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  1. I know someone down south of Lexington that only plays hoops and is the main contributor to the team, The team itself and overall record shows they are not good. But this player choose to reclass. Was it really for hoops thou or more for them as a student/athlete?
  2. My question is can Cam win Mr Football Again? Why Not, he’s got my vote.
  3. Had a coach tell me the other day that 7on7 football isn’t relevant to getting exposure & that it’s meaningless to the sport. Such an “old school” way of thinking & it’s that attitude that explains why, even though it a powerhouse school, they don’t have more athletes offered.
  4. Scott is on a tear of late winning 9 straight and 11 out of 13. Lots of Scouts at the Freedom Stadium to watch this one vs Walton. Grant Profitt of Scott with the win and Casey Hilbert with the Save. Scott will have home field advantage going into district as the 1 seed and hosting both districts and regionals at Scott.
  5. @NLTanker1 Which School are we talking about? Springfield is a big city. These are the following schools in Springfield Ohio Catholic Central, Shawnee, Northeastern, Springfield North, Kenton Ridge, Greenon High. Also use to have football, Emmanuel Christian Academy and Springfield South.
  6. Some of the boys from Male heading down to Tampa for the 7v7 National Championship Tournament. Get that Exposure and good luck!!
  7. The smell of 20 miles vs 120 miles is very telling. Lol
  8. Totally different 7x7 for High Schools than in Travel Tru Exposure 7v7. Rules are different, pace of play, top talent on every team we have faced.
  9. We Travel and have played against D1 Talent and commits in Florida, Tenn, Indiana. Helping NKY kids learn the game and play against top talent from around the country.
  10. I guess the other 15 NKY coaches that allowed the kids to travel and play 7x7 seem to have a different approach to winning than Highlands.
  11. When was the last time you saw College coaches, Scouts, Recruiters at a spring practice? The opportunity for the kids to get exposure is more available today in 7v7 than most would think. Most people don't understand the benefits of multi-sport athletes.
  12. Not what I'm hearing from Parents, but I guess not everyone is always on the same page.
  13. No idea, but a few parents were afraid by going to 7v7 and against the coach it would hurt their kids in the long run it sounded like to me.
  14. Not sure, try asking the kids playing against top D1 talent in the 7V7 and ask them if they learned anything. My question is, How is a part time strength coach going to work for all programs and have to deal with a controlling head coach?
  15. I agree with change or a different culture. I'm just saying he was the Only coach in NKY that didn't allow kids to participate in this extracurricular program. Kids trying to gain exposure and learn from an NFL veteran sounds like a win win for all involved.
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