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  1. Not sure Why you all keep bringing up the Meyer Kid. If people only knew what really happened. Really funny the kid plays June ball scrimmages with Scott eight grade summer, then all of a sudden a few weeks before school starts at Scott he's at Holy Cross. I wonder how that happened? No warning, nothing. I really hope he stays at Holy Cross and becomes special. But I would think he moves onto Prep school where he would have a better opportunity. I have heard so many things about this kid and you just really never know what he will do next. I still think he would have had a better chance to Win District or Region and go back to state at Scott before down at Holy Cross.
  2. Your better defensive teams such as Scott, Highlands, Lloyd held Brossart under ave points per game which resulted in a win. Holy Cross’s on the fly what ever that is offense and very little defense helped Brossart to a win.
  3. What was the foul count and free throw numbers today compared to the Cov Cath game last night?
  4. Ashland plays 5 away games in the next 6 days, Saturday at Simon Kenton.
  5. 58-48 beechwood. 3:40 left. Refs kinda taking the wind from Scott. Some really bad calls.
  6. Who was the DC for Highlands most recently? Heard he landed a gig in NKY. Anyone with a name.
  7. Final per YouTube. Scott was up five and Newport hit half court shot at end of game.
  8. End of 1 Tied 17-17 End of 2 Lakota West 36-35 End of 3 Scott 48-42 Final Lakota West 68-65 Lakota West Finish Regular season 14-8. Scott is 7-6
  9. Scott surrenders 10 point lead at start of 4th to lose a good one against 16-5 Lakota West OH at Scott today.
  10. Not sure if the 8th region Refs knew they were in Walton or Verona. Not a good effort on the Officiating, but it is what it is. At least the teams got a game in this week. Walton has some nice 3 ball shooters. Scott I think didn’t even attempt a three pointer.
  11. Final Barth with 30 points. Vincent with 26.
  12. Man o Man watching that game on You tube while I sit here at Campbell County game was painful. Scott wins over the Cougars but both teams smelled it up. Scott looks very slow and unorganized on Offense. Calvary is very thin and it shows the 7-2 record have been against weak teams. I had to shut it off and I started to watch the Bracken game.
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