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  1. DUH!!!! My bad, I certainly knew that and failed to connect the most obvious dots. Thanks!!
  2. Down 15 and get popped for hanging on the rim after a dunk? Hmm...okay.
  3. Ryle takes out a lot of frustration on the Camels, bouncing back in a big way from the loss to the Lady Neers.
  4. HUGE game tonight in Park Hills as BGP #5 Great Crossing visits BGP #3 CovCath in an opening week bonanza!!! Coach Page's Warhawks had a solid test in the opener versus a West Jess team that will be a factor in the 9th. Coach Ruthsatz's Colonels went on the road in the opener and handled a Simon Kenton team with solid pieces with a 3rd quarter running clock. Safe to say, both will get a lot more competition tonight. I have the Colonels by 7, but I think you could have a lot of results here that wouldn't be all too surprising, given that it is so early in the year, there are some football kids still easing back into basketball shape, and both teams will undoubtedly be a lot better in February than they will be this evening. How the Colonels under-sized, but highly skilled and tough-minded, roster handles Malachi Moreno will likely be the key match-up to watch. Can the Colonels ball pressure make it tough to get solid entry passes to the 6'10" (ish) Moreno in the post, or will he be able to get deep positioning in the block and get the ball with time and space to operate? Should be one of the great early-season contests around the Bluegrass.
  5. I'm so happy for Ben Franzen!!! Such a wonderful guy, and he is going to be (and is) a terrific basketball coach. Mustangs are going to be no one's homecoming game, I can assure you of that; they will compete their brains out every night. Newport undoubtedly has loads of talent, that goes without saying. As someone above stated, I think you'll see the Wildcats just get better and better as the season unfolds.
  6. A peculiar varsity basketball score, so we'll just credit both teams with stifling defense and leave it at that. Todd Smart's Lady Crusaders are 2-0 on the young season, and get a big step up in class tonight when they host Ted Arlinghaus' Indians of Holy Cross. Should be a good litmus test for both teams in the opening week.
  7. Holy Cross eases into the 2022-23 campaign with a fairly comfortable road win.
  8. Ryle was up 9 or so in the 1st. Ryle led at the half 29-26. SK jumped ahead at the end of the 3rd Q 44-40. With 3:30 left to play in the 4th SK led Ryle 51-48. With 1:47 left SK led 56-50. The Lady Neers went on a 11-2 run in the last minute and a half to make it look a little more one-sided than it obviously was. First of all, credit to Simon Kenton, they are really well coached, Pernell at the point is strong and solid (and an 8th grader) and made some really big shots. I've said it on this site 50 times, but there are 5 or 6 girls in NKY in that 2027 class that are just terrific, and Bryn is certainly sitting at the top of that heap right now. Kudos to her, I know how hard she and her dad (now on staff at SK) work on her craft. That said, they have some other very nice pieces and while I think this game would be tough for them to replicate, they did it when it mattered. Ryle has 4 outstanding players, and Meredith (did she play, I'm assuming she did?) is a veteran and is solid, but beyond those 5, they are as shallow as a July driveway puddle. They have no program depth behind this "golden generation" (sorry, I've watched a lot of soccer lately), so they are going to be dancing on a razor's edge with fouls and turned ankles on a lot of nights. Their best nights will be good enough to beat ANYONE, but when you are that thin, the margin for success isn't very wide.
  9. Thanks for posting. Cooper is going to be a terrible match-up for the perimeter-oriented Colonels, because Cooper has more length and is ferocious on the ball in the back-court, and that really makes it hard for Dixie to do what they want to do. Dixie will be fine most nights as no one up here defends the ball and the wings like Cooper, but this match-up is one that doesn't favor them. Very, very impressive for Cooper, they are so connected, play together with such genuine cohesion, you just have to love what Coach Holthaus is developing in Union. Their girls just like each other so much, you can really see that, and makes a difference. They really do play FOR each other, while playing WITH each other.
  10. Came here to say the same thing -- love that for Sam...and the Indians.
  11. I'm not sure there is a Girls' Basketball team in NKY with more divided opinions than that of the Pandas. I favor them more than most, having them 3rd in NKY, but many / most have them at 6th (doesn't sound like a lot, but that is either in the mix at the top with Cooper and Ryle or at the bottom of that "top tier" in NKY), and they certainly have their questions (and, in my opinion, the best coach in the area) along with their D1 signee Noelle Hubert. We also know that NewCath is rebuilding around Caroline (who is great and I just love as a young lady), so they will take some lumps, so this score isn't all that surprising. Will be interesting to watch these two over the course of the season, can NDA replace a TON and stay at the very top of the area, and can NewCath replace Turner and get the other players to elevate around Caroline and thrust themselves into the conversation for the 9th Region All A, the 36th, and winning a couple of games at NKU in a few months.
  12. Dixie heads on the road to Fort Thomas and gets the decisive victory. Dixie has great wings and perimeter players, so I'll be interested to hear how they handled Green in the post for the Birds, but obviously by the margin of victory they figured something out. Highlands, like last year, is going to have to develop some guards / wings around Marisa to elevate themselves into that group of 6 at the top of NKY.
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