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  1. It has changed again back to Scott.
  2. Did not get along with Administration I heard.
  3. No, at Hughes he is, sounds like Grammar would be Asst.
  4. Kenny Satterfield is the new coach and his Son left Oak Hills also and will be the new duo at Hughes. Not sure on any Asst. Coaches thus far.
  5. I thought Scott’s gym and pool area was to be refurbished and Scott was not going to have a home gym for the next 1-2 years.
  6. Starks was at UC football camp yesterday also
  7. And the kid from Simon Kenton left after 2 years at Concordia D2 school with limited numbers and playing time, redshirted 2 times there. And the Cayman kid is a 3 star signed at Nevada before coming to EKU
  8. Here's the current QB roster spots and Transfers in at bottom for EKU, 8 Current QB's listed and most have tons of experience and playing time. Cam is is listed at 6'3 200 on 247 sports. Head Scratcher for Sure!!! Dakota Allen13 QB 6' 4" 225 lbs JR Lebanon, OH Kaymen Cureton1
  9. Most likely doing the Hoops thing for June High School, AAU in July with some football practice mixed in I would think.
  10. Nope it was him. His mom and sister sitting right in front of me
  11. Saw The Starks kid at UC football camp today. Looked pretty good. Was with defensive ends group.
  12. Here’s how Taylor County did against some good teams at MML Tourney this past weekend. Looks like a pretty good team.
  13. Why don’t kids slide? If the runner slides he is safe and game continues. Camels definitely got the easier draw for the regionals and when moved from Scott to Meinken that hurt Scott’s home field advantage and gave it to the Camels.
  14. Scott wins 4-2 over Bourbon County
  15. Why they all leave? Would have been a nice team, Ever since middle school when they moved kids up seemed to doom the others.
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