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  1. Russell put a running clock on Fleming County so I'd expect Ashland to do the same. I think the score was 51-0.
  2. Russell audio-https://streamdb9web.securenetsystems.net/cirrusencore/WLGCS4
  3. My heart says Russell but my head says Ashland. I hope Russell can pull off the upset.
  4. Congratulations to the Comets, Good Luck in the rest of the playoffs.
  5. East Carter Played the varsity the whole game and the last 2 tds have been on russell subs. 47-28
  6. Russell doing everything they can not to run the score up.
  7. 13 yard td pass from charlie j to hunter martin 10:07 4th 47-14
  8. 3 yard td pass from charlie j to ethan sharp. 6-0 10:34 1st.
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