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  1. I thought adding the In-Season Tournament was a great move for the NBA. I enjoyed watching several of the games. Sports Betting and a lot of former UK players that are dominating the league, have gotten me more into the NBA.
  2. They might not get that chance. He was benched for Nick Mullens in the 4th Quarter yesterday. Mullens may get the start on Sat. Vikings may be without Justin Jefferson again, which will be quite a gift to the Bengals D. He got cracked in the ribs and left the game yesterday in the 2nd Q.
  3. I like Mahomes less and less these days.
  4. Decent amount of blue in Paycor yesterday. Glad they left disappointed.
  5. Always hate this stretch in December when they only play one game a week.
  6. I have zero issues with that and like the energy of Dillingham and Shepherd off the bench. Who starts is pointless to me. Wagner is crucial for this team to be successful. And I don't know anything about these kids personalities or what works best for them and their mojo but I'm very content with Wagner starting.
  7. Nice to get a good glimpse of what Bradshaw can do. Shepherd, Dillingham, Reeves, Mitchell, and Bradshaw is a lineup I can full get behind.
  8. I'm surprised Julie never gave it back to him either. And it puts him in an awkward spot if he were to ask for it back. I don't remember this scenario really happening all that often over all the years. Something I always have to remind myself with things like this. We don't know that they didn't go search and just no one found it and/or there wasn't any drama about it, so it was left on the editing floor instead of the episode.
  9. I asked a co-worker yesterday, how much of what the Bengals did vs. the Jaguars is maybe easier to defend after dissecting tape? I have no idea about those things.
  10. TJ Watt and Chris Boswell really let me down last night by not getting a sack and one more FG, but that might be on Tomlin. Glad they lost though, good for the Bengals. Tough scene booing that QB throughout the first half.
  11. I'm with a lot of you on this. I think there was a decent amount that we didn't get to see from this one.
  12. I think this ensures that India will definitely be dealt. Maybe another young infielder as well but not the top ones.
  13. +1500 for No TDs tonight. For comparison Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren are +160 and +165 to score.
  14. She shouldn't have spouted off about how she played Bruce when they came back from the Tribal Council. Save that card for when you're in front of the jury. Dee sure played that well. Flushed Julie's idol and got her to take out her target without blood on her hands. She wins if she's at the end and I don't feel its all that close.
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