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  1. It has to be beneficial for the Birds to face the Colonels first week of playoffs. Cov Cath coming of a physical Ryle team / Birds off the bye. We’ll see, it should be entertaining at least.
  2. Joat what do you think of Bottom at QB, Noon at RB/DB and Benke at WR? Better than Noon at QB and whoever was playing RB?
  3. Adding noon to the secondary is also a huge factor moving forward. I don’t think anybody’s talking about that Highlands it’s gonna be really tough to pass on.
  4. For sure. The strategy of Noon as the passer and the only run threat Highlands was pretty easy to defend. With Bottoms at QB you keep Benke at WR. Noon at running back really changes this team. We saw the potential last night.
  5. Well I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of Cov Cath Conner Cooper and Highlands. That’s what based my decision. I’ve heard Frederick Douglass is really good so I have no idea. I guess I should go to a psychologist since I believe in the Birds. I didn’t expect such a freak out from my prediction. We’ll see.
  6. Well I guess you explained any passionate fan base ever. They were supposed to get the score run up on them because they lost a couple games. They have had a lot of injuries. They are really young. I’m a homer but I saw the personnel in the best balance of talent of the year. Call me crazy but I believe they will two more games. If that freaks you out you’ll love this. Highlands wins state in the next two years is my other insane unthinkable take.
  7. Is that contradictory? Haha? I do think Highlands gets two playoff wins here, is that allowed on this site?
  8. This thread needed some spice. Obviously I could be wrong. Just seems in this group of teams there is not much separation. Highlands seems to have found the most dangerous recipe for player positions finally. Noon may be the scariest player in the division. Conner Cooper and Cov Cath are all good teams, should be entertaining playoffs.
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