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  1. I am told the Corporate Offices of Delaware North in Buffalo are absolutely thrilled with this season in GABP so far. The concessionaire is blowing their projections out of the water. Tuesday night alone, they were apparently about $250K above their project net (or gross, not sure). Maybe they low balled their projections but seems like business is good in the food and beverage part of GABP.
  2. I hear you, but when you're offered $40 million for one season of throwing a baseball, its hard to take quite a bit less to just do a team a favor. And if the Reds did offer him something like $70 million for two years, people would have probably had lost their minds. I haven't followed since the initial news, but sounds like he's getting paid to sit on the sidelines right now.
  3. They finished 2020 above .500 and made the playoffs (granted the playoff structure was adjusted). Given the starting rotation they had last year, which included the Cy Young Award Winner, I don't think it's far fetched to believe that if they had a full baseball season in 2020, that Reds fans would have been pleased with the overall result. That was their window. I don't think that's drinking kool-aid at all. They had the potential of a pretty good team last year but the season got screwed up by COVID-19 and now they aren't as good as they were last year and probably going to go down
  4. Just curious because Bally Sports has screwed up my season, but how do you know this about India? How do you know he's not one of fhe boys? I feel like fans like India quite a bit.
  5. The Reds window of the rebuild was last year and it got screwed up by a pandemic. Thats not me making excuses. They legitimately had a team that could compete last year. Compete for what, Im not sure what they were capable of but that was the makings of a good team and then COVID hit and they still had a shot, but the bats choked against the Braves. So here we are this year and the Front Office didnt invest even just a little into the bullpen. Very aggrevating.
  6. I can't imagine how deflating it must feel to see your bullpen constantly blow it.
  7. Outta curiosity, any idea how that compares/ranks to other teams?
  8. The boos were pouring down the second they brought him in last night. And kind of rightfully so.
  9. How about three so he can one up his pops? Haha!
  10. Felt good when I looked at the scorebard at one point. Looked back a bit later and they were losing 6-5 and then I guess it only got worse.
  11. No trips this year, just like last year. We tend to take our trips in the fall when vending isn't as busy. Maybe that will change with kids but I haven't taken a summer vacation since I was little.
  12. My guess is that he likes positionless basketball in players 1-3, maybe even 1-4.
  13. I'll say that Marty Brennaman's deleted tweets on this very topic gave me a laugh yesterday.
  14. I think Cockburn will wind up staying put.
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