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  1. I have no idea. I don't think Conner does a broadcast of their games. I have no idea if there is a radio broadcast of the game. Sadly I think Highlands will come out flat. There has been a lull, it's an away game with a team that they beat handedly this season. So I assume Conner comes out and punches them in the mouth with a couple scores. Hopefully this wakes Highlands up and they don't completely deflate. Then Highlands gets the ground game going, gets a few stops and comes back for the win. Highlands 27 Conner 24
  2. What players scored or played well that we can look forward to watching in the future?
  3. DJU is a big sturdy kid with a cannon. I'm excited to get the preview of him and glad he got his first start last week. Still think the Tigers beat ND by 2 TDs.
  4. Tackling makes my stomach hurt. And I have a lot of stomach.
  5. No, I believe Highlands is 0-3 vs Moeller. Two bad losses in the early 90s and a really close one in '97. Moeller actually had to come back to win late in '97.
  6. Yeah it's sad... I really like BW. He is a good guy. A really good coach. It had to be a real weird transition to take over after Dale, I mean you can't fill those shoes. If Highlands moves on from Brian I actually think he will feel a huge weight off his shoulders. I guess if he starts somewhere else fresh without that weight over him he will be very successful.
  7. If he has business investments in Louisville then he probably isn’t the primary actual business manager since he is a big school head football coach and that “should “ take up a lot of time. Louisville is not far away and COVID has proven that you don’t actually have to be there to be fully involved with a business. So in 2020, absolutely not a problem to have an investment in a different town. My friend actually invested in a Louisville group of restaurants while living in Ft Thomas from 1980 - 2001. Non issue, unless Chris is the cook at the restaurant or whatever it is.
  8. If you are concerned then you don’t know how deep Highlands football is. I’m not talking about talent (there is abundant talent on the team). I’m talking about program depth within the community. It’s the deepest well in ky. And it’s bubbling over. You could cancel the program completely for ten years and it would still come back to the top. You’ll see.
  9. Highlands will be back. I’m not worried about it all. 2014 was the last state championship, not even that long ago really. Someone will bring it back.
  10. Congrats to Cooper. As far as Highlands being a step down from Cooper, don’t lose all your credibility off of one horrible loss. Highlands program is a corvette, just because one guy didn’t fit doesn’t mean it can’t win again. This has happened before, Duffy left Danville after winning state championships to come to Highlands in a similar state to now. Highlands HC has some powers at their fingertips that haven’t been used for some time.
  11. I'm sure there is way more into it than I know. It has to be a nightmare to organize and do. I really appreciate the people that step up to do it. But wasn't 6-7 years ago about when they started playing outside Ft Thomas? I'm just wondering if when the previous president went whole hog on playing outside if that was part of the numbers drop? No idea but numbers were humming along when all the games were at DCM on Saturdays. 4 teams was perfect. You could even go 3 three teams like it was in the 80s. It doesnt really matter does it? I am not saying its FTJFL's fault that there hasn't been a state championship in a while. I just think there is probably 2-3 eventual varsity starters each year that get bored of sitting on the sideline and go play soccer.
  12. I always thought the Fort Thomas Jr Football League's strength was focusing on learning, participation and retaining as many kids as possible. Not traveling and competitiveness. That's why Highlands has had so many kids that know football. They weren't chased away because only 2 kids get the ball out of 40. When you focus on the competitiveness that young you burn kids out, chase them out. That strategy misses out on late bloomers and hard workers. Fort Thomas used to keep it light and fun and teach the fundamentals and make sure every kid got some time. Sometimes that kid that only plays in the 2nd quarter develops into your star running back. Sometimes the kid on the competitive team that gets the ball every play doesn't even play football by the time he is a sophomore. I've seen exactly that happen. The Ft Thomas league was set up to win when they're 18, not when they're 12. My friends kid who is pretty good was about to quit because they traveled out to Boone Co to play and he didn't get in one play. I know, I know exactly what you are thinking.... it doesn't sound very tough to have an instructional league... So does 23 state championships sound tough at all? It all reminds me of when Coke changed their flavor. We already have this figured out, stop fixing it.
  13. The Randall K. Cooper Jaguars travel to Fort Thomas to take on the Highlands Bluebirds Friday night at 7:00. The 3-3 Bluebirds are coming off of a crushing defeat in Park Hills 0-42. The 2-4 Jaguars had a convincing win over Boone County 28-8. Highlands won this matchup last year at Cooper 14-7. This years matchup features dueling dual threat QBs in Cooper's Jeremiah Lee and Highlands' Charlie Noon. CalPreps predicts a Highlands victory 31-13. The question going into this game is which Bluebirds are going to show up. If Highlands plays like they did against Conner they will pull away with a three score win. If they play like they did last week Cooper should have a good chance. Jeremiah Lee is a very good, very fast, very experienced football player, if given the opportunity he can win the game. School Season District Points Cooper 2-4 1-2 97/-165 Highlands 3-3 2-1 132/-129
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