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  1. Newport was winning the 3 years before him. He comes in and turns it back into a dumpster fire. May not have been winning the district but was in a district final I believe.
  2. Well, when the new coach came in it was said he would bring Newport “back”. I doubt the old coach left because the talent. They have some really good pieces. #2 I believe is his number and that kid is as dynamic as any player in NKY. Lightning in a bottle. Can’t get him the ball I assume. It’s not the players here. It’s the staff. Have to find ways to put the ball in playmakers hands and understand your kids.
  3. I have no clue and do not know if it is true or not. I would agree with you, if true, that may be it for him coaching varsity football.
  4. I’ve heard that Nick Behymer has left the Newport staff. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Kids absolutely deserve it. They are kids and a lot of good young men there. But the new coach was put on to be better than what they had and looking back they were pretty good before. I heard things such as he will bring the program back and yada yada. They were already back with winning seasons.
  6. 0-2 is not fine. Scoring what maybe 16 points in the first 2 games vs a coach at a new school with a new offense an defense and then losing to brossart (who is a good team) but Newport should have the better athletes on the field in just about every game they play. This comes down to coaching. The new coach was supposed to be the messiah and make the last one look like a toddler and the old coach came into Newport stadium and won. Mykel king will be the best player on the field in every game but 1 that they play in and we see how they can’t score. Not on the kids. All on coaching. So no, Newpo
  7. Heard rumblings that Bellevue has a few really good young ones this year.
  8. The field hasn’t been in great shape because it wasn’t taken care of correctly. Anyone who knows ball fields knows a little money and a lot of hard work makes for a great ball field.
  9. They have a picture in the cafeteria the last time I walked in there to watch a high school game (been a few years since). Believe it says district champion or co champion.
  10. So that means Deaton won it the year he left. I’ll do better research next time.
  11. Why not a favorable side? He has won everywhere he has been correct? I believe he won a district title his past 3 years at NCC, he won district in 6A at Campbell, won the 4A district at Holmes, and I think he won the district at Dayton as well but correct me if I am wrong on that one.
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