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  1. Mark Elder is the new coach at Moe, came from EKU as prior head coach and prior to that at UC I believe.
  2. Scott was down 21-0 at Halftime, came back to make it a game. Major scrum after a play sometime in the game, was told a Holmes player did something to a Scott player and then punches thrown, players erupted into a pushing match. Pentalties, ejections, coaches on the field, parents going nuts. What a game from what I hear.
  3. Quote from my neighbor... Honestly the entire coaching staff has thrown in the towel and all should be replaced, fired, the whole staff. Kids are checking out and losing faith with these coaches and system. Scott had one player transfer out from last year. Rumor has it that there may be more very soon. Play calling is horrible, so predictable, no coaching the kids at all on the sidelines. No halftime adjustments. You can’t use the injury and being young as an excuse. This is the most frustrated my neighbor has been. He went to game this past week and said he would have more faith with plays being called by a mom from the other team.
  4. Absolutely at a loss for words right now and at this Scott coaching staff. The state of the program is In real trouble. I have never seen a group of kids and coaches so far apart on the things that make football fun.
  5. You can go back on YouTube and rewatch the hit/injury. I’m watching on my TV and use the remote to do this.
  6. Scott ties it up with a FG 22-22. With .03 on clock. Going to OT. Wow
  7. No clue, Heard there is a whole new Offense that appears not to include a RB, or there much of.
  8. Final. Conner wins Varsity Scrimmage Ugly and then some.
  9. New Richmond Ohio is looking for a game on 9/11 or 9/12. Prefer home but will travel. Pat Burke Head Coach. Email. burke_p@nrschools.org
  10. I saw a team I know use 2 cart/wagons that had the players own bottles in them. Then during time outs sideline players pulled the carts onto field to the players to get themselves. Great idea and seemed to work.
  11. The Conner vs. Lloyd Memorial on 9/11 is not happening.
  12. And those Ohio teams broadcasting the games via youtube or a cheap stream is a great idea also. Hope teams in KY do this also.
  13. I'm watching a few games from Ohio online, I really like the Refs putting down a bean bag for ball spots and the center keeping the ball after each play and placing after huddles. Seems to really speed up the game a bunch.
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