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  1. “I haven’t posted any news about Jim because there hasn’t been any change. He’s off the paralytic and that’s good. Debby is getting to visit him. He can have one visitor a day. Thanks to all for checking on him.” “Debby received some promising news today from the neurologist. Although Jim will have many complications from the stroke, he will still have the ability to communicate and his right side will be functional. This all depends on his lungs to heal. Please pray for his lungs to heal.” These are the latest 2 updates from Jim’s sister-in-law via Zack Klemme’s from ADI paper’s tw
  2. There is time but plenty of room for improvement. I’m hoping they will be nearing peak when they probably will meet Ashland for the district Championship. They could really use a win in the 1st game at Russell vs. Ashland it’s always tough to win at Ashland. I think Russell would stand a better chance in front of the home crowd to win the district.
  3. Congratulations to PLD. Russell is just not physical enough on the lines and has bad tackling right now. They better get a lot better in both aspects or they are out early in the playoffs.
  4. 21-7 db 9 yard td pass after russell threw an interception to set up that drive. 21-7 db. 4:52 2nd.
  5. I wonder if this nfhs broadcast is free? I watched the Russell girls basketball team play in a tournament in Louisville last year or the year before with my free nfhs account so I know some games are free.
  6. Hopkinsville looks to have played the tougher schedule. I will go with Hopkinsville.
  7. St. Xavier Christian Academy of Louisville Highlands Hopkinsville Greenwood
  8. The current school building where Russell high school is now Opened in 1962 and the current middle school in 1969.
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