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  1. I honestly think we could keep this simple, just like the tie breaker option except take each teams wins and minus by the teams losses and you get a point total for that team even if it’s in the negative. It kind of takes a value on how good that team has been that season and really doesn’t reward anyone for being a bigger school like in this new setup.
  2. I really hope to see the cross districts in the first two rounds and then continue with the RPI in the same setup. Most districts throughout the state have 2 teams who could make deep runs or win it all . We know the RPI can be manipulated as we’ve seen so far by certain teams. But with the RPI I still think you end up with the two best teams. Yes teams may have to travel but if your the better team then your going to win regardless.
  3. Good schedule for the dawgs again. I expect a better start to the season in 2021.
  4. We have had 2 of the 3 games go to overtime tonight. Do you consider this one of the best opening days of the state finals in a long time?
  5. No! LCA was gashing Beechwood on runs plays on that last drive and chose to throw the ball. They cost themselves.
  6. Which game will be the best game of the weekend? Why do you think so?
  7. The Paintsville Tigers have made there return back to Lexington. The Tigers defeated Newport Central Catholic 21-7 on a ground and pound kind of night. Kentucky Country Day has finally gotten the hump with a 27-7 victory over a pesky Williamsburg team. Kentucky Country Day not only got over the hump but they get a rematch of who sent them home last season. Paintsville will bring in a 9-2 record to the matchup, and bring an offense that is scoring over 36 points per game and giving up just over 11 points per game. Kentucky Country Day brings a 10-1 record to the matchup, and an offense putting up close to 41 points per game and giving up just over 12 points per game. These two teams comparing by numbers on paper appear to be a mirror image of one another. The Paintsville Tigers also got another weapon back in the Jake Hyden who played quarterback earlier in the year,and was injuries late in the regular season and Paintsville has decided to keep with the hot hand in Kartsen Poe. Kentucky Country Day will once again lean heavy on its two-headed monster of Dickerson and Caldwell and surprise you with a pass every now and to Jalen Todd. Who wins your 1A State Championship? Does the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky bring another back? Does Kentucky Country Day bring there first ever to Louisville? The good thing one team gets its first state title.
  8. Williamsburg to many mistakes in the red zone.
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