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  1. Very true statement.. What a play call for the win.
  2. Anybody know if coach rash has a lucky rabbits foot on his pocket during these games.. man the sure does seem to win those absolute mail bitters. Man might should play the lottery. I also agree the best two teams played in 2A.
  3. After the blocked/tipped punt on Pikevilles second possession. Raceland should of took a shot on 1st down and to the endzone. Pikeville went for the jugular while Raceland was just taking small cuts/being conservative. They got greedy on 4th down and went for it when they could of tried to get some points. Yes you may of missed them. But the score could of been at one point either 6-6, 6-3 still, not 14-3. Noah Wallace didn’t get near the touches he should have. 5 carries is not enough. Raceland ran 1 bubble screen. It’s been there bread and butter all season. Stretch plays where most run to the short side of the field. All you can do now is prepare for next year and work hard to get back. Congrats to Pikeville on the title.. Congrats to Raceland on a great season.
  4. The best two teams all season get to square it off at Kroger Field for all the marbles. They’ve been 1 and 2 all season long in the Bluegrass Preps Class 1A Top 10. Who wins this Battle of the 1A Titans? Does Pikeville make it two in a row? Does Raceland finally claim its first ever Championship?
  5. Anyone know if they was under center? Or shotgun?
  6. Exactly. Take it and dive straight forward.
  7. Why not take a knee? Was it that close to the goal line?
  8. I'm Curious as to why they didn’t take a knee?
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