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  1. Dan Howard is the new head coach of the Hazard Bulldogs. He has been on the staff for 13 years.
  2. Later on I will do my thing and check all these teams out and see what I can come up with...
  3. What’s your thoughts on this being the best Championship game ever played in the State of Kentucky? This game has to be right up there with the likes of the Brohm/Bush game. Why do you think so or Why not?
  4. 6A 5-5 split 5A 6-4 Cov Cath 4A 6-4 Boyle Co 3A 8-2 Belfry 2A 5-5 split 1A 8-2 Pikeville
  5. Male made to many mistakes to win this one. Congrats Trinity on your title.
  6. Male completely abandoned the run after that fumble. They need to mix it up some. Quarterback missed twice on same route. They also should of took points inside the 5 earlier. Trinity seems to be having more success on offense even though they haven’t got an offensive score. The line in big and may give there back a whole in this second half that he may break for a score.
  7. Great game to watch!!! Bell got there opportunity on the fumble and didn’t capitalize. Belfry offensive line controlled game from almost the start to finish..
  8. Pretty even game except for special team errors. I thought it was a little early to be chasing points. But glad to see a good game so far.
  9. Congrats Pikeville!!! Congrats Paintsville on a great season.
  10. As it stands Hazard has given Pikeville its toughest game so far.. Hopefully Paintsville can wake up and change this and my statement..
  11. How about that running clock thread from a few days ago. It could happen!!!
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