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  1. A little disappointed that in the 9th Region Ryle is going to avoid playing Highlands and Dixie in the regular season. Any given night I think that region is still a toss up between Ryle, Highlands, Conner, Dixie and Cov Cath. It will make the Region tournament one of the best ever.
  2. I don’t know but we grew up in a generation that there had to be a visual of a tornado to cancel games 30 years ago and we were playing on grass (or more times mud) in football or soccer. Now most of these games are turf, with Boone and Cooper being very new turf. Come on…..
  3. Just to pour on more with the “it’s only rain” issue with people cancelling games, the girls soccer match between Villa and Cooper that was supposed to be played at Cooper last night was cancelled b/c of weather. Cooper has turf too! We getting soft, that rain is going to melt these kids? Come on LET’S PLAY!!!
  4. O one last thing: St Elizabeth game of the Month sponsor handed out a MVP of the game which went to Jade Rehberger! Who on the score sheet earned 3 ASSISTS in the evening. Which was well deserved since in my opinion she got SNUBBED by the Lex Cath Tourney committee not being on the All Tournament Team down there…..Nice job Jade! Well deserved.
  5. RECAP OF LAST NIGHT Here is all the blowout scores as predicted: #1 NDA beat St. Henry, 10-0 #7 Ryle beat Boone Co, 7-0 #8 Simon Kenton crushes Grant Co, 15-0 Now onto the tight games: #4 Campbell County and #6 Conner BOTH sneak out a victory against lower ranked teams #10 Bishop Brossart and #9 Beechwood with the exact same score 1-0. The Villa vs Cooper game I believe I saw was cancelled do to weather which makes me scratch my head b/c I thought the game was supposed to be at Cooper and don’t they play on turf? Anybody have info on that? The St. Eli
  6. Bring out your umbrellas, ponchos, bleacher seats…..it’s not going to be a fun night weather wise! Granted for the players I think they probably enjoy this weather to play in, i know i sure did as a teenager. We have a few interesting battles in the NKY tonight that might go either way, then there are some games that won’t be close. Here are lopsided games: #1 Notre Dame visits St. Henry, 7:30 Boone County goes over to #7 Ryle, 7:30 Grant County allows Simon Kenton to get a win finally, 7:30 Here are the interesting ones in the NKY: #6 Conner @ #9 Beechwood,
  7. Monday updates cont….. Here are few scores around NKY that weren’t touched on above: Lex Cath came up to NKY and beat Simon Kenton 4-2 Bishop Brossart took care of their home field and beat St. Henry 4-2 Conner blanked Holy Cross 2-0 Campbell County vs Villa Madonna was cancelled due to weather….
  8. This week I would say is the beginning of the final stretch, we have SEVERAL NKY teams going against each other this week to really influence the ranking for next week. Let’s just call this “moving week”. Here is how I am ranking for this “moving week” with just a slight adjustment from last week (which was pretty quiet in my opinion). 1. NDA (15-0) (Last week #1) (Maher Ranking #1) - LEX CATH TOURNEY CHAMP, nuff said for last week! 3 games this week: NCC, St Henry & Campbell County 2. HIGHLANDS (8-3) (Last week #2) (Maher Ranking #2) - Nice wins over Lex Ca
  9. Saturday wrap up scores: #1 NDA beat #2 HIGHLANDS, 3-0 commentary on tourney thread #3 DIXIE crushes SCOTT, 11-1 #5 CAMPBELL CO crushes CALVARY 10-0 #6CONNER traveled to Indiana and got beat by LAWRENCEBURG in a close on 2-1 #8 SIMON KENTON couldn’t muster up a win all week in Lex Cath tourney falling 1-0 to DUNBAR
  10. CLOSING REMARKS: Dunbar snuck out a victory over Simon Kenton 1-0. A first half goal is all that was needed to put away the Pioneers. Assumption defeated Manual 3-0 in the 2nd game Championship Game (aka World War 2) Well as Yogi Berra coined “It was Deja Vu all over again”. Highlands tried to go toe to toe with the Pandas and unfortunately NDA struck first with a very high line drive direct kick probably 35-40 yards out that I think caught GK Parks off guard and sailed over her fingertips into the back of the net. The first half seemed to be predominantly Pandas att
  11. FACT CHECK CORRECTION: Meg Gessner has ONLY allowed 2 goals this season (1 to NDA & 1 to Lex Cath). GO BIRDS!!!
  12. That was rough to watch! Noon just looked out of sorts all game long. Quick to tuck and run. His passes were off mark most of the night. I have a feeling its going to be a rough film session for him. Kept on saying to myself this wasn't the same QB that carved up SK on his passes. Granted I know SK isn't the caliber of Ryle but still...... Silver lining we are still in mid season, plenty of time to work these kinks out and improve! GO BIRDS!!!
  13. WELL, WE MEET AGAIN!!!! What's your favorite Trilogy? Star Wars original set, Die Hard, Back to the Future? We might be in store for an interesting trilogy to this High School soccer season (for the record I DO NOT COUNT SOCCERAMA!) Here is something interesting, if anyone can confirm this but it looks to me that Lex Cath and Sacred Heart have decided to bail on having a rematch tomorrow in the tournament. Therefore we only have 3 games on tap for tomorrow. HERE IS THE RUN DOWN: #14 SIMON KENTON vs #20 DUNBAR, 1PM I was really impressed with Dunbar hanging in ther
  14. WEEKEND UPDATE RUN DOWN BEFORE I GET SOME MUCH NEEDED SLEEP FOR TOMORROW: #1 NDA vs #2 HIGHLANDS, 5PM @ LEX CATH TOURNEY Commentary on Tourney thread #3 DIXIE @ SCOTT, NOON I guess Dixie will get themselves warmed up for a nice battle in the near future next week against the Birds. #5 CAMPBELL CO @ CALVARY CHRISTIAN, 5PM Camp Co will roll in this one right over Calvary #6 CONNER @ LAWRENCEBURG, IN, 11:30AM I don't know anything about Lawrenceburg. #8 SIMON KENTON vs DUNBAR, 1PM Commentary on Tourney thread Enjoy the day!!!!
  15. I totally agree with the Rankings. This past weeks games really didn't help matters. Especially with Dixie/Ryle game. I thought it would be #4-8 would be the tough job but then Dixie does what they did. I appreciate the compliment in #2, I think they have progressed nicely! First time we played NDA was only Game #3 for the Birds. I am hoping with this being Game #11 it will be even more of a BATTLE! I can't wait. I am still waiting to hear anything out of the Sacred Heart fan base to justify their performance this past week. Getting crushed by you is one thing but basically
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