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  1. I had her husband as a teacher in strength and conditioning in high school at Russell. Prayers for Goldie and family. Not only that but he was the basketball coach there at one time.
  2. I’m really surprised the USA didn’t win a medal in the 100m dash. If Sha'Carri Richardson didn’t make a bone head move we would’ve probably won one.
  3. Russell-Aug. 7th Scrimmage - Bourbon County & Paintsville at Bourbon County 6:00 pm
  4. USA women just beat Japan 25-4 in water polo.
  5. That sounds kind of familiar lol.
  6. Maybe not but USA will still dominate the medals.
  7. I still think that USA will win the most medals, gold, silver and bronze.
  8. Tucker finished 6th in 10m air rifle.
  9. USA just lost in archery to 15th seeded Indonesia. Talk about a choke.
  10. Mary Tucker could win USA's first medal tonight in the women's 10meter air rifle.
  11. Nbcolympics is the site I always use for all things Olympics. They show an American flag in the results if USA is involved in the event. Most live Events start Around 7pm EDT which is 8am in Tokyo.
  12. That New AD is Russell Football head coach TJ Maynard. So he might be pretty busy lol.
  13. Bradley Rose looks like he will be a solid qb after getting JV and some varsity time last year. What grade is Rose in?
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