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  1. #1 vs #3 didn't disappoint, but the Panthers of Daviess County survive and advance to the Kentucky Final 4. Daviess Co. will meet the winner of CovCath and Somerset on October 27th at Frederick Douglass in the state semi-finals. North Oldham, the state's top team for most of the season, sees their magical season come to and end in the Round of 8. The Mustangs, coached by Joshua Poole, end their fantastic season at 16-1-2, with their only loss coming on their home field in the Elite 8. Seeing videos last night of their boys collapsing on the pitch in disappointment was hard to watch, an
  2. Boyd Co. hung around in the first half in Lexington, trailing only 1-0 heading into intermission, but the Bulldogs pull away in the 2nd half and assert their dominance. Dunbar will now await the winner of Butler and Elizabethtown in the KY Boys' Soccer Final 4 on October 27 at Frederick Douglass. The Lions, coached by Logan Price, end their fantastic season in the Elite 8 of Kentucky, and with a record of 19-3-0; their only losses coming to Rowan Co. and Russell back in August, and then not another until last night versus Dunbar. What an amazing run and 14 game winning streak. So muc
  3. NO!!!!!!! There is beauty to having to win your region to advance, and the occasional upset is a positive, not a negative. A Regional Tournament should be win or go home, we already have the district tourney that advances teams after a loss, let's not perpetuate that further. Win your region and move on, and embrace the beauty of upsets when they occur. The best team doesn't always have to win, it's okay.
  4. Good luck to these 4 teams tonight as they battle to see who gets to advance to the Kentucky Boys' Soccer Final 4 next week!!! * Thursday, October 21st, at 7:00: Boyd County (#71 in Maher Ranking) at Dunbar (#2) * Thursday, October 21st, at 7:00: Daviess County (#3) at North Oldham (#1)
  5. South Oldham has a great facility, that is super odd, glad you pointed it out. I had never noticed that. Good luck to the 6 girls' teams playing tonight to advance to the Final 4!!!
  6. I listed the Maher rankings in the original post, here are the MaxPreps rankings (updated as of 10/21) for the 8 teams still playing in Kentucky: #1 North Oldham #2 Dunbar #3 Daviess County #15 Elizabethtown #17 Butler #22 CovCath #29 Boyd County #32 Somerset
  7. Okay, last nugget, and I may have this wrong, but I don't think so. Not one of the 46 KY State Champions in Soccer were located east of I-75. 0 for 46. I'm not an expert on Lexington-area high schools, but I think Sayre is the only one of them that is east of 75, and they haven't won one. 30 are in Louisville. 12 are in Lexington. 2 are in Bowling Green. 1 in NKY. 1 in Owensboro.
  8. St. Xavier's dominance is just amazing: 15 state titles (out of 46 State Champions), and 11 of them under Coach Andy Schulten. That is just eye-popping stuff, truly.
  9. Last nugget about these 8 soccer teams fortunate to still be playing. Here are the State Championships and State Runner-ups for the 8 remaining programs: 1. Dunbar: 4 times State Champions (1992, 2001, 2005, 2013) and 2 times State Runner-Up (1993, 2012) 2. Daviess County: 1 time State Champion (2016) and 3 times State Runner-Up (2010, 2017, 2019) 2. CovCath: 1 time State Champion (2015) and 3 times State Runner-Up (1983, 1998, 2016) 4. Elizabethtown: 1 time State Runner-Up (1992)
  10. For no reason besides my own curiosity, here are the BOYS enrollment numbers for the schools in the Elite 8 (as of 2019-20): 1. Dunbar 1,015 2. Daviess Co. 921 3. Butler 794 4. CovCath 545 5. North Oldham 526 6. Boyd Co. 469 7. Elizabethtown 389 8. Somerset 299
  11. In the entire wonderful state of Kentucky, only 8 boys' teams will have practice this evening, so they all deserve a huge congratulations! It is a terrific accomplishment to be one of the last 8 standing, overcoming adversity along the way in nearly every case, surviving district and regional tournaments, and then winning your first State Tournament game (including 2 managing to win road games, which is never easy this time of year). Here is the schedule for your Elite 8 over the next 3 days: * Thursday, October 21st, at 7:00: Boyd County (#71 in Maher Ranking) at Dunbar (#2)
  12. In what was, predictably, the game of the night in Kentucky, this one didn't disappoint. North Oldham, the state's top team, jumped on top of 1-0, but then saw the Crimsons draw even at 1-1, and stay there the rest of the night. Both teams had great chances in the last 6 minutes of furious play, especially the Mustangs who had 2 GREAT looks at goal in the last 4 minutes, but both teams managed to subdue the others and they headed to OT. Neither OT period were enough, so this incredible round of 16 game was going to be decided from the spot. Leading 4-3 going to the 5th Round, Manual needed
  13. Boyd County hosted PCC on Tuesday night and blanked the Commodores 3-0. Boyd County now gets a big step up in class as they'll travel to Lexington on Thursday night to play Dunbar in the Elite 8. The Commodores of PCC, coached by Ray Fletcher, wrap up their season at 14-6-2. Congrats to PCC, they not only have they won the 14th Region 7 of the last 8 years, but they stayed unblemished this year (9-0-0) in 14th Region games throughout the season. Very impressive for Coach Fletcher and his young men.
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