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  1. Unfortunately, I think you would be shocked at how many parents would do this, and actually do things like this. A whole lot of parents are living through their kids these days at the detriment of their kids.
  2. I agree. I think it is best for both sides to move on.
  3. If that is the case then why are those positions “mysteriously” being given to coaches that Coach Sphire asked to come with him. For example, his son filling the middle school PE opening. As happy as I am that Coach Sphire is the coach at HHS and think it is a better hire than Coach James... we need to be real clear here and admit that the only thing that was keeping Coach James from being the next coach at HHS was Coach James. Period.
  4. I have heard good things about that one as well. Like everything else, I am sure covid will ruin them this year.
  5. I am not overly religious, but I love lent because, to me, it is a sign that spring is right around the corner. Is anyone giving anything up or going to start doing something each day for lent? What about fish fries that you recommend?
  6. Definitely whiffle ball for me. So many summers growing up were spent in the back yard with all the neighborhood kids playing for hours. We especially liked to play home run derby using one neighbor's fence and we would always try to "rob" the home run thinking we were Ken Griffey Jr.
  7. That is 100% not why Eddie James backed out of coming to Highlands. I know for a fact that Highlands did not insist that any coach be kept; I heard that straight from the horses mouth. It was made very clear to all of the coaches from the former staff that they would have to reapply and be interviewed by whoever the new coach would be. This exact process is actually going on right now as I know coaches from the former staff have, or are in the process of, applying and I also know of coaches who were not on the previous staff who have applied and hope to interview with Coach Sphire. HHS was at zero fault for Eddie James backing out. Don't get it twisted and try to make HHS look like they bad guy. Also, if what everyone says about Coach Sphire is true, I think he is going to hire whoever he wants to coach and if people don't like it, so be it.
  8. For some reason I remember hearing that the former Xavier girls soccer coach applied last time and was a leading candidate. I can't remember his name though. Any chance he applies again?
  9. I have no idea. Hence why I asked the question. I would assume that the guys from the previous staff have applied so long that they want to keep coaching. The other guys are just people I think would be beneficial to the program.
  10. Any news on Coach Sphire’s staff? I’d love to see some guys like Kris Nevels, Dave Bibb, Kevin Siple, and John Murray be added to the staff in some way. I also think there is some really good in the remaining guys who were on the previous staff. Guys like Scott Turner, Mike Welch, Zach Deaton, Brady Dowling, Gary Schrader, and Jim Dierig.
  11. In my opinion the biggest reason Cam did not receive the deserving number of scholarship offers from bigger schools was the fact that he could not attend the summer camps because of Covid. For better or for worse, a LOT of scholarships come from players going to camps during the summer. You can see this with Cam's own family; one of the biggest reasons Cam's older brother, Austin, got a scholarship out of high school was because of these exact summer camps.
  12. Akron is getting an absolute dude. Not only a great athlete and QB but just a true competitor who works incredibly hard on his craft. It’s a travesty how under recruited Cam was; unfortunately I think he lands at a more highly touted school if he were able to attend more camps during the summer that were canceled because of Covid. Would not surprise me at all if he transfers to a big school after a year or two.
  13. It was Cam Dierig who went against the OT who was committed to Notre Dame as one of the best OT in the country. Cam gave him everything he wanted and then some. Sadly, the young man (who’s name is escaping me right now) passed away after an accident in Panama City on spring break and never had the opportunity to play for the Irish.
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