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  1. 9-1. Loss to BG. Highlands has a lot of talent and returns a really nice QB that will play well into the Sphire plan. Cov Cath has dominated Highlands for a while but I think the Birds take down the Colonels in a classic game. Cov Cath looked extremely mortal last year without any Mayers, and now they don’t have a QB who started for 3 years.
  2. I was hoping they’d change the Highlanders to Red Dogs. I’m not sure if Red Dog is still part of Highlands tradition though.
  3. That happened in that game. Bardo had a long run and was hit out of bounds by the stairs and was hurt. That’s when Towles came in. So Highlands starting QB went down and still beat them.
  4. Yeah actually a bunch of 2s came in mid 3rd quarter. When Wagoner scored there was a number of freshman in the game.
  5. Highlands beat Waggoner 56-7 in 1998. Lorenzen and Smith’s senior year. Waggoner scored late in the fourth quarter when most the starters were pulled.
  6. Do band kids hit each other in the head and neck area at full speed? There is added responsibility with football for the safety of the athletes. It deserves more money to insure proper instruction for a collision sport with 100 members. And Highlands band probably doesn't have as high as numbers of the football team.
  7. I heard when that happened they were firing off the cannon for the busses leaving for a state game. They fired it for the first the bus pulling out and then they were rushing to fire again before the second bus left and that's when it happened. 50 years of doing it and only one accident. Those guys know what they are doing, they were just trying to treat the second bus the same as the first bus. Feel horrible for the guy. I'm sure he would want the cannon back. I'm not sure what they fired on the roof of the school last time I went to a game just before Covid. Pretty close to as loud, but definitely not the cannon. The ghostly smoke ring that used to float across the field was pretty great too. I forget what the name of the cannon is... "Ole Betsy" is what I'm thinking? There has to be someone on this site that can clarify me on that...
  8. Is he Dusty Class’s son? Dusty Class was a baseball guy graduated from Highlands in ‘99.
  9. I think more games and series playoffs and finals makes it easier in the NBA. Can't have 1 bad day in the NFL playoffs.
  10. This thread is going to get to 100. Maybe the Guru could publish this into a bestselling book.
  11. Huge score for Beechwood. BW as defensive coordinator? That is going to be a tough coaches office to beat. BW without having to deal with head coaching heartaches and he can just be himself. Watch out.
  12. Is every option ex-Highlands guys right now?
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