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  1. See below. I don't see any problems with me posting that picture
  2. My understanding of the situation is the bolded is what should probably be the focus. The tension started pre game when a Lloyd assistant was running his mouth to a certain player's dad during warm ups. Things boiled over in to the actual game with players and then post game in the hand shake line with the same assistant.
  3. Schedule dropped today.... Oklahoma, Iowa State, Baylor, UCF, and Kansas at home BYU, Oklahoma State, Houston, and West Va on the road
  4. The biggest "recruiting wins" for Satterfield and his staff so far? Malik Vann and Jowon Briggs both announcing they will be back next year. With those two and 1st team freshman all American Dontay Corelone back, the Bearcats should be really good up front defensively..
  5. To be fair....we got two classics in the semi finals. Blow outs are going to happen whether there's 4 or 16 teams. UGA was just absolutely dominant last night in every phase of the game. Not a team in the country that comes within 3 scores of them last night, including OSU, Michigan, and Bama.
  6. Not a UK fan but wife and her family are ... I'm in Tuscaloosa for the game today.
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