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  1. Episode 1 is definitely brutal. The worst of the 9 (and I assume all) movies bar far.
  2. I'd imagine that isn't as hot a take as you'd think. Probably a ton of people feel that way haha!
  3. With the news last night, I believe they just become a Top 5 team potentially. This will be their first #1 recruiting class since 2015. Their first top 5 recruit since 2015 (and they have two of them). Sarr is the #1 transfer in the country. Senior PG and Senior C. This team could go 10-11 deep. They have three guys that could be big stars, all new guys: Sarr, Boston and Askew. I'm hoping they still have and televise a Blue & White scrimmage, even without fans.
  4. I got Kentucky to win that National Championship last night at +1500. Felt like a good value bet for $30. Let's go!
  5. Going into yesterday my RBs & WRs looked like this: Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Todd Gurley, David Montgomery Allen Robinson, Deebo Samuel, Jarvis Landry, Jerry Jeudy, Emmanuel Sanders We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a flex in a half point PPR league. Yesterday I was able to trade Montgomery for Will Fuller. I was trying to get Chris Godwin but settled for Fuller (WR #9) in our league. If he stays healthy, I think it was a big move for my team. Some rumors that Houston might trade him, so we'll see how that affects it too but I needed to sure up my WRs and I had the depth at RB to do it.
  6. Over the last couple of weeks, I decided that I was going to watch the Star Wars episodes 1-9. I've seen the original three (4-6) probably four or five times a piece, the second three (1-3) probably two times a piece, and this was the first time I've ever watched the last three (7-9). I still need to watch Rogue One, Solo, and then plan to watch The Mandolorian. My hot take, episodes 7-9 were better than the original 4-6.
  7. They didn't used to have wine or spirits but they do now, except on Sundays. About 7-8 different wines. An extensive bourbon selection that surprises many, vodka and a few other spirits. Some signature cockaits, a Kentucky Mule or Alexandria Mule.
  8. This post was obviously a year and a half ago, but FYI, we keep some PBR hidden.
  9. A few fan favorites on tap right now: Saturn Ascends - Our Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout Go Hop Yourself - Our delicious Imperial IPA Alexandriafest - Our Oktoberfest Ann's Sweet White Ale And about 10 others! Also on Friday, we are releasing our newest Random Rap Reference, which is a New England IPA, very juicy.
  10. Alexandria Brewing Company's new food partner, The Peculiar Grill, is having the Grand Opening on Friday. Their menu will feature multiple flatbreads, about 4-5 signature burgers, other sandwiches, beer batter brats, Italian sausages, some appetizers (including wings), healthier options (salad, cauliflower bites) and a kid's menu. I'm really excited about this place opening for Alexandria but also for how much it will help the brewery. Been without a consistent food option since Four Mile Pig left and did their own thing late June. We did our best to have food trucks, which was great for a while. But after dealing with some COVID-19 related issues in getting their parts, the new restaurant will finally be up and running!
  11. Does Dallas potentially give Miami a call now that they named Tua the starter? I feel like Fitzpatrick would perform better with those weapons than Dalton.
  12. Team is sitting at 3-3 and actually in the 4 seed of a 12 team league right now. Ranked 3rd in total points. Sure helps having Aaron Jones or Derrick Henry explode in any given game. Need Drew Brees to play a bit better now that he should have Thomas back (been playing Minshew). Thankfully I'm past my massive bye weeks and others are starting to be hurt by them.
  13. How did they not call a penalty on Kirkpatrick on the interception? Plus Gallup drops an easy TD.
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