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  1. Positive momentum! I love your positivity; it is refreshing. I honestly do not know much about Coach Norris but it is awesome that the girls program has a leader in place; the girls deserve it! I have heard rumblings of a couple players opting to focus on their club team rather than the high school team. Hopefully, that won't be the case, but I think we can both agree that there is more than enough talent at HHS even if a few opt to focus on club for Coach Norris to be very successful! Go Birds!
  2. Sounds like they are having a lot of difficulty getting quality candidates to apply. After many of the stories I have been told by extremely trustworthy people who are close to/involved with the program, I honestly cannot really blame candidates for not wanting this job. It is a big red flag when your former HC had great success and still took a job that was - in my opinion - a lateral move just to get away from the program; especially when you consider that he as an alumni and certainly would have opportunities to win titles at HHS sooner rather than later. There is A LOT of girls soccer talent walking the halls at HHS; however, it seems that parents and a sense of entitlement are ruining the student-athletes' opportunity to get a good coach and therefore have a great experience in high school athletics - which is the sad part of all of this. Here is to hoping they can find the right fit to lead these young women; they deserve it! Parents... stay out of the way!
  3. I will go: Butterfinger, Reese's, 3 Musketeers, and Snickers. Kit Kat barely misses out.
  4. The misconceptions being expressed right now are just that, misconceptions. Coach Sphire has asked for a level of commitment that has not been seen since Coach Mueller was in charge. Nothing more, nothing less. I know for a fact that Coach Sphire has encouraged players to go play other sports. Period. He just wants players to be 100% in when it is football season. There has been ZERO pressure from Coach Sphire on players for them to not play another sport. In terms of getting mad about random 7v7 tournaments... Get outta here with your complaints! You are going from a coach who did little, if any player promotion, to a coach who literally is hiring a recruiting coordinator and taking players to a Hoover national 7v7 to expose players. Everyone needs to stop trying to find the negative in everything.
  5. That is what HHS was trying to do but the BOE shot it down and would not approve a full time position.
  6. Mike Welch has been on staff at HHS for the last few years and has done great; his passion and knowledge has been awesome. Bibb is an absolutely amazing coach who knows all phases of the game as good or better than anyone I have ever met; ask anyone who has ever coached with him and they would tell you the same. I cannot express how happy I am for Dave that he is back into coaching; I think it will be awesome for him and even better for the players.
  7. I agree. At the college level and especially the NFL level so much is about measurables and him being on the shorter side for an OL hurt him. He definitely got the job done though... tape doesn’t lie and he dominated on tape.
  8. UK and Woodford Co. graduate Drake Jackson signed with the Lions.
  9. I hope he does as well; the players would really benefit from him. That is why I was disappointed that the position was not full-time. I honestly do not know if financially it would be worth Jordan's time. The pay on the position hasn't been posted, at least not anywhere I have seen, but I would be shocked if this position pays more than 10K a year; I would say probably more like 5-7K. I would imagine he can make a lot more than that doing her personal training stuff during that time.
  10. I believe that the mornings would be for football workouts that are before school. Although this is a huge step in the right direction, I was hoping that the position would be full-time and during the school day so that student-athletes could take the class during the day to lift then go to practices after school; I know when Mr. Caldwell presented the position to the BOE, that was what he was hoping for but they didn't bite. There are a growing number of schools around the state (a ton already do it around the country) that have a strength and conditioning class during the day and have had huge success. My hope is that his position developed into that.
  11. Poor wording on my part. I didn’t mean to insinuate that Coach Dowling was leaving because he didn’t like what was going on, or money, or anything like that. I just meant that players were upset because he was well respected and liked. I know he led the freshman meeting yesterday and is still helping Coach Sphire with the transition. I’m glad to hear the Injuries sound to not be too serious; anytime I see a bunch of guys on the side or in green jerseys I get concerned.
  12. Sounds like Friday will be a scrimmage like situation to finish out spring ball. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of injuries this spring. There has been A LOT of movement the last week or so on the coaching staff. 1 VERY big loss for the program that I know a lot of players are upset by. As someone who just truly wants what is best for the program, I really worry about the amount of dads/family members being brought on staff.
  13. Looks like Antigua is coming back. IMO this is a huge step forward. Not saying Barbee and Justice were bad coaches/recruiters but losing guys like KP and Antigua really hurt them in both areas.
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