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  1. http://www.fortthomasmatters.com/2021/05/highlands-girls-soccer-head-coach-takes.html After posting something on twitter you ever have that thought, "man I feel like I forgot to do something" Enjoy the read, especially all the way till the end!!
  2. Agreed! The more and more @Brcatz replies the more and more we realize the hidden agenda in his arguments. #1MARCH
  3. I think this is a consequence (not saying bad or good) hiring a coach in Feb/Mar when all the assistants probably are already committed to their respective positions at other schools. It will be interesting if there is a lot of shakeup in a normal offseason. I think Bibb, Abner, and Welch are smart football minds that will be used well....could care less that they have a kid in the program especially with Sphire being the Head Coach. I get the feeling Sphire won’t allow any special treatment amongst these guys kids.
  4. @Brcatz what I think is going to be interesting is that the issue that is going to be how do you spread the wealth around with a P/T Strength and Conditioning Coach is going to be a very near future with how do you spread the wealth on sharing the space of the Fieldhouse? The Fieldhouse is awesome but how long before Sphire pulls the “Why do I need to share this space with other sports” card? Will be interesting to see once the Johnson Valley cottages leave the area down their by the Fieldhouse, will there be a push for the Football Fieldhouse only facility....we will see.
  5. I totally get your point, I am sure it might be, lets get someone in here part time and then hopefully get it morphed into a full time gig once the administration realizes how benificial this position is and how time consuming it will be if they want to have this person do ALL sports. Something is better than nothing, when right now you have nothing.....
  6. OK, I gotcha.....Has their been a reason why? Other than speculation that he just said “the heck with that you guys can’t do it”.
  7. Maybe its just the new coach trying to instill a different culture where he wants kids committed to the program 100% and wants to have fun winning.....and not a program where kids have fun getting beat! I have no problem if he is creating a culture that he is trying to limit other extracurricular sports.....as long as he is up front with this idea and doesn’t hide from it, these kids will know what they are buying into. I remember there was a HUGE culture change when we went from Eicher to Duffy......A lot of people were up in arms of the dictatorship that Duffy had instead of the everybody suit up and 90 players on the sidelines. 2 years into it came a State Title (1989) first one since when, 1982? #1MARCH
  8. I’ll add this b/c i was around during the Duffy era in Football and the issues parents/players have with Alex smells very closely like how Duffy unfortunately was treated during his tenure. The parents/players just younger then me despised the guy. I thought he was tough but the one’s I know respect the heck out of him and he made those group of players circa 88-93 want to run thru a wall for him. Seems like the “soft” people don’t understand a coach that expects your very best and focus and work ethic...... Deja Vu??
  9. I am really perplexed on this.....but hey it took them a long time to hire the football coach and most everyone including me was getting nervous and the early dialogue is that they found a good one with Sphire, so I am holding out for hope that they are going to hire a good fit for the program that is full of talent. I realize that there were some issues with certain parents and players.....which makes me scratch my head, b/c I didn’t see it. I saw a coach that treated my daughter with the upmost respect and a daughter that loved her interactions with Alex, Joe, Nina, and all the other coaches. Never ONE DAY did she come home from practice or games upset about ANYTHING........NEVER! You put Alex’s resume in front of me and change his occupation from Girls Soccer to Football coach and the results he had after what 8 years of Wief not getting out of region, I would think that all is right in the world.
  10. Here is the stat I would love to know: Out of 128 minutes of Sweet Sixteen games Highlands played these 3 days.....how much time were they down. My guess it was less then 10 min but thats a guess. Anybody bored enough to figure out this stat???
  11. The Homer says "Go Birds!" I think the McCracken game showed us we could grind it out without Sams points. Muhlenberg and Ashland showed us what could happen when Sam is Sam. I think the style of Ashland allowed us to play 2 games today vs similar teams whereas E-town has to change their game plan. GO BIRDS.....
  12. Great game! That was a hard fought battle. Get some rest, going to be a long day tomorrow.
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