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  1. Of course you don't. But knowing what the records would be of those other guys helps to provide context of the current condition of UK basketball. And probably doesnt make it as grim as you want it to portray. They suck this year, we all know it. Numbers without context don't mean a whole lot. And I am genuine in asking how does that compare. First glance, I don't like that stat but with context, it might actually still be pretty good.
  2. To get a full picture, how does that compare to Izzo, Coach K, Roy Williams, Shaka Smart, Tony Bennett or any coach that people want Cal replaced with?
  3. About the only thing he did well last night was be in a good help defensive position, which altered a few shots. And he picked up fouls not giving up free baskets. Between Hagans and Askew, I am not w big fan of reclassified freshman PGs.
  4. I believe quantity played a factor in the top ranking, so its a little deceiving.
  5. Not sure I have Askew on the floor down the stretch but Boston was about worthless driving too down the stretch.
  6. Man. If Dontae Allen hits that three in the corner on the play they ran for him coming out of the under 4 timeout. Was a great play and a good look.
  7. I'm not sure what's the taller task. Stopping them from getting to 71 points first, or Kentucky scoring 71 lol
  8. Sounds like the NY Mets have offered him a contract that will make him the highest paid player in baseball based on annual average salary.
  9. Chiefs are only the second team to host 3 conference championships in a row. The other team, was the Philadelphia Eagles, also coached by Andy Reid.
  10. Heck of a season by the Buffalo Bills. I'm sure they'll get back to that point again. The Chiefs are just so damn good with so many weapons. Really happy for Andy Reid.
  11. I couldn't believe he didn't run it there. He'll be kicking himself. Even if it doesn't get all the way to the endzone, he sets up like 4th and 3.
  12. I can't believe Rodgers and the Packers weren't able to do much of anything with those back to back Brady ints.
  13. Hopefully its a much better result than last time but I got a feeling it won't be pretty again. Maybe the Wildcats will play with more pride and aggression after some of the chirping the Tide has been doing.
  14. It was nice to see him finally get his first assist on the season. The lob you mentioned was a nice play. Was good to see quite a few of those from the group.
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