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  1. Paris and Bourbon County are not playing in the playoffs and it's because of Covid ... both teams are in quarantine until the 17th. So even those kids that play on their basketball teams, which will be many, can't come out until after the 17th.
  2. Who will take over at Paris with Coach Terence Brooks leaving the program to coach at near-by Harrison County.
  3. Paris High School Raymond Smith, 1974 - Purdue University .... New Orleans Saints Keith Brown, 1983 - Purdue University Steve Parker, 1971 - University of Kentucky Lanie Fomas, 1987 - WKU Larry Harris, 1988 - WKU Todd Hawkins, 1988 - Army Bourbon County High School Rick Massie, 1978 - University of Kentucky .... Denver Broncos Clay Bolin, 2016 - University of Louisville Charles Nichols, 1991 - WKU Dalton Tucker, 2018 - Marshall University
  4. Bourbon played without their leading scorer and their best overall player!
  5. Good thing you are not a college basketball coach because all you would recruit are players that play at bigger schools and on summer AAU basketball teams. It's not about who you play because if she was on any other team in the region, she makes them better just like the players you mentioned would make a team better. I support the 10th Region, you support Northern Kentucky ... and big schools .. oh well, Zoe thinks academics first and ball second and until you can understand that, well, you will keep hating on her and small schools!
  6. Why do you care so much about a person playing summer ball? What difference does it make if she plays summer ball or not ... she plays for Paris and could careless about playing summer ball but that doesn't make her that less of a player. She plays other sports and she excels in the classroom and that's all that matters ... playing AAU basketball doesn't get everyone a college scholarship!
  7. I like Igo from GRC but Mya is certainly right behind her and not by much! Both are outstanding players!
  8. Yes, this is from the Coaches of the region ... well, at least the ones that participate.
  9. This list was announced yesterday at the Association's Media Day that was held at Campbell County. 10th Region Girls Basketball Coaches Association 2019-2020 Pre-Season Lists PRE-SEASON ALL REGION TEAMS: 1st Team: Kennedy Igo - 5’7 Senior Guard, George Rogers Clark Mya Meredith - 6’0 Junior Guard, Scott Marie Kiefer – 6’1 Junior Forward, Bishop Brossart Mallory Holbrook – 5’6 Senior Guard, Campbell County Zoe Strings – 5’10 Junior Guard, Paris 2nd Team: Sophia Allen – 6’0 Junior Forward, Scott Emma Taylor – 5’10 Junior Forward, Mason County Tyra Flowers - 5’10 Sophomore Forward, George Rogers Clark Brianna Byars – 5’10 Freshman Forward, George Rogers Clark Jalyn Jackson - 5’3 Senior Guard, Campbell County PRE-SEASON TOP 10 TEAMS IN THE REGION: 1. George Rogers Clark 2. Scott 3. Bishop Brossart 4. Campbell County 5. Mason County 6. Paris 7. Bourbon County 8. Nicholas County 9. Harrison County 10. Montgomery County
  10. For all of you hating on Paris' Zoe Strings, obviously you haven't seen her play and furthermore, make sure you let the coaches know who voted her as the top vote getter on the 10th Region second team a year ago. Playing summer ball doesn't make you an all-star or should allow you to be in any Top 10 player's list, and what difference does it make that she plays at a small school. You mean to tell me you have to be at a big school to shine. Strings plays other sports and is very excellent within the classroom, and she doesn't need to be at a 6A school or play on a summer team to be considered one of the best in the region. All Strings needs to do is perform for the Ladyhounds and she's done that and some. The last time I checked, Bailey Cummins came from a small school and she left the program as one of the top players to ever play in this region when she played for Bracken County. And this list can go on and on for small school players within the 10th Region! Heck, there have been 3 Miss Kentucky Basketball winners from the 10th Region and two came from small schools. In addition, Nicholas County won the overall KHSAA State Title, can any other big school in this region say that? Nope ... And by the way ... Zoe Strings will start for any team in the 10th region ... if someone's team in the Region has five starters better than Zoe, well, they should win the region easy and contend for the state title! :no::thumb:
  11. They lose Jace Wallace, Ca'Marr Myers and Billy Murphy and return the rest of the team! But these three players mentioned could play!
  12. 10th Region Girls Basketball Coaches Association 1st Team Kennedy Igo – Junior Guard, George Rogers Clark Madison Kellione – Senior Guard, Harrison County Mya Meredith – Sophomore Guard, Scott High Summer Secrist – Senior Guard, Scott High Hayley Harrison – Senior Guard, George Rogers Clark 2nd Team Marie Kiefer – Sophomore Forward, Bishop Brossart Mallory Holbrook – Junior Guard, Campbell County Maleaha Bell – Senior Forward, George Rogers Clark Kennedy Kelly – Senior Guard, Bourbon County Zoe Strings – Sophomore Guard, Paris High 3rd Team Victoria Brooks – Senior Guard, Mason County Kennedy Carl – Senior Guard, Bracken County Sophia Allen – Sophomore Forward, Scott High Sydney Morris – Senior Forward, Harrison County Shelby Stafford – Senior Guard, Nicholas County Honorable Mention (alphabetical listing) Nicole Arthur, Augusta Grace Hardy, Bourbon County Kylie Koeninger, Campbell County Savannah Parker, Montgomery County Samantha Schumacher, Mason County Shelby Turner, Pendleton County Chez’ Tye, Paris Tamara Wells, Campbell County 10th Region Player of the Year Kennedy Igo, George Rogers Clark Coach of the Year Kevin Bundy, Bishop Brossart
  13. I totally agree, Bourbon is not the same team now as they were back in early December ... not even close!
  14. Playing the "If" game in the Boys' 40th District George Rogers Clark has locked up the top seed after going undefeated against all three district opponents. To date, GRC is 6-0 in district play, while Montgomery County stands at 2-3, Paris 1-3 and Bourbon County 1-4. The team that controls their own destiny is Coach Terence Brooks’ Paris Greyhounds, because they have the opportunity to play host to Coach Matt Daniel’s Montgomery County Indians (tomorrow night) and Coach Lamont Campbell’s Bourbon County Colonels (Saturday night). Bottom line is this, if the Greyhounds beat Montgomery and Bourbon, they would be the two seed, while the Indians would be third and the Colonels fourth. If Paris lose both games, Paris would drop to fourth and Bourbon would be third and Montgomery second. If the Hounds lose to Montgomery but beat Bourbon, the Greyhounds will be third and the Colonels fourth. A Paris win over Montgomery and a loss to Bourbon, brings it to a three-way tie between the schools and a coin toss (I think), at next week’s district meeting, will determine the final three seeds. :popcorn:
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