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  1. This week the KHSAA is surveying all member schools with varsity football programs. The survey asks schools would they prefer to keep the first 2 rounds of playoffs as is (within your district) or switchover to a format with the first 2 rounds vs your assigned “sister” district. Whichever carries the vote will be in effect for the 2021and 2022 football seasons.
  2. No. If a school/school district does not allow the do over program, the student has the “right” to re do the school year at a school/school district that does allow it, but, there is no right for that student to play varsity sports at the new school (assuming he/she played varsity sports at the old school) UNLESS the student qualifies for a standard KHSAA transfer exception.
  3. Wow. Anybody know why this was such a close final score?
  4. The Dragons seem to be slipping further from the 8th Region top tier this season.
  5. “Another” down year??? I wish my school had such down years. 2016- Sweet 16, 2017- Region semis, 2018- Sweet 16, 2019- State champs, 2020- Region quarters.
  6. I expect all tickets will be sold virtually and centrally through Ticketmaster. I doubt very seriously if participating schools will sell paper tickets. I believe the Ticketmaster computer software will be able to assign seats with the proper social distance protocols in place and within whatever Max fan limits that are in place by the KHSAA. Look for info beginning on Friday or over the weekend and after Thursday’s BOC meeting.
  7. Go to the Twitter account for each school and you should find your answer.
  8. The Dragons can name this score. Running clock for sure.
  9. Fern Creek is peaking at the exact right time. Their round 2 matchup with Covington Catholic should be a good one.
  10. Male has the entire “portfolio”. A Senior PG in Evans who is very effective in running the show and setting tempo. Two high volume scorers in Moore and Fleming who can get it rolling in bunches. A big time athlete in Glenn who can score, defend and board. And 3 or 4 others who are simply really good complimentary pieces in Pope, Priest, etc
  11. Two former Happy Osborne Georgetown Assistants going at it. Jason for Ashland and KC for Butler. Both guys very good coaches.
  12. Until strength of schedule and out of state opponents actual records are integrated, these relative comparisons are silly. Ohio County at #5 while Fern Creek #80, Ballard #82 and Covington Catholic #95. “Come on Man”.
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