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  1. The saying are way too bizarre. But I agree, one and done with that one.
  2. How about they merge but wipe everyone clean of their idols/advantages? haha!
  3. Well looks like they are doing something next week. Seemed like something they've never done before. Are they going to do four small tribes of three? That would be wild. Maybe reorganize and do 3 tribes of four?
  4. How many more new things do you think they can introduce in one season?
  5. I'm not sure I ever remember one player getting as much face time as Shan. Granted her team loses a lot and going to tribal a lot. But man, they sure are setting her up for an epic blindside.
  6. We are about the same in ours. 12 teams but we draft 16. However, there are 2 IR spots, which my teams is currently using both, so I'm carry 18 right now. Guys are starting players I've never even heard of this week, RB Rhamondre Stevenson NEP.
  7. I saw a lot of people comparing Squid Game to another Netflix show, but this one from Japan, called Alice in Borderland. I went ahead and binged that too, finishing the last episode during my lunch break. I thought this show was really interesting too. Definitely similar. Really curious where this one goes and I feel like we'll find out and get a Season 2 way before a Squid Game Season 2. Anyone else dive into that one? We can have a separate thread, if there is anyone that has watched.
  8. I totally agree. It didn't really advance the story at all. From things I've read, there wasn't a second season script in mind, but yeah maybe they spin that story into more somehow.
  9. Yeah, but I guess since he knew the secret strategy of tug-o-war, he liked his chances of survival. I guess just watching and gambling on the contestants wasn't enough of a thrill anymore.
  10. I want to know more about the pink workers. Where do they come from and what's their story? Read somewhere that people were guessing that when they play the first game with the recruiter, depending on what color they pick is what happens to them. #456 picked green, so that's the way he went. But if he picked pink, he would have been an employee. I want to know the back story behind the Front Man aka the cop's brother. How did he get into that role? Now that is a twist that I did see coming. What's up with the VIPs?
  11. Did any of you think #001 was in on it? I didn't but it really makes sense and there were a lot of clues. For example, in Red Light/Green Light, the lasers of the dolls eyes never trace him like it does the other players. I read that somewhere. There is a lot of speculation that maybe #001 is actually the father to #456. I think a lot of that stems from both them them saying the marble town reminded them of where they grew up. Speaking of marbles, man that episode made me tear up a little. The way the guy played the Pakistani character, plus the old man saying whatever he said a
  12. Alright, I think we've waited long long. If you don't want spoilers, don't ready past this post. *******************Spoilers Coming*************************
  13. Not this cage. I like where they are. Earn that top five ranking with play.
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