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  1. The kids not having the equipment was why I wondered this. Do they send it back out to be reconditioned again after? How does that work? if they don’t, when does equipment need to be reconditioned? Just curious.
  2. I agree with this, but as to the bolded, what equipment do the players use in this game? Surely the school's don't allow a one week use of reconditioned equipment?
  3. I’ve actually never understood the hatred!
  4. Who would have thought back then that this years Reds wouldn’t have the longest losing streak on the year, and honestly the Angels streak is hitting “it’s not even close territory.” The Angels have lost 14 in a row. They used only Nickelback songs last night for walk up songs in an attempt to break the streak. Some believe that should count as the 15th loss lol.
  5. Unfortunately being a public school teacher has conditioned me to not even be a little shocked by the bolded portion. People do the exact same with their kids.
  6. Looking at how this first game is going, I’ll eat crow on this post. Didn’t think Nicholas had a shot with the top dog thrown on Friday!
  7. Nicholas won’t make it out of the first round.
  8. Seems like a good dude, but he's made a ton of moves in a short time. I don't want to go through the process again in 2 years if I'm Scott.
  9. Was all over Reds social media today that he was back in the cage. May take a short rehab stint soon. Same with India on the rehab stint.
  10. The dunk one of them had at Bellevue's gym was insane... if he'd been a senior!
  11. When teams do things like this while attendance is down it actually drives me nuts more. I KNOW they aren't going to willingly take a loss, so how much were you up charging us while things were going well and I couldn't afford to go and feed my kids at the ballpark?
  12. That’s a much further shot than you think, but since they built a house next to an existing ball field, I’m assuming them lol
  13. Blows my mind that this story has been an afterthought in the news. I expected it to get a lot more publicity after the Rock/Smith ordeal.
  14. Not being smart here… I had no idea Newport had 5 schools. As far as how educated they are, I agree 100%, but pay a big chunk of teachers substantially more too because they have the same rank 1, Masters and Bachelors.
  15. Do public records show the car, etc?
  16. @nWo, is this one of those days where sun and warming is what we DON'T want?
  17. This is a great idea if he has interests. High level player at Holmes and Ohio U. Returned home and worked in the elementary schools for a while and coached freshmen at Holmes. Coached at Xavier during the Mack days and was at Tennessee Martin for the 2019-20 season. I lost touch after that and am not sure exactly what he did, but that hire would be a slam dunk!
  18. This. I'm a distant relative to an individual that is high ranking in a KY university and what he makes vs what work he does is asinine. Cut positions/decrease pay for positions like this and we can start taking tuition cost in the right direction.
  19. I think that Bob and Phil figured out quickly that while they may be majority owners they only actually own 14% of the team. The other 86% spoke up and put their foot down. They're likely feeling the heat from the other 86% of ownership about their awful PR moves.
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