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  1. That's what I was thinking. I wonder if it is the combined 4-13 record or the combined average of 15.9 points per game that impresses them more.
  2. You should hop back on the keyboard and start a thread about firing that coach too, I guess.
  3. Dang! One week in and I already won my only prize pack for the year! haha
  4. Yikes that's not good, but with the field being installed by the same company, maybe that is the issue at Boone as well.
  5. That makes total sense! I get it now lol. It's not calculated ahead of time.
  6. I'm not sure how it would punish them any more or less than it does already by calculating it each week as your team plays each opponent?
  7. I guess no one wants to touch whether Cooper cancelled soccer because of rain.... on turf.... let's just make Boone out to be the soft weaker opponent.
  8. Hmm... with it being at Cooper I wonder if Cooper or Villa cancelled this. If it was Cooper cancelling while they are complaining about Boone Co. cancelling a freshmen football game then that is confusing too.
  9. This is likely spot on. I agree after reading this.
  10. On the topic of linebackers, @John Anthony, looks like Dallas Gant just entered the portal. Not shocked considering PT he was getting. Has he played since Minnesota?
  11. Are you saying that's a bad thing? If he dumped it off 1 yard on the safest throw he can attempt and Jones then picks up 14 more, is that a bad thing? No shot at you there, I'm just confused how it matters. lol
  12. One interesting note, on one of the TD passes the QB was so gassed he threw up on the ball during his drop before the pass. haha poor WR.
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