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  1. Football S&C was in house ran by coaches under Wirth. In between Wirth and Eviston, the school paid for football players to attend ASAP so they did not miss out on an off season. I also believe Eviston was still commuting from Gtown during a majority of that first off season, nor had he had a staff in place. Year 2 of Eviston, and truly his first off season, S&C was again in house, with one day a week being held at ASAP for conditioning due to lack of availability of turf use with baseball practicing. After year 2, football has been entirely in house. CovCath basketball still uses ASAP, which will be interesting to see how they move forward now that CCH has full time strength coach. CCH baseball experimented with ASAP a few weeks , but ultimately went back to their same old S&C.
  2. Unique is a funny way to say accurate, but I suppose it’ll do.
  3. If your Coach E comment was about wanting Starks to play football, you are correct. I meant to add in there “take a break, and come back and join us after the weekend.” It was not Eddie turned him away. And I would agree with you as well on Starks still starting basketball if he played football, but kids don’t see that like we do when one of their coaches or adult in their life is telling them something else. Let kids be kids. Go Colonels.
  4. The truth is the truth. And the truth is out there. Those that continue to ignore it, I admire your blind loyalty. Obviously football players have played basketball, but let’s look at who that’s been. Those guys, the well known ones, who have done both have been “football” guys, no one is turning down the Mayer’s from playing, because if they did, they would not have won the Sweet 16 in 2018. Currently, Aidan Jones is a “football” guy who enjoys playing basketball, and they are lucky to have him. “Football” guy meaning a more dominant football player than basketball player, and seeking to play football over basketball in college. But the truth is, if the basketball program labels you or your kid as what one in the program calls kids “my guy”, they are heavily discouraged from playing multiple sports. Are they told point blank “hey don’t play football or else”.. No, or at least I have yet to hear of that occurrence yet…. But they are pressured, made promises that they’ll be taken care of, be the “next D1 stud”, and be way better off just focusing on one. How can you expect young kids to look at an adult and not believe them. Starks showed up to Ed Eviston the day after they lost to St. Henry last season and said he wanted to play football. Coach E said take a break, take the weekend, you just finished basketball. Starks came back and informed him he is no longer playing. Ask yourself why? Well his recent transfer news is evidence that he clearly wants to pursue football, not to mention him attending the University of Cincinnati football camp while being just a basketball player at CovCath. His desire to play football hasn’t changed, only grown, and the question people should be and are asking is the correct one, for someone who wanted to play football so badly that he transferred, why was it so difficult to just walk across the campus in Park Hills and join the team. It’s happened, it is happening. It will keep happening. Right, wrong, or indifferent, let’s let kids be just that- Kids. My source: Personal experience. Pretty tough to beat that source eh?
  5. Oh we love a good tale of two truths. Lol we shall see what cometh of this!
  6. Bingo. And then some. Goodluck Chandler, go be a kid. Proud of his decision to do what he wants to do.
  7. Incorrect. But that’s for another day to dispute this one. Not enough daylight left.
  8. Agreed. Took up too much time to be that indecisive, and then a poor pass which eliminated a chance at catch and shoot. Bummed to see NKU not make the tourney, always awesome when they do.
  9. Should time have been added back to the clock on that last play? I’m not there, listened on the radio.
  10. Just curious, how do public schools pay assistant coaches? I’m sure it depends on school district, school, and area. But are most assistant coach “salaries” or stipends depending on what the head coach offers them, if they coordinate or have other responsibilities, or does that come from the athletic department or above? But In general, If Coach John Smith coaches at ABC County High School and coaches Wide Receivers and doesn’t teach, can he make $5k while Coach Richard Smith doesn’t teach and is the offensive coordinator make $10k? Do non coordinating assistant coaches all make the same at ABC County High School, or does one coach make more than the other assistant coach because Head Coach made a promise to one for a certain number and the budget allowed it at the time.
  11. I recall the first time CovCath did that under Eviston. Warmed up at CovCath (pre lights) with cars pulled up around the field with their headlights on. Colonels rolled up 2 minutes before kickoff, walked down through the crazies, gave me Clemson like vibes, game was over before it started haha!
  12. Heard last night that Dixie heavily pursued Terry Brown from CovCath, and that he has turned them down. Last I heard, not sure if Dixie is continuing to pursue him or if the have turned their focus. Would have been a great get by Dixie. Truthfully believe Dixie needs to hire a “younger” guy, maybe one a little more inexperienced than they would like, maybe fresh out of college football guy, who can bring a new energy to that program, relate with the players, and get a guy or two to come out of history class to come play for him.
  13. Apparently low enough for it to be “almost insulting” to EE.
  14. Correct! Heard this morning that Eddie was called and offered, but not offered enough $ to even consider moving his family back down south. Win win for all involved! Go Colonels.
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