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  1. Just a brutal way to end that game last night.
  2. They shouldn't be allowing patrons to sit at the bar, nor allow any bar service. As of Monday, everything is now supposed to be table service. I'm sure plenty of establishments aren't abiding. It made life pretty difficult on Tuesday night. I work again on Saturday and Sunday, so we'll see how it goes then. But not allowing people to order a beer from the bar at a brewery sure makes things a lot more difficult and it my opinion, less safe.
  3. Didn't get to see much of it at all, but glad Votto came up with the big clutch winning hit. Need another win tonight.
  4. No bar service sure is making things difficult at the brewery. It was easier at 25% with bar service. Often times our patrons would wait in a socially distance line, grab their beer and head outside to picnic tables, folding chairs, lawn chairs and etc. Not being allowed to grab a beer from the bar sure is making it tough and in my opinion isn't safer for anyone involved.
  5. He has been atrocious and we just keep running him out there.
  6. I was able to snag a Wii for $50 with everything including Wii Fit, which I don't know if we'd every use. Whooping my wife in some wii bowling and my brother let us borrow some games.
  7. Outdoor seating is not limited as long as you have the ability to space out the tables. 90 degrees with humidity makes it rough on outdoor seating right now. Yesterday was very pleasant though.
  8. I am not kidding at all. I didn't want the capacity to drop to begin with. I'm okay with 50%, that's at least workable for these establishments and they can still easily force social distancing, mask mandates and cleaning protocols. Small breweries and restaurants are getting crushed with only a 25% capacity (if they are abiding). All because a few major night life spots in Lexington/Louisville and then a few outliers throughout the state won't abide by the protocols and guidelines. Shut those individual establishments down if they won't follow protocols, don't take a macro approach to the whole state. Hell, Campbell County, as of Friday, had 1.6% of the total cases in KY. I'd challenge anyone to walk into the brewery where I work and then go to Kroger/Walmart after and you tell me where you feel more likely to get COVID-19. It won't be the brewery, I can assure you.
  9. Looks like we are getting the Reds first double header today in Detroit, unless the weather doesn't cooperate.
  10. Great news. Now let's let small establishments get back to at least 50%. 25% capacity is just brutal.
  11. I understand why they would do double headers, but I was curious about them being shortened to 7 innings.
  12. Is this put in place because of wearing down bullpens or something?
  13. Sounds like MLB are going to start using 7 inning Double Headers. Thoughts?
  14. They sure announce the postponement of games a heckuva lot faster when fans are in the stadium.
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