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  1. FWIW, both Franklin and Fickell have stated they don't have interest in the USC job.
  2. Keys for a UC win from what I've seen in the first two games: 1. Tressel hasn't blitzed much these first 2 games after having a reputation as one of the better DC's in the game when it comes to how he uses his LB's to create havoc at the LOS and in the backfield. Pressure the hell out of Penix and make him uncomfortable. He will turn the ball over at some point with how good UC's secondary is. 2. IU is going to try to run the ball early and often to get the offense going. I think using a 4-2-5 instead of the 3-3-5 might be more beneficial for UC against an IU O line that has struggle
  3. OSU and Notre Dame are the only two programs that I worry about with him. Penn State as well, but I really don't think he wants to be on the other side of any OSU "rivalry." USC might be able to pay him a ridiculous amount of money but the culture out there doesn't come close to aligning with his personal values. As for other potential candidates, Oregon has owned the West Coast recently when it comes to recruiting. USC simply isn't as big of a national brand as they once were, IMO. They're not beating out Ohio State, Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and even Oregon as often as the
  4. Bearcats travel to Bloomington Saturday for a noon kickoff on ESPN against the Hoosiers. UC opens as a 3.5 point favorite. Thoughts? Predictions?
  5. Fickell turned down Michigan St and $5 mil a year to go back to UC for $3.4. He just isn't a dude that's motivated by money. He's very methodical with any and every decision he makes. That's why I always laugh when his name comes up with these "name" programs and money is the first reason listed for why he'd leave by fans of other programs and national guys. If he told Texas he wasn't interested during their search, I doubt his mind is going to change when it comes to USC. And we both know there's zero chance Amy is letting him move her and 6 kids that far away from her family.
  6. My guess is he will get a minimum of 3 years to turn things around.
  7. Doesn't really make sense to me why they're so bad. With the resources they have and level that they recruit at, they should be a top 15 team every year.
  8. A week after taking Notre Dame to OT and losing after a missed FG, FSU loses to Jacksonville State on a 59 yard TD pass as time expires.
  9. Team social media accounts have been ruthless so far this year. 😂
  10. Agreed. Hoping the showing in the first half was just a product of them looking on to IU. They seemed more focused and picked up the intensity during the second half.... And Jerome Ford was REALLY GOOD.
  11. How much have you actually watched UC over the past 3 years?? Fick hasn't been successful because of a stud QB. Des was simply a game manager in year 1 as a RS freshman. Michael Warren and a really good defense led by 2 future NFL D-Linemen led them to 11-2 that year. Year 2 Des was hurt and really struggled because he couldn't complete a pass over 10 yards. Michael Warren and a good defense again led them to 11 wins. Last year, it wasn't until the SMU game that Des actually showed he could be a true dual threat QB and beat you both with his legs and arm...and I think having two
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