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  1. BC has landed some good ones out of Cincy and Ohio... Wondering what the impact of getting Gill does for them.
  2. Fickell and UC not ignoring Ohio like Tubs did probably has a little to do with those numbers going down, along with Day also putting an emphasis on Ohio at OSU. Marrow is an Ohio guy so UK will still get a few guys each class with his relationships, but Ohio will continue to be dominated by the state schools and B1G.
  3. Not 2021, but looks like UC is getting another addition.... Jordan Jones, Arkansas, Wide Receiver
  4. 3* CB Malik Rainey committed to UC today. Malik Rainey, Bolingbrook, Cornerback
  5. Right. I understand why the kid chose LSU and the SEC. UC is still loaded at RB after this year with Jerome Ford only being a Soph, so the Bearcats will be fine. Hoping Gi'Bran Payne for 2022 is a realistic option.
  6. Committed to LSU... Bummed UC missed on him but they still have a really good back coming in with Myles Montgomery.
  7. Committing at noon so we at least get an answer early in the day.
  8. All three LSU "insiders" along with Wiltfong have him CB to LSU... Wiltfong did say it's just a hunch with no concrete info to support it (Corey has stayed quiet) but LSU insiders claim to have gotten info from those close to the program and Corey that it will be LSU tomorrow.
  9. Should know details Saturday as far as what time and how he will be committing Monday.
  10. Committing Monday May 11th instead, according to his IG... Michigan insider thinks they're out of the running ( CB to LSU) and Louisville has been rumored to not be in consideration anymore either. Looks like it will either be UC or LSU.
  11. Long way til NSD. Older brother is current UC DB Arquon Bush, so thinking this one is far from over. Hopefully Gametime can chime in with more details on Scott's recruitment over the past week....
  12. This class has the potential to be better than last year if they add a few 4 stars. OT but check out SMU's class.... They're quietly putting together a class that might end up better than what UC has done the past few years.
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