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  1. Congrats to Brody, seems like a great kid. What would be the benefit to taking a PWO at UK vs a real offer from a great school like Wofford? Just to be in the SEC environment? But would probably actually get play time at Wofford.
  2. Wow! Surprised by this one. Boyle could beat anyone in the state. 14-1 season is definitely one to be crazy proud of Colonels, one loss to a crazy talented team.
  3. This will be a tough night for the boys in blue. Hopefully the adrenaline and excitement from football will fuel them tonight! Moreno is a force and I will be interested in seeing him and Miller on the floor, esp in a beginning of season match up.
  4. I knew he committed (which is a whole other thread about 13/14yr olds) but I was wondering if football coaches were also going to be interested in him the next few years.
  5. I know Fryman is a phenom in Baseball too, which is his better sport?
  6. Agree! Packed house, Colonels travel very very well too. Neighbor told me CCH is comping tickets for each and every student that attends, and sending buses for them to have a ride, nice move!
  7. Moeves is really a fun one to watch and has developed tremendously as a player the past 2-3 years. I am still pretty shocked Benke stepped away from basketball this year.
  8. Cheers to CCH coaches, players and students. What a class act and looked so welcoming to the Austrailian players. Way to make NKY proud!
  9. Kellan Dosset scored his 1,000 point last night. What a feat!
  10. Vegas Raiders have an off week, think the Mayer’s will be there to cheer their brothers on??? With a spirit that will not die!
  11. It’s ok, Colonels are happy to be the underdogs in this fight. And boy do they have a lot of dogs and a lot of fight!!
  12. Man, Pitzer and Reeves playing Big Boy Football last night! Love it!!!
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