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  1. Complete open enrollment in the district for all high school aged students. Will not hurt Scott County in foreseeable future.
  2. After beating Douglass how much does that really matter?
  3. I just can’t be convinced Mayfield South Warren or Cal could play with SC. SC is lock top 4 in my opinion.
  4. Surely it is not their first regional championship ever, is it?
  5. If they are healthy why did Hammack not play. Isn't he a big staple for them. I mean he was the dude last year.
  6. Noticed that Hammack did not enter the stat line Friday night. Did he not play??
  7. There is no true outlier in the state this year. But overall collection of teams, the top of 6A is still the standard
  8. The biggest 5A power barely beat a team who got destroyed by a so called 2nd tier 6A team. 6A is still the standard, come on now!
  9. District 8 Madison Southern Madison Central Lafayette GRC Tates Creek District 7 Scott County Douglass Lex Cath Henry Clay Dunbar
  10. Hats off to Madison Southern for a great game plan and effort. QB #11 RB #20 and Slot #12 are all very talented for Madison Southern. SC’s wins their 5th Bluegrass Conference title in 8 years of the Conference.
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