of defeated?
  5. The Hazard Bulldogs finally got there first win of the season last week against Phelps 21-6. This also give new New Coach Dan Howard his first win as well. The Bulldogs will also get there first home game of the season this week after playing it’s first two games at Perry County Central. Whitley County comes to town on a two game win streak. Both these teams have played a tough schedule. Hazard is hoping to get quarterback Garrett Miller and Wide Reciever/Corner Hank Pelfrey back this week. This game will also be played on Saturday at 1:00pm. Who wins this matchup? Does Hazard get another win? Does Whitley get win #3?
  6. Final. Commodores first ever win against Harlan County.
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