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  1. Metallic Purple. Loved that car. Called her Ol Purp during our later years.
  2. I hear ya. Is it a bigger risk/liability to not enforce the state's mask mandate and the local Health Department come in and see that you aren't enforcing it?
  3. Okay, you're right. It's not going to be an extra burden at all on folks in the service industry, everyone will be perfectly fine with the fact that they won't receive service or be allowed to remain in the establishment without a mask. No one will cause a fuss at all when they go to the restroom and have to be reminded that since they left their table, they have to put their mask on. Hell, I often got cussed at and called quite a few names by people just because I wouldn't serve them two beers at once while vending. Now imagine those same people being told I can't serve them at all without a mask.
  4. Handful of people can cause quite a ruckus for an establishment, I'd imagine. I'm working all three days this weekend, I'll report back how things go if people are curious.
  5. It's going to put quite a burden on people in the service industry when patrons don't want to comply with the mandate.
  6. I think 20, unless I'm forgetting one. The Goonies is easily the one that I've seen the most.
  7. If I or someone had some serious asthma or other severe health complications, I'd hope that the organization would do everything they could to allow that individual to work from home and/or telecommunicate. I know that's not always possible but I think it is more often than not and that person shouldn't be putting themselves at more risk by being there in general. If the organization wouldn't allow someone with those complications to do this, then shame on them and I certainly wouldn't feel very valued as an employee and it would be time for me to look for employment elsewhere. Even though I think the whole debate is pointless because masks aren't going to cause worse health issues.
  8. You're telling me that this people are going to have such ill affects from wearing a mask for 45 minutes while shopping at Kroger, or during the short time that they are talking to the hostess and waiting on a table at Applebee's?
  9. I'd be shocked if it wasn't. Seems like KY has always followed OH, just a day or two later.
  10. What's everyone's favorite song? For me, I think it has to be the Rewind song that Angelica sings while she's giving her Maid of Honor speech. She's unreal in that rap. Second for me would be It's Quiet Uptown. So many good ones.
  11. I feel like I could definitely do a Podcast about band of Brothers and other WWII movies. I'd need a partner with military background, but I'd think I could do it from a fan boy perspective. I feel like I could do one for a lot of shows that I enjoy. Not sure anyone would listen though haha!
  12. For anyone interested, the brewery will have two good food trucks over the next couple of days: Tonight and Friday = SEA Cuisine Thursday, Saturday and Sunday = Prezetfuls I'll be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday if anyone stops in!
  13. Yeah, this totally lived up to the hype. I'm not sure if it's recency bias but I might have to make this my favorite musical.
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