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  1. Really should start school after labor day also, Labor Day to Memorial Day is what it should be.
  2. Any updates on what happened to these kids/Situation?
  3. My question is why are all these teachers so worried about getting covid in the schools? Everyday I see these same people posting pics on vacation from all over the US from Florida to Maine etc. I would think they should be staying local this summer and more worried about how to manage the school year vs out and about on vacation.
  4. Martins out of PA. BBQ --Waffle Kettle Chip. So good I order them online and have shipped to my house. Only place close to me is Plain City Ohio at the Amish Deli Store called Yutzy's.
  5. My question is your children that you claimed, but have a job and file their own EZ tax form. Will the kids get $1200 since they filed taxes?
  6. Aug. 7 Cooper (Scrimmage) Aug. 14 Conner (Scrimmage) Aug. 21 at Highlands Aug. 28 at Lloyd Memorial Sept. 4 Holy Cross (Cov) Sept.11 at Bethel-Tate (OH) Sept. 18 Boone County Sept. 25 at Rowan County(District) Oct. 2 Harrison County (District) Oct. 16 Boyd County (District) Oct.23 at Holmes (District) Oct.30 Dixie Heights
  7. I drove by the scene today off of Route 32 and there had to be over 100 vehicles and equipment on the side road leading to the woods.
  8. Remember Zion played with Stansbury's son while at Bowling Green in HS. I believe that year Zion was a 8th Grader and they played Scott in the final four and won that game on missed shot by Jake Ohmer at the buzzer.
  9. Are golf courses open in OH and KY?
  10. Paradise has closed for now per facebook post.
  11. Question about 401K. I have a 401K at my current job, but I will be changing jobs in 2 weeks. I have lost about 8K since Jan 1st on my account. Any advice on if I should continue paying into it and leave it where is or at the new job transfer it over or go with a bank into a savings account?
  12. How does your best player, Alex not touch the ball in the final play?
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