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  1. It would be a logical landing spot. NCC has been looking for coaches. The DC at NCC has coached with him before. Godspeed to the kids at NCC.
  2. HHS had a great opening drive with a nice mix of downhill running game and stretching the field horizontally with sweep motion plays. Capped off with a TD run by Surrey on a sweep. He is going to be a good one, folks! After the opening drive it seemed like the play calling essentially turned into a competition to see how many fades they could throw. With an offense like the Beechwood freshman have, HHS needed to sustain some drives to give themselves a chance; the play calling did not allow that to happen. Beechwood is solid all the way around. Never get too high, never get too low
  3. I would say Coach Sphire has it made at HHS. But nice change of subject from the actual topic at hand...
  4. You’re thinking only in the state of KY. McPeek has connections all over the south; he’s already coached once in GA. Not saying it’s a definite, and for the sake of KY football, I hope he stays in KY, but his star is rising and we all know money talks. Coaching in a lot of other states not names KY equals six figures and no teaching/admin responsibilities… that’s pretty appealing.
  5. Coach Mcpeek is a big up and coming name/coach in the state. IMO, don't be surprised if schools (or even colleges) with Brinks trucks begin showing up at his door asking him to coach.
  6. FD is only going to keep getting better, IMO. They have positioned themselves (through success, facilities, top notch coaching, strength and conditioning program, etc.) as essentially a magnet school for football in Lexington. Unless you are interested in attending a private school like LCA or LC, you would be crazy not to find a way to enroll at FD. This is especially true if you are a top tier athlete; Coach Mcpeek has a revolving door of college coaches in that building on a weekly basis! My biggest concern for the FD administration is trying to keep Coach Mcpeek.
  7. As an outsider to this situation a couple thoughts: 1. Once the decision is made to suspend the player for 2 games, the coach can't back track at this point. If he does, he loses all credibility/trust with his players, parents, and administration. 2. A lot on here are calling for the player to be kicked off the team. To me, that is in direct contrast of what high school athletics should be teaching young people. We all make mistakes, we take the punishment, we learn from it, and we become better people (hopefully) because of it. This young man sounds like someone who may need footb
  8. After thinking a lot about this game and how the past two weeks have gone for HHS, I am going to stamp this as a "Must Win" game. I don't necessarily like to think one game is more important than another, but after starting off the season on top of the world then humbly crashing back to reality, I think HHS has to win the game to keep the confidence of the players and fans in Ft. Thomas; especially with CCH looming in the near future. In past years the last two weeks would have sent the team spiraling downward with no return possible. Will the new leadership not allow this to happen? Will they
  9. I guess that is the stance NFHS and the KHSAA have taken. I am not positive, but I believe it became a rule right around the same time they changed the blindside hit rule. Maybe, 4-5 years ago?
  10. Incredibly athletic play that unfortunately is a penalty. Wish they would allow this play in high school!
  11. Hat Trick of INTs... that is awesome!
  12. If he wants to coach, he will find a place to coach. Coaches are hard to come by nowadays.
  13. Amen, brother. Well said. It isn't like Nick is the victim here. The kids are.
  14. My goals for the cats this week: 1. Stay Healthy 2. Stay Healthy 3. Protect the football - the Cats are currently -4 in turnovers. That number needs to improve if they want to truly compete for the SEC East. 4. Find someone outside of Jordan Wright to pass rush. JJ Weaver? Conner Bazelak for Missouri is a good QB; but with the time the Cats gave him they made him look like a top tier QB. 5. Develop a consistent 3rd receiver; whether it be a TE or WR, the Cats need someone to take some pressure off of Josh Ali and Wan'Dale. 6. Get Beau Allen some quality reps
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