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  1. Won’t hijack this thread, but... Saw a reference to Highlands being okay because they had lean years before and then Duffy decided to bounce from Danville for Highlands. 1. Time has shown he had more reason to get out of town than simply Highlands being Highlands. 2. I know Highlands is high enough integrity to be sure to dig deep into the individual they hire, so I don’t fear history repeating itself. Just a bad analogy that stuck with me. That’s all. NKY football is better when Highlands, CovCath, Beechwood, etc are good!
  2. Not that I haven't lived this exact life with Spectrum, but it sounds like it's time to move to Spectrum.
  3. My word, might as well vaccinate them at 80 while you’re at it. Then just throw them in a potter’s grave. They were old enough, they had their time. They were going to die anyway.
  4. Now Kenton Co. officially has its first (that we know of) Covid-19 death. It’s officially hit “home”.
  5. The most frustrating thing for me is a well known individual testing positive for the virus and then coming out publicly to say they were completely asymptomatic and have no idea where they may have contracted the virus. People across the nation (that are/have been sick) are begging for tests and can’t get it, but one was administered there on a whim. At least when the entire LA Lakers team was tested they had been in contact with players known to be infected. This info is equally frustrating/concerning in the reminder that some people have it and are totally asymptomatic. Scary... I’ve done the stopping for my elderly grandfather. How am I 100% sure I’m not taking it to him if I may not show signs of sickness!?
  6. How long until Lebron has a massive social media post letting everyone know he has COVID-19? It’s the most in the news thing right now, no chance he doesn’t get in on this action. Sorry, random 4:30am thoughts lol...
  7. My plan on the way home from work today is to stop at a few business we would otherwise frequent and buy gift cards. This will help them survive the struggle, and once the virus is no longer on the rise I will use the gift cards (and likely be sure to buy things that cost more than the gift card as well). I'm not necessarily afraid to go out, but I have a young child and a mom with an autoimmune issue and I do not want to carry anything home to them.
  8. I think it will change the traditional snow day to NTI days for most districts. A lot of districts were either hesitant or simply did not want to hassle with the front loading associated with it, but once this is done, a mandated shut down and most districts using the Governor's issued NTI option, there will be no excuse. It will actually be kind of nice for parents. It should eliminate going to school way into June after rough winters.
  9. Same, I wouldn't call it a panic, but I'm definitely more anxious about than I was previously. When the Ivy League cancelled their tournament I scoffed and thought, "c'mon" but with everyone now doing it. Cruise lines shutting down all operations, etc, I think we have to realize it's serious.
  10. The bolded is exactly where I stand, but I think that is also part of why there is so much concern. We don't really know, even the doctors.
  11. Nope. There was an article released earlier that referenced a 30% climb in deaths, and I think that tripped people up. It wasn't a 30% death rate, but that 30% more had died than previously.
  12. Have to think Spring Training is the next to get canceled, don't ya?
  13. I thought the video involving the mics was funny for 24 hours. Not funny at all as of yesterday.
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