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  1. Dave is a good guy, and while he is admittedly feisty and emotional, calling a person "a zero" is tough. People get caught up in the moment, you see it at high school basketball games 2x a week where coaches and players "exchange conversation", and while it is 100% wrong on the coach's end, it isn't fatal. Dave has been a hard-nosed, tough-minded dude since grade school, and while always willing to "walk the walk", he truly is a good dude. He has never been great at losing, so while disappointed he was whoofing at Colonels last night, not horribly shocked. Again, is it a bad look? Sure. Is it AWFUL? Probably not. Not like he was working a chain gang, as an adult, and flipped off another man over a h.s. football game...now that is embarrassing. 😇
  2. Going back and re-reading the CovCath 47 Cooper 0 thread on 9/25, you'd have thought Cooper was about to pack it in. So many "what has happened to Cooper" posts. Now, nearly a month later, they go to DCM and handily beat the Birds. Man, life comes at you fast.
  3. Highlands will take out a lot of post-Colonel frustrations this week on the Jags. The Birds win by a LOT.
  4. The match-up that most predicted would occur has come to fruition, CovCath and Ryle will meet for the 9th Region Championship on Wednesday night at Ryle. Game time is 7:00. The winner, I believe, gets the winner of the 11th in the first round of the State Tournament (I believe the 9th will host). As for the game, I'd love your thoughts, but I think this is a really interesting match-up. Nothing would really surprise me in terms of the outcome, but if forced to pick, I'd say Ryle wins 2-1.
  5. Thank you, CWB. Great updates, and appreciate Guru's color commentary. Shocking margin for me tonight.
  6. I believe the Diocese of Covington has ended all fish fry's for the remainder of Lent. They have at my Parish, and the language of the edict made it seem like that will be the case for all of them. Just devastating to these groups.
  7. Was a typo, should have been 60, but yes, very logical.
  8. Medical Community I've spoken to believes it has been in this country for 60 days, and certainly was here within 48 hours of the first case in China.
  9. There is about to be a National State of Emergency, but I don't believe that will be accompanied by a mandatory lock-down.
  10. Why? That hasn't been the case in other places that are 9 weeks into this. We don't all get Influenza A and B every year. Were you not a little buoyed by the fact that only one member of the Jazz traveling party caught it from Rudy, and the other 56 that were tested were negative? It isn't airborne, it isn't "that" easy to catch, why do you think most will get it? I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong, but all quantifiable evidence to date tends to not support that.
  11. The XFL couldn't be further from my scope of concern, but small businesses, especially bars and restaurants, are huge concerns. I hope people keep eating out (I had a breakfast meeting this morning and the place was plenty busy), but I'd be this weekend will see most restaurants off by 50-75% over a normal weekend. That is scary.
  12. That is too broad a brush to paint with. There are a lot of "work-a-holics" that feel really fulfilled when working, maybe too much so, and are sitting on enough sick days to take 6 months off. They just don't want to. You certainly are right about many, and maybe even most, but not all. -------------- Any answers about a "life-after-the-virus" are complete guesses. We really have no idea what is yet to come during the virus, let alone how long normalcy shall be suspended, so guessing about the life-after is just that...a guess.
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