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  1. You really think UC playing and beating Nebraska this year would have enhanced their resume? UC is at 7 because they pass the eye test of being one of the most complete teams in the country and the committee is finally giving the AAC respect for being a quality league. Urban talked about this Sat after spending hours watching film on UC and BYU to see if they were as good as the hype. In his opinion, UC should be ranked ahead of Florida and A&M. Mentioned UC being a more complete team and that they would be good enough to make it to the CCG in any other league. I know the perception among fans is that the AAC isn't apart of the P5 so it's not on par with those leagues, but SMU, UCF, Memphis, and Tulsa have all spent multiple weeks in the top 25 this year. Committee looks at that when doing these rankings. I'd be very surprised if a 2 loss Florida or A&M got in over them, assuming ND beats Clemson twice. Your boy Herbie said if OSU doesn't play enough games to qualify for the CCG, a 10-0 UC should get in over them even though OSU is probably the better team. And FWIW, UC tried getting a marquee game and called around when their schedule fell apart.. Notre Dame, among others, wasn't interested.
  2. Thinking/hoping Auburn upsets A&M this weekend. That's the first domino UC fans are hoping falls while they sit idle for another week before the first of two games with Tulsa.
  3. If Briggs is eligible right away and Myjai Sanders doesn't leave early to go pro, a starting DL of Sanders, Vann, and Briggs next year is going to be a lot of fun to watch.
  4. Big time addition to next year's class/team. Former top 100 DL Jowon Briggs decided to leave Virginia and is transferring home to UC. Briggs had 20 tackles, 4 TFL, and 3 sacks in 7 starts for Virginia this season.
  5. Question... If Doaks doesn't literally lay down at the one yard line with nobody around him with 1 min left to run the clock out, and instead scores to put UC up 43-33, would we still be having the same conversation about the final score? I completely get where you're coming from but the only ones I know who cared about the final are people who laid money on UC at -4.5 and lost because of Doaks not scoring that final TD. 😂 This was considered (by national media) UC's toughest game of the year. Bearcats took UCF's best shot and still won...I'll take it.
  6. Fair point... But you can also play the "what if" scenario in reference to the Ryan Montgomery muffed punt that gave UCF a short field and led to their second TD after UC forced a 3 and out to gain a little momentum. Or the phantom P.I called on 4th and 11 with UC up 36-25 that led to another UCF TD to make it 36-33. Like JA said... Survive and advance. At this point, the goal is to go undefeated and win the conference championship. What happens after that is honestly out of UC's control since they would need help to even be considered for the CFP.
  7. 1st qtr was uncharacteristic for UC but I thought they looked pretty good the rest of the game. Held UCF 260 yards and 11 points below their season averages... And left 7 points off the board by Doaks falling down at the one and not scoring with a little over a minute left to run the clock out. UC dominated this game the final 3 qtrs, regardless of what the final score says.
  8. Final. Bearcats go in to Orlando and come back from a 14-3 1st qtr deficit to improve to 8-0.
  9. Not sure if Hicks is just trolling or not, but sounds/looks like UC is trying to flip CJ Hicks.
  10. I'm going to assume this commitment means they aren't going all in on Gi'Bran Payne or know that he's a long shot. I get the sense this class might not be as focused on Ohio kids as previous classes. Alex Afari, Ryan Baer, and CJ Doggette Jr are the only other ones I've seen UC mentioned heavily with. I think guys like Aamil Wagner and Derrick Shepard are probably both leaving the state unless OSU pushes for them.
  11. I'm always cautious about getting too excited over commits this early, but Fick and his staff are killing it right now in the 2022 class. Another commit today...
  12. As much as I'd like to say yes, I think it would take a lot of help for UC to make the playoff. Look no further than today's rankings as a perfect example why. UC dominated a team that BYU struggled with and won by 28 points without playing their starters in the 4th qtr, yet still had two teams jump them in the rankings. (Florida deserved to be ahead based on the win over UGA) Only way I see UC making the playoff is if ND sweeps Clemson, A&M gets beat by Auburn/LSU, and Florida loses to Bama in SEC CCG...and UC obviously has to go undefeated. And even with all that happening, I could still see Clemson or Florida getting in as the 4 seed.
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