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  1. I believe the Diocese of Covington has ended all fish fry's for the remainder of Lent. They have at my Parish, and the language of the edict made it seem like that will be the case for all of them. Just devastating to these groups.
  2. Was a typo, should have been 60, but yes, very logical.
  3. Medical Community I've spoken to believes it has been in this country for 60 days, and certainly was here within 48 hours of the first case in China.
  4. There is about to be a National State of Emergency, but I don't believe that will be accompanied by a mandatory lock-down.
  5. Why? That hasn't been the case in other places that are 9 weeks into this. We don't all get Influenza A and B every year. Were you not a little buoyed by the fact that only one member of the Jazz traveling party caught it from Rudy, and the other 56 that were tested were negative? It isn't airborne, it isn't "that" easy to catch, why do you think most will get it? I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong, but all quantifiable evidence to date tends to not support that.
  6. The XFL couldn't be further from my scope of concern, but small businesses, especially bars and restaurants, are huge concerns. I hope people keep eating out (I had a breakfast meeting this morning and the place was plenty busy), but I'd be this weekend will see most restaurants off by 50-75% over a normal weekend. That is scary.
  7. That is too broad a brush to paint with. There are a lot of "work-a-holics" that feel really fulfilled when working, maybe too much so, and are sitting on enough sick days to take 6 months off. They just don't want to. You certainly are right about many, and maybe even most, but not all. -------------- Any answers about a "life-after-the-virus" are complete guesses. We really have no idea what is yet to come during the virus, let alone how long normalcy shall be suspended, so guessing about the life-after is just that...a guess.
  8. Depends on how long things are abnormal. Also depends on the post-virus reality: do people flock back, as Americans have typically done, or do people realize that sports were a nice to have, not a need to have, and continue to use their free time and discretionary income in other ways. I'm guessing the former, but I'm also sure no one will make decisions until that answer is more clearly defined.
  9. A) your first sentence above is spot-on: coaches around the country, who watch all of the top players through the AAU circuit, were lining up for her. B) statistics are a pretty good measure if every team plays the same schedule, and every roster is constructed the same way. The Macke kid at West Virginia (walk-on) led KY in points and rebounds last year while at Silver Grove, would you say that was a good measure of how good he was as compared to the rest of KY? Of course it wasn't. Stats are super-misleading.
  10. I think I'm a decidedly a "5". I'm still at work, still moving around the community for meetings and such, still eating out, and largely living my day-to-day life. However, I wouldn't fly right now, I'm not going to a fish fry tomorrow night, and I would definitely try and avoid any location that is going to be full of people.
  11. Absolutely, and they (hospitals) will be planning for it.
  12. The number I saw this morning, as of 9:27 AM, was 827. Interesting if it jumped that much in a few hours.
  13. The Union Kroger not only had 2 hour lines to checkout (Wednesdays are typically a lighter day and they had fewer lanes open), but they had a dust-up over something that 3 Florence PD folks rushed into the store to deal with. What is wrong with people!?
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