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  1. Scott wins on a final shot, top key screen lob pass to big kid for a layup as time expires. 38-36. Final
  2. 36 tied up :15 left Scott ball TO. Brossart hits a three, toe looked like it was on line, no call. Refs struggling again.
  3. I blame the coaches, just let them play man. Quit calling plays every single possession.
  4. Then Scott a player get’s and one on a hard foul by Brossart player that looked intentional, then Scott player flexes and stares down Brossart kid and gets a tech.
  5. Pace has Picked here in the 3rd. 2 wild elbows by Brossart player on back to back plays no call on both, then leads to double techs and a shoving match by players.
  6. Huge district seeding game. 12-10 Halftime Brossart. Barn burner here folks. Scott huge size advantage and still can not figure how to go inside down low or even look down low. Brossart playing Zone most of the half. They look worn out already.
  7. Why not Holy Cross, I think a few Harney's have went there? Could be that 3rd player HC needs to get over the hump next year. Also not bad to shadow the Meyer kid for a year and learn and then take over his So. year.
  8. Beating a dead horse here. Maybe all these sports writers, 10th region gurus, AD’s, schools, coaches, teams, spectators should worry about filling the stands now. Everywhere, every night, every gym, every district. I know some games I have been to from multiple regions and districts, Boys and girls this year has not had many fans in the stands except for a few high profile games.
  9. For what it’s worth Scott and Holmes travel to Boyd County for football, for a district game plus usually a playoff game. 2 1/2 hrs 135 miles one way. Teams leave at 330pm after school and don’t get home till 130-2am. That’s crazy!!!
  10. Problem is if the sign out front don’t say Dixie or SK the KCSD is in no hurry to fix or replace anything. Scott can’t even get light bulbs replaced. Score board and gym bulbs are out most of the year from day one of the season. We play a game of how many can we find out in the ceiling or what is the score cause we have to guess the numbers.
  11. Was High school #3 out of 4 for Campbell Co. before new HS was built in mid 90's. Remodeled and now the Middle School. There has been a total of 4 HS in history used. I assume the reason for the big Middle school Gym.
  12. Perfect for Scott since they are having such a great year this should be home field advantage for them eagles. Really glad none of them southern folk will make the drive up.
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