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  1. That will be problematic for the Rocks, without question. Trinity will need to force a LOT of turnovers (which I know they are perfectly capable of doing) to offset CovCath's paint-ball, offensive rebounding, and 2nd chance points. I suppose Trinity could also offset those factors with red-hot shooting from beyond the arc, but I'm not sure that is as much their game as turning you over for transition baskets.
  2. Kudos to NewCath, this score is much closer than I expected. Thanks for the summary B-Ball-Fan, I really appreciate your write-ups on the games you followed. Good stuff.
  3. Big trouble. Good for North Laurel, and props to both teams to getting a quality game scheduled at the last minute. Both teams will be better in March for having gone through this one.
  4. I'm telling you right now, @theguru owes you lunch for all of these updates.
  5. Both of these teams will get so much more out of this than another 30 point beating to an inferior team. Iron sharpens Iron.
  6. Is there a foul count total for the game handy? Sounds, as I mentioned in the prediction thread, overwhelmingly one-sided. Thanks for the updates, CWB.
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