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  1. To be fair...this isn't unique to just Saban and Bama. Kids at pretty much every major program in the country are getting "loaner" vehicles from boosters and alumni.
  2. A lot of good points made in the above interview... while also calling out A&M for buying their 2022 recruiting class. Saban does a good job of explaining how these boosters are funneling money to outside marketing agencies to give to the players with the head coach knowing how much is in that collective to guarantee to those players. I would agree with him that this model isn't sustainable long term because eventually they will get tired of paying kids that don't pan out and end up transferring. Also really bad for managing a locker room. (Looking at you Tennessee and the $8mil you spent to land a QB) Also takes a dive in to what the NCAA can do to try to help get things in check. Not being able to enforce their rules and having no protection from litigation when they rule a kid ineligible puts them in a spot where the transfer Portal is now "free agency" to the highest bidder. Most of the stuff mentioned, we already knew and have discussed. But still interesting to get his take on how the college game is changing because of NIL.
  3. OL was definitely the difference in last year's game against UGA and the CFP match up against Bama. UC and Fick have now brought in and developed NFL talent at every position on both sides of the ball. This draft alone, we saw QB, RB, WR, DL, DE, LB, CB, and S all drafted. Next step in Fick's talk of becoming a "Top 10 Program" is adding OL to that list regularly. And I think you meant Sauce...not Juice.
  4. Tried telling everyone from the beginning that this year's UC team was different and had enough NFL talent to compete with and beat anyone in the country. The craziest part is that 8 of the 9 drafted were mid to low 3* prospects coming out of high school. Bryan Cook didn't have a rating at all and just went in the 2nd round. Fick needs to upgrade the talent level on the offensive line to truly compete with the elite programs on the field, but I think this is just the beginning of UC putting a lot of guys in the league regularly. There's 5 or 6 on next year's roster that probably get drafted too.
  5. Attention now turns to 5* Top 20 PG Isaiah Collier... One of Rayvon's best friends. Joe Tipton of On3 did an update on Collier's recruitment recently that has a lot of Bearcat fan optimistic about having a realistic shot at landing Collier:
  6. Bearcats just picked up a huge commitment to get their class started. 6'7 Cincinnati Taft SG Rayvon Griffith commits to Wes and the Bearcats over Bama, Kansas, UCLA, and Ohio State.
  7. 9 Bearcats drafted through 6 rounds... That's two more than Bama and second only to Georgia.
  8. I was surprised they took him as well considering their current roster but my guess is 2 of the 3 backs they currently have aren't with the team after this coming season , which opens up more PT for Jerome in year 2.
  9. Darian Beavers finally taken. Bearcats now up to 8 players drafted.
  10. 5 Bearcats taken in the top 100 picks...Only Georgia (9) and Alabama (6) had more players drafted in the first 3 rounds. Great landing spot for each player as well. Sauce taken at #4 fits in perfectly with the Jets man coverage scheme. Pierce goes in the second round at #53 to the Colts, who desperately need WR help and depth. He should step in to a solid role day 1. Bryan Cook also goes in the second round at #62 to the Chiefs, who need secondary help and at safety. Ridder to the Falcons with pick #74 is a perfect landing spot for him in round 3. He'll have an opportunity to compete with Marcus Mariotta for the starting job and has Calvin Ridley, Kyle Pitts, and Drake London as potential weapons to work with if he's able to win the job. Myjai Sanders to the Cardinals at pick #100 in the 3rd round is another great situation. This was an area of need for the Cardinals and they will utilize him at both OLB and DE and allow him to use his versatility off the edge. Overall, great two days for Bearcat fans. With Darian Beavers, Coby Bryant, Jerome Ford, and Curtis Brooks all still available, I expect 3 or 4 more names to be called on Saturday which will pass the previous program record of 6 players drafted (2009). I think Beavers and Coby get taken in the 4th round. Ford probably gets taken in the 5th or 6th round. Brooks is likely a 6th or 7th round pick.
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