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  1. Agree I think HC total enrollment is 320-340. Also if you look closely at the numbers from the former alignment the number of boys put in for 17/18 is actually the total enrollment not number of boys. So when the average is done with more accurate numbers they were actually just on the cusp of 1A depending on what that number really was. They were trending down. It would have been close. How will that work with the districts? Currently the NKY 1A is Bellevue, Dayton, NCC, Ludlow with Brossart playing in a more southern district correct?
  2. It was not a pretty game but the Indians ground it out. They played with several players in foul trouble hindering their defense and were also missing Hoffman their defensive specialist. Hamilton had a nice game. When he picked up his fourth foul with about four minutes left in the game he had to lay off on defense and the Indians made their comeback. Lots of points points by Hamilton, Davies, Meyer and Ward but I don’t have the stats.
  3. NCC made a great comeback. I was getting worried but the Indians finished strong. It should be fun with the boys and girls in Richmond. Javier Ward had a nice game. The technical definitely did not help hold off the NCC surge, but in the end it didn’t make a difference thankfully. Survive and advance.
  4. The scoreboard at the end of the game was 71-65. Not sure if it was incorrect but I have a picture of it.
  5. He was a beast tonight. I would love to see his percentage. He was also a force on defense also.
  6. The Indians were up 19 with less than four minutes in the game and the Cru made a nice run, but the Indians held on to advance to the finals tomorrow at 7 at TMU
  7. This should be an interesting game. I don't know much about Paris but the mutual opponent is Montgomery County who beat HC handily, but lost to Paris. Looking at the stats Paris shot 53% from the three when their season avg is 25% and Montgomery County shot 8% season avg 25%. Was it a live by the three die by the three night? Who knows but I bet Coach Arlighaus will be checking out the film to get the Indians ready.
  8. On the GoFan site tickets are available. Not sure if they take other options.
  9. I wasn't there but I was told that Holy Cross played poorly the first half and then came out of the locker room for the second half and pulled away. I totally agree that the live by the three die by the three is a gamble. Hunt is the leading scorer and probably touches the ball more than everyone but Arlighaus the point guard. She just gets doubled and has defenses sag on her so it is tough.
  10. Ludlow played a very aggressive game and had the lead at halftime. However the Indians started hitting their shots and pulled ahead in the fourth quarter for the win.
  11. The Indians held on to beat NCC despite a third quarter run by the Breds. With the Indians focusing the defense on Turner, Eaglin was able to take advantage and scored 25 most from the three point line. The Indians will take on Ludlow tomorrow for the championship.
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