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  1. Totally in agreement BUT I will say that the current 7th - 10th grade classes that will be impacted by this "potential" realignment will be up for the challenge....there is a ton of potential talent and talent in #s! #SCIT
  2. Really appreciate the updates tonight @Colonels_Wear_Blue!!!! Great night to be a Bluebird!
  3. What a big game that will be!!! Clean up turnovers and I love this team…..hope they can start a winning streak on Saturday!!! Defense intensity showed up tonight….
  4. At least that lob play created a foul…..better than Saturday
  5. Held Arkansas to 57 points as the SEC opponent low, Ole Miss might barely do a little better tonight for the 2nd lowest point total versus an SEC team.
  6. Defense showed up tonight!!! Now the maoning is going to be the sloppy turnovers, really unforced turnovers!!!
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