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  1. Yup. I have several friends that live in Burlington/Hebron that drive over to the first parking lot they see in Indiana to place a bet.
  2. Okay duh, I wasn't thinking about the online piece to it.
  3. Bengals and FC Cincy are completely cashless as well and vendors have no problem doing it there and selling way more beer than we do at GABP. It would be more of a pain at GABP though, but that's simply because of the POS (Point of Sale) devices that we currently use there. For those that hate being completely cashless, they do have reverse ATMs in the stadium, which means you put cash in and they basically give you a debit card to use within GABP. I'm sure they'll hope you'll forget about a few bucks on it. I'd imagine the amount would still on and carry over at least until the end of the season, not sure about the next season. I have no insider information, but I highly doubt they ever return to cash. They wanted to be cashless long before COVID.
  4. It really doesn't make any sense at all and I haven't been given any more of an explanation other than "The top brass of the Reds don't want vendors in the seats". That doesn't mean that's true, but I'm inclined to believe it. We got told last year to quit telling to email the Reds when they complained to us about it. So I'm not really sure its going to change and I know there is vending at many, if not all of other ballparks in the US. The Cincinnati Reds pride themselves on doing things the "Reds Way", which in short, that means that they provide the fans with the best possible experience (outside of maybe what's happening on the field. So to me, the whole no vendors in the seats is the complete opposite of what is preached as the Reds Way. I do wonder how much income is lost from the lack of impulse buys in the seats.
  5. Regarding the bolded, it's definitely not because there is a vendor shortage. We've been told that we are no allowed in the seats and unofficially it seems that decision is coming from the Reds Frontt Office, not the company that I work for, Delaware North. Why are we not allowed in the seats? I have zero idea. I hear complaints every game that I work from fans on this topic.
  6. Gotcha, Reggie Harding is the name I saw when I looked up. I have heard of Spencer Haywood but don't really remember much about him.
  7. I've at least heard of the answer for the first question. Never heard of the guy for question #2.
  8. A UK legend who will be deeply missed. RIP.
  9. Yeah, for me QB ranking is always based more on statistics and the eye test than it is purely wins/losses. They aren't on the field for over half the game when you add Special Teams, plus there are so many components that go into it. Brady is great, don't get me wrong but how much of his success is because he had top defensive teams with a mastermind coach in Belicick. Throw Brees into New England instead, is he now the greatest QB of all-time? I don't know, maybe. I'm not sure where I'd put Brees, but I think he should be included in the conversation when discussing the best QBs ever.
  10. I'm glad that someone mentioned Drew Brees. Is he really a top 5 QB? I'm not sure but I think he deserves to be in these conversations.
  11. This beer vendor is pumped! Love working UC football and basketball games. Great fans. My wife, who is a UC alum and used to go to a ton of games when she was in school, asked about student tickets. Think that number is included in the 23,500?
  12. While I don't disagree with Doc, I struggle with him. I'm not sure if its his writing style or what but he's just always rubbed me slightly the wrong way.
  13. The talk of moving him out of the catching position are about to blow up even more.
  14. Sounds like Stephenson will be out 4-6 weeks.
  15. Phillies are hot. 7 in a row. Offense producing like they should. Schedule looking easier of the next couple weeks too.
  16. Play a 41% 3 point shooter over a 3 point shooter that shot 46.1% and 47.4% in consecutive seasons? Frederick was also a solid defender for Iowa. How good is Grandison on D? Play him over Wallace? I don't think so, seems like he's gonna be the dawg on this team. I hope at least.
  17. They had me on the hook and then I saw that and actually let out a grumbled grunt haha!
  18. I heard something really interesting on the radio today, his contract for this first year was structured to be worth only $1 million for the season, almost like they knew he was going to be suspended quite a bit, if not for all the season. With his salary that low this first year, he's really not going to lose money when he's suspended without pay. So he got his money in signing bonuses and back loaded in later years. At least I think that's what they were saying. Whomever it was that was saying this, even said, "but know one is talking about how his deal was strategically structured, almost like he wasn't expected to play at all this year."
  19. I'd love to see his potential completely shine this year. I sure hope you're right!
  20. Season 4 is split into two parts? I didn't realize that. Damn. Wrapped up Volume 1 last night and I'm loving how much darker and graphic the series got. I feel like it fits with the kids getting older. Love how they wrapped up Part 1 with 001 and Eleven.
  21. Is he just aggressive? Don't really get to watch him but knew he's had some solid outings.
  22. Phillies with another come from behind win last night. They are rolling without Girardi.
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