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  1. Heard the same. Hoping Gino can pull it off and get Wimsatt but UC having Evan Prater for 3 years after Des leaves definitely helps ease any concerns if they miss out on him. I think Brady Lichtenberg is going to be really good too. Passed for over 9,000 yards, 109 total tds, and 18 Int during his career.
  2. Steve Angeli committed to ND today... Wondering if the Allar offer had anything to do with that or if ND planned to bring in two QB's from the start? I really think Wimsatt is going to end up a Bearcat. Could be wrong but based on movement with others recruiting him, I like UC's odds.
  3. With this being a smaller class, UC had to be really selective with who they take. Seems like they're all in on trying to get Wimsatt as their '22 QB. Mark Porter from Bucknuts is really high on recent UC OL commit Ethan Green. Compared him to former Buckeye Taylor Decker and projected him to be an elite LT when he did a feature on him in early Feb.
  4. Carolina's bigs (Bacot, Brooks,Sharpe, Kessler) were 26 of 35 from the floor and combined for 57 pts, 28 rbs and just 2 turnovers.
  5. Louisville insiders aren't expecting Wimsatt to stay in state. Saw on a Notre Dame board that they have interest in Allar and if they offer, he'll commit. Pick Central DL CJ Doggette was supposed to decide March 6th but pushed him commitment date back, until further notice. He was thought to be a UC lean, so wondering if they've backed off or shown less interest because of a higher rated kid on their board.
  6. Temple's first season was in 1895, so they're entering their 125th season... That makes them the oldest college basketball program on the list of top 50 winningest programs. Kansas, Syracuse, Indiana, and Cincinnati are the only other programs on that top 13 list to have played 120 seasons or more.
  7. I really like his film. He will be a good college QB. Based on recent interviews, I think UC might have a shot with Gavin Wimsatt of Owensboro. I'm not sure he wants to stay in state which would eliminate UK and UL. I think Notre Dame is getting ready to get Steve Angeli as their 2022 QB. Not sure he'd go all the way out west to Oregon. Would be surprised if Ole Miss, Rutgers, and West VA are serious threats.
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