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  1. I know I’m being nit picky but it’s the end of year two. Can we at least call the guy by his actual name (Burrow not Burrows) when we complain about the Bengals after a win lol.
  2. In the social media age this could mean they’re clueless on who they’ve hired or they’ve already picked someone. Lol
  3. Weeks of disagreement and everyone has joined together as friends over hot mets. God bless America…
  4. Isn’t your team Bracken County? You’d spend the money on a hotel because of the drive from Brooksville to Covington? That’s awesome and I’m actually jealous.
  5. I'm on the side of the 37th district in this whole thing, but did want to point out two things. It's not "Scott's turn" its the entire 37th turn, and required a vote from all member schools to decide where to play it. Also, they couldn't have just decided to host it at Scott as it has to clear the KHSAA and one of the first things they have you consider before presenting a location is size compared to expected crowd.
  6. Does the host team always get a double-share? Never knew that.
  7. The middle school gym has a larger capacity at Campbell Co.
  8. I’d imagine if Campbell Co. MS was big enough to host it’d have it this year. I’m all for the 37th hosting close to home, but I don’t think the MS seats 2500 even, and I wouldn’t host it anywhere smaller than the 3,000 capacity that Holmes offers.
  9. No brainer if true. Also a sign that Bellevue has talent in the lower ranks.
  10. @John Anthonylooks like Coombs departure is official too. I hope he lands in Cincy with Fickell and rides off into the sunset whenever he chooses recruiting the land where it all started.
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