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  1. I don't blame CovCath one iota for accepting kids from wherever, as long as they are playing within the specified rules. Worth noting, CovCath has a ton of Ohio kids in the hallways that aren't playing basketball, or anything else. It is a great, private, option for a lot of Ohio communities at about 66% of St. Xavier (and in most cases, much closer than Reading and Paddock). I also don't blame other schools for not liking it.
  2. I heard HC had a pre-season workout last night, any idea who is running those in the absence of a Head Coach?
  3. I had not seen it, and I didn't know that Twitter Account existed, so thanks for both!!! Yes, looks like a fun line-up to kick-start the season, with a solid finale each night leading up to Saturday, and then a GREAT game to end it on Saturday night. Good stuff! Thanks for the help, Frank.
  4. Has anyone seen a schedule yet? I've heard some rumblings about match-ups, but haven't seen anything definitive yet. Games at Brossart's facility this year?
  5. Easy kid to root for, great post, and his dad is just an awesome and genuinely authentic hype man for him -- we should all have been so lucky!!
  6. The amount of times I've scratched my head over this saga would require both hands, and his June commitment to EKU is yet another of those moments. Like every other kid matriculating out of KY, and specifically NKY, high schools, I wish him good health and a ton of success. I hope it all works out for him in the end, while I don't know him from Adam, those that I know well who are familiar with him say he is fine young man. Do you, kid!
  7. They had a girl transfer to Holy Cross this summer, as well, I think she is an incoming senior, but I may be wrong. Seems like a lot of that out of Grant County these days.
  8. Georgia Southern has a good coaching staff, and a familiar name on it from Kentucky, Chris Shumate. I'm sure Coach Shumate keeps a keen eye back on his home-state, and Stocks is certainly a player brimming with potential to take another step. Congrats to Donovan!
  9. Really good dude -- so happy for Todd and the young ladies in the BCHS Girls' Basketball program. That district is REALLY good, and Conner has a bunch of talent in the pipeline as well, so Coach Humphrey is heading into a hornet's nest -- and he'll love every minute of it.
  10. I've heard that Mason County's girls have a couple of scrimmages on Thursday night, I think I'll make the trip down the AA to congratulate Kevin in person and watch his Lady Royals play!
  11. Congrats to The Wood, hope you guys play 4 more games!! 👍 The more things change......
  12. Kevin knows basketball and is passionate about ensuring young people have every opportunity to play, enjoy the game, and be successful. Hope this move works out for all parties involved, but especially the young ladies of Mason County. For the record, not that anyone needs a geography lesson, but living in or around Alexandria and working in Maysville would hardly be a taxing endeavor.
  13. RIP Nux, gone way too soon young man. I remember his funeral, and that of Bobby Schultz, like they were yesterday. 😢 Thanks for posting that picture!!!
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