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  1. I'm going to take Thumper's mom's advice on this one.
  2. Tough to leave off Kennedy Lee from Manual when ranking KY's best girls in the 2022 class. I'm also with @kyrecruiter , you can't leave off Jaileyah Cotton either.
  3. Very cool for Kes, I'm sure he'll have a ball coaching all of this talent! What a cool opportunity for he and these deserving ballers.
  4. Warren Central had a player in the late 80's, Damon Hood, that was a MAN amongst boys. Absolute freak!! I haven't seen them mentioned, but the first name I thought of for this thread (after Boone County) was Paducah Tilghman. Seemed like they were in the State Championship every other year for 2 decades (I know they weren't, but they were there a LOT), and I don't know that I've heard their name in a decade.
  5. I think this is about the 4th "Congrats to Ron Dawn on a great run" thread in the last few years. Or at least it seems that way. 😇
  6. This game was amazing down the stretch, Notre Dame hit some huge threes late, and Ryle wasn't able to get one late when they needed it to tie. Good for Coach Murphy and the Panda's, ending Ryle's three-year run owning the 9th. Good luck to NDA vs Dixie on Monday night.
  7. Yeah, I'm here as well, or even 10. Would love to see the Camels win, but this feels like a game that gets away from them in the 4th.
  8. I've been watching Landen H., Ayden, and Dan Campbell since they were 8...literally...and I'm super happy for those young guys. Also, Matt is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, and while quiet and unassuming, has the heart of a lion and is doing a GREAT job building his program in Hebron. So happy for he and his Cougars -- enjoy the experience.
  9. This thread is a little light on the hyperbole that the other SHDHS game thread contained. Go figure. Congrats to Coach Listerman and his Birds; I am genuinely THRILLED for Sam to have the chance to play for a regional title and get a shot to play at Rupp before his career ends. He deserves that.
  10. Was that Schmitt? I may have the spelling wrong, but I think that is who you are thinking of. edit: I can see I was way late, and should DEFINITELY read the rest of the thread before responding to a quoted post. Doh.
  11. Yes, back in about 03. Had some nice players, who have turned into really good dudes, notably among them, one of the Earth's best humans, Matt Fabiani.
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