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  1. Too bad Russell lost, I wish they would have won the this game.
  2. I saw this is in the paper today. Seems like it's always something with one of Ashland's programs.
  3. Maybe you might want to study someone with how they speak and you might be able to tell their education level.
  4. You obviously haven't been a fan of Kentucky,or are not a long time UK fan.
  5. Yes, that is correct only 12 in use. That is unless they give a walkon one. From what I understand Somto is going to stay '24 as of now.
  6. That's a lot calls when you take customers from 18 states with email issues.
  7. They are extremely hammered from 18 states worth of coverage.
  8. If anyone is having trouble getting into their email try using the chat on the computer.
  9. I saw where some reports of the hacking happening as early as June 9th.
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