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  1. My wife and I use ours a minimum of 4-5 times a week; everything from homemade pizza, wings, veggies, meatballs, chicken, burgers; you can pretty much cook anything in it. We had a smaller one by Oyster that we loved but wanted a bigger one to cook multiple items at once. We went with the one in the picture attached and love it. Fortunately, we have a lot of counter space because it is pretty big. If you plan to put it away each time after you use it, you may want to go with a smaller one.
  2. I do not know of a stream. There is a radio broadcast of the game through the Highlands Student Radio http://www.bluebirdsradio.com/.
  3. IMO there is nothing more overrated as to the development of players, especially at the high school level, than "facilities". Using that as a reason teams are not good is the easiest excuse available. I witnessed Highlands develop players in a converted mold ridded storage closet for 20+ years. From personal experience of being in their facilities, I will also say that NCC, CCH, Beechwood, Lex Cath, and others have not had some crazy high end "facilities" that put them at an advantage to other programs. Facilitates are just an easy excuse and passing the puck
  4. This is a game Highlands should dominate in all phases. I would challenge HHS take this opportunity to play a complete game in all three phases, limit/eliminate turnovers, and tackle well. Also, make it clean game; stop the boneheaded penalties that could potential cost you a game that you shouldn't lose. These are the things the Birds are going to have to do when they play CCH and in the playoffs to be successful. I hope to see HHS use this week as an opportunity to take it to the next level and truly show what they are capable of. The Birds cannot regress this or play down to their opponent.
  5. GRC has a ton of young talent. This is a big win for the Camels. Their season could have really derailed in the last few weeks and they stayed the course. Great job representing NKY!
  6. Great post! The first snap he took at QB in months was when he had to go in the SW game. Agree with TED that Bottom throws a great ball. Must be a mental thing that when the lights go on it doesn't translate. Totally agree with your view of him running the ball too. Once the aggressive nature kicks in and he knows he can put a shoulder down or stiff arm out and run people over he will take it to the next level.
  7. Not sure what the issue is. They must have a lot of injuries or illness. Disappointing for those players who would be playing to work all week and not get an opportunity to play and develop.
  8. Any idea why Dixie cancelled the JV game tomorrow?
  9. And I will repeat again that it is the little things that matter that make bad teams good and good teams great. It isn't just the warmups at halftime; it is an attitude that everything you do matters. And to be very honest, Coach Sphire has done an awesome job of paying attention to the little things - which is why it was surprising to see. However, to answer your question they were very organized and efficient under Coach Mueller - because he believed in the little things. It seems that it would be good to understand that every little thing matters if you want to be great. I never dreamed it would be such a big deal to want your team to care about every little detail.
  10. You are not being over critical. You are speaking to the little things and they add up big time. What has made the great HHS teams great is the attention to those little things. It either matters or it doesn't!
  11. Hi, I am Kenny and I have consistently been critical of the HHS special teams. I am happy to see a vast improvement in those special teams. Crowd - "Hi Kenny"
  12. I respectfully disagree. And based on your earlier responses I figured you would agree. I am not saying the coaching staff does not know what they are doing. I am simply questioning how the best player on either team is not being utilized more often.
  13. There has been multiple series on offense where he (Noon) has not even been on the field, much less touched the ball. You seen to know a lot about football, if you had a player as talented as Charlie Noon, would you let that happen? I'll hang up and listen.
  14. Noon not getting touches there is beyond absurd! What is the OC doing?
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