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  1. The problem is there wasn't many options and moving to late April would devastate spring sports again. Evan late March is pushing it back two weeks. The boys championship is usually March 15-18ish. Moving it to mid April would take a month from spring sports assuming everything was adjusted the same amount of time. Based on last year's schedule it would cost baseball about 15 of their 30 games after losing an entire season.
  2. As a parent of a spring sport athlete, I appreciate them trying to not have them miss two seasons. Those kids missed an entire season, not playoffs, or late start or abbreviated season. None at all. Pushing it into July is a complete no go. 1) for baseball and softball that is club season 2) as I found out with my senior last year by the time June and July rolled through no one cared anymore about proms and graduations. I can't imagine graduating seniors would care about games in June unless it was the state championship. I also have a basketball player who is super excited to play and I understand the need for cash influx, but you can't sacrifice the spring kids again. Heck even the basketball kids probably don't want to play in spring because that cuts into AAU.
  3. There are 90 inpatients in Ft Thomas. Not sure how many ICU. That number is more than the spring although generally the patients aren't as sick since we have some treatments now. For reference there were 30 something 3 weeks ago. I am wondering if part of the astronomical increase is the post Halloween hangover.
  4. One problem is if the teams keep practicing it pretty much defeats the purpose of delaying. Not saying it is practical as afar as being game ready but if they didn’t practice this week and team that had a player become covid positive would have already started their quarantine . Covid numbers will not improve in the next couple of weeks.
  5. It was nice to see the Indians with most if not all of their players healthy last night. They have not been at full strength since game one.
  6. 1:37 left Newport 21 HC 20. HC just turned over on downs. Didn't let the kicker try a 41 yarder for the win. He has hit them in practice.
  7. Didn't he get a person foul on his own runback? Of course it didn't call back the score but agree there is a general lack of discipline that keeps coming back to haunt the team.
  8. Brossart 21 Holy Cross 7 Holy Cross decimated with injuries. end of third
  9. It should be streamed on Instagram @holycrosshighschoolcov After two years of 3-5 seniors on the roster, the starting lineup is junior/senior heavy. There are a handful of sophomores and freshman that get meaningful playing time. Many of the upper classman that are playing have been starting for the last 3-4 years.
  10. I think they need to cancel or play but stop the delaying. I know my kid is not alone with the feeling they are just going to cancel the season one month at a time until there finally is no time left. As far as Covid Sept will be no different than August and Oct no different from Sept. Either decide to play or stop procrastinating and giving people false hope. I realize KHSAA wants to save football at all costs but to move it to spring would kill many small schools. Does a kid play football or skip baseball, track whatever for a second straight year? and what does it do to these teams?
  11. I would guess that they do stick with that decision because they want to make sure in person school works first. If things go well hopefully they will have basketball.
  12. The Diocese of Covington just announced they are starting in school instruction next week. They have plans in place they have been working on all summer and hopefully they have success with the return to school. It is the first step to getting back into sports.
  13. Exactly, the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are a much more meaningful number than the raw number of cases. In March and early April we could only test hospitalized patients, or those with significant risk factors. Now everyone who is getting any type of procedure or going to the Bahamas for vacation gets tested in addition to everyone with a fever who presents to the Dr. If there are not an increase in hospitalizations and deaths does the number of cases really matter? Nationwide we are at about a third of daily deaths from the peak. NYC was having 1,000/day and now nationwide we have less than that. In NKY we have had a consistent number of hospitalized covid patients (less than a third of peak) since the beginning of summer despite the relaxation of the distancing rules. To me that says we are in good shape and need to still be careful but we can let the kids go to school and start back to some of their daily routines because the benefit of normalcy may now outweigh the risk of illness. If hospitalizations increase we need to then dial it back.
  14. I work in healthcare. A mask is something you just get used to. After awhile you don't even notice it and the study had 12 people in it. Hardly enough to make any conclusions. Will a mask hurt you? No as proven by the millions of people who wear them everyday for their jobs. Will it help decrease the spread of Covid? Maybe, probably so why not try?
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