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  1. Also saw Chris Henry Jr plays for Withrow now and is pretty good at hoops. Ohio state football commit.
  2. Walker and Burgess earn Co MVP award. Burgess big man from Sycamore had 14 pts but was in foul trouble most of the game. No report for Walker points.
  3. St Ed’s won over Springfield Oh for the ship. 3rd straight runner up for Springfield.
  4. Here's the game. https://fan.hudl.com/usa/kentucky/alexandria/organization/8027/campbell-county-high-school/schedule?date=2023-11-26T05%3A00%3A00.000Z&range=Week&s=U2NoZWR1bGVFbnRyeVB1YmxpY1N1bW1hcnk2NTU3OTE5ZTM2MDg4OGM1ZDFiNzlkNTI%3D
  5. Sycamore has a 6’10 kid going to Purdue and a good point guard. Also Darbyshire boys are good as was their older brother who plays for NKu. Goshen lights it up from 3, don’t have much size but have speed and shooters. Delaware Hayes is loaded.
  6. I know right. Might be the only KY win. Cooper and Lloyd better bring a lunch.
  7. Bracken only has 7 players total available that I can see on bench.
  8. 57-18 Scott at the half. Scott with 6 dunks, 13 Blocks and are shooting very well.
  9. For those following Massillon won today in Ohio over Hoban 7-2 was the score. Cold, snow, rain, wind.
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