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  1. Gotcha. So you don't like that he's boasting too much about something that you agreed they did. Just making sure I understood after not being able to watch, nor hearing him discuss it.
  2. So you don't like that he said they had unbelievable discipline when they showed great defensive discipline? Confused why it bothers you. Hopefully they'll have great defensive disciple against them too cause they sure didn't vs Gonzaga.
  3. Did they have discipline on the defensive end of the court?
  4. Any chance Calipari made half time adjustments and that's why they apparently played a lot better in the 2nd half? Couldn't watch, so no idea but something seemed to change between the two halves according to the box score.
  5. Only if they lose again haha! I'd like three W's that day. The third being my fantasy team!
  6. I'll be down at Paycor by 1pm, so I'll have to watch it Sunday evening. No chance I make it to then without hearing the outcome.
  7. I'm surprised you believe in this team enough to think they'd be a 2 seed.
  8. Hate when it's not televised cause I can rarely watch live.
  9. Read this Twitter: Pressure rate allowed by the Bengals Offensive Line: Weeks 1-4: 28.6% (24th in the NFL) Weeks 5-12: 19.5% (6th in the NFL)
  10. Perine sure has stepped up. When Mixon comes back, they are are great 1-2 punch in the backfield. O-Line sure seems to be playing well as of late. Look at the sack differential between this game and when they played in the playoffs last year. Things are clicking. Big one on Sunday. Let's triple team Kelce haha!
  11. Really wish this game was at 1pm. Fans get after it a lot more for 1pm games than they do 4:30 games, at least in my vending experience the last 6 yeas at PBS.
  12. I've seen this sentiment a few times on Twitter but now on here. Why is it unfortunate for a player to be held accountable for their poor academic record? If that's what this is all about, I don't know how anyone would feel bad for the player who didn't meet a relatively low standard to begin with. If we want to talk about Kentucky not knowing, that's a whole other conversation, but I don't understand how it's unfortunate for the player.
  13. Feels like they need a bigger splash as they head into the Big 12.
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