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  1. That seems kinda odd to me since CCH returns majority of their roster. Don't get me wrong Grant, Neil, and Noah will be tough to replace but that's kinda what the colonels do. The staff there is top notch at developing, they have JV guys that would be playing varsity minutes everywhere else in the region. Not all their players they are some stud from "BFE", they reload year in and out most of the time from within. And next year won't be any different, they're rotation is made up mostly of Sophomores and Juniors minus Chandler.
  2. If anybody is into recruiting he got a crystal ball forecast to tOSU! Per our insider site he is being recruited as a corner and safety.
  3. With Kerry Combs back in the picture Devonta Smith is getting recruited pretty hard now to by tOSU. Believe the kid is approaching 30 offers, that’s 2 studs in their back end.
  4. I beg to differ, go watch him on the circuit and you’ll be convinced. CCH has never been a great system for a big man, he gets to play totally differently in that fast paced open court game. Think he has been ranked by multiple outlets as a top 150 kid. You can go to an article Cincinnati.com published before the season and they talk about him being as highly rated as 73rd in the class of 23.
  5. And the best players at CCH are hardly ever D1 caliber. Cole-D2, Aidan-D2, Nick-D2, the anomaly is CJ. They rarely rely on raw talent just very well coached and developed. Green, Disken, Stocks could all be very successful for a high D2 program. I think this CCH team is on the same level as past ones, maybe even deeper.
  6. I’d bet a lot of money Starks is a D1 player and I think McHale has a shot if he keeps developing and his body continues to mature. So maybe your point is there for the senior class
  7. I have been looking everywhere this morning and am having trouble finding any on sale at this point.
  8. Does anybody know when tickets go on sale? And have any hotel recommendations?
  9. I would say way more physical, fouls were 8-2 I believe at one point! It was very obvious on the glass and in the paint.
  10. Yeah teams can become scared, but that’s because the Colonels forced that upon them. I don’t think teams are coming into the game scared, it’s just a disciplined pressured defense that is gonna make you do what they want. Maybe it came off wrong saying no way they can be scared, they can be but let’s give the Colonels defense credit. That’s called forcing your will on someone, they are very psychical and it takes teams right out of their game. Fouls were 8-2 at one point in the 2nd half, defense will only get better when you have a 7 ft. eraser at the rim!
  11. Or they’re being forced away and it’s difficult on teams to get the ball inside there. Just a guess, that’s always the number 1 goal of a defense. No way it’s because teams are scared, getting to the paint is a basic part of all offenses and teams are trying to get there all throughout the game!
  12. High School basketball is a sport that's very tough to compare scores when comparing two teams. Its hard to count on 16 and 17 year old kids night in and out so some scores vary and don't tell the whole story. Not to mention each team has very different matchups, watching both play its gonna be very difficult for Beechwood to get anything going IMO. CovCath has the personnel to shutdown Beechwood and no basket is gonna come easy. Who else is gonna be able to handle the pressure besides Draud and Downton? People sleep on the fact that CovCath can get into you and play physical because they have erasers at the rim (one being 7 foot). CCH will beat whoever is in the district championship by 15, and look for Stocks to really show his game on the defense of end if it is indeed Beechwood.
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