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  1. Thanks, I've sat behind him a few times at the Sweet Sixteen.
  2. Was Baker also a Minister at one time or maybe he still is?
  3. It's more than one, but I don't believe there are 6 in the mix.
  4. If better talent comes in, he won't be playing much anyway.
  5. Looks like the Bulldogs are starting to growl.
  6. Tough times for the school on Long Branch Rd.
  7. No doubt about it, it's as nice as any gym any place.
  8. What kind of a deal is that to send runner up to All A tourney if the winning team makes the Big Dance? Bringing more teams into Lexington at the same time will just help Mr. Covid to spread.
  9. Isn't social media just great? Any one can impose as who ever, nobody knows for sure.
  10. The Wildcats can't take a good team to Knoxville and win. I just don't see this team getting it done.
  11. Which one? College officials get worst every year.
  12. Are they really improving? Okay, I guess you're correct, they only beat Vandy by 3 on Jan. 5th and got them by 4 tonight.
  13. I know it's not, but this just seems like a joke.
  14. Logano, Keselowski, or McDowell started the crash and my vote goes to McDowell.
  15. You also have Richmond Model there on the EKU Campus. Three gyms 15 minutes away in Berea.
  16. Really makes you wonder if they didn't finally figure out they were going to lose their behinds and just called it quits.
  17. Thanks for briefing, looks like I've been living under a rock all these years.
  18. The Reds got their shortstop, Barry Larkin.
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