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  1. This should be on nfhsnetwork if you are a paid subscriber.
  2. Per Zack Klemme's twitter via Rowan County AD Randy Wallace.
  3. To quote @oldrambler one last time “Bring your Lunch” “Do Your Job” ”TCB Rams” Take care of business
  4. Rest Easy @oldrambler I’m sure you will be cheering on your Rams from Heaven with the other Rams fans who have passed.
  5. Destiny played softball at Boyd County from 2012-2016. She is a 2016 Graduate . She played softball and basketball.
  6. If Kentucky Doesn't Land Adem I'd say they will hit the transfer portal.
  7. Things are starting to shift in UCLA's favor with Adem Bona. A lot of Crystal Ball picks on 247sports for Adem to UCLA.
  8. 28-13 is the closest game in the series that I see dating all the way back to 1998.
  9. Based off that if East Carter Keeps it under 14 they will be doing good. I think 14 is safe based on that.
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