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  1. I would say only if they took away the one for 2020 since it is a senior only award. What was the final decision on that?
  2. If kids fail a year or perhaps they feel they are behind whatever they have always been able to have a redo. Zeke Pike did it. A current local varsity baseball player repeated 7th or 8th grade. Some schools are reluctant to "fail" kids for a variety of reasons, but we all know people who were "held back". The difference, I would assume, there is an extra year of athletic eligibility and it being easier for the parents to do.
  3. Actually it makes perfect academic sense. Students are given a "do over year" because they feel that this year they were not able to learn what they needed to learn in the classes they took. The need to "do over". If they are ready to take advantage of advanced courses they are not in need of a do over they are ready to move on. If I remember right at least one fo the districts said they had to do over the core curriculum not the elective classes. They elective classes is where they can explore interests.
  4. At Meinken it is $5/adult no limit. Public park so impossible to refuse people is my understanding.
  5. I would assume the CCH/St Henry move is due to fans. I heard NDA is doing the same. I don't think the Diocese has lifted the only two fans per participant restrictions so if a Diocesan school hosts the fans list is really small and basically no students. This could have changed but I haven't heard that it has. I would think having a student section would offset the "home court" but I who knows.
  6. Basically it says that the student must have a return to play note from their doctor and there is a gradual acclimation time to return to full play. It lasts about a week with each day allowing more running and activity. Here is a link to the policy. https://khsaa.org/resources/Covid19/CovidResumptionofSports/kma-covid-rtp-algorithm.pdf
  7. I am glad the kids get something, but the way the semi states are divided up definitely puts some at a disadvantage. Two of the semi states will be loaded with good kids who would have otherwise made it getting shut out. The other may not even be able to fill all events.
  8. It is good that they are planning ahead. Most people are fine in 24-48 hours thankfully. I only got several enlarged lymph nodes that were annoying but didn't affect anything thankfully.
  9. Does anyone know who has advanced in the JV tournament? It looks like the final four is next weekend. Who is still alive?
  10. The problem is there wasn't many options and moving to late April would devastate spring sports again. Evan late March is pushing it back two weeks. The boys championship is usually March 15-18ish. Moving it to mid April would take a month from spring sports assuming everything was adjusted the same amount of time. Based on last year's schedule it would cost baseball about 15 of their 30 games after losing an entire season.
  11. As a parent of a spring sport athlete, I appreciate them trying to not have them miss two seasons. Those kids missed an entire season, not playoffs, or late start or abbreviated season. None at all. Pushing it into July is a complete no go. 1) for baseball and softball that is club season 2) as I found out with my senior last year by the time June and July rolled through no one cared anymore about proms and graduations. I can't imagine graduating seniors would care about games in June unless it was the state championship. I also have a basketball player who is super excited to play and I
  12. There are 90 inpatients in Ft Thomas. Not sure how many ICU. That number is more than the spring although generally the patients aren't as sick since we have some treatments now. For reference there were 30 something 3 weeks ago. I am wondering if part of the astronomical increase is the post Halloween hangover.
  13. One problem is if the teams keep practicing it pretty much defeats the purpose of delaying. Not saying it is practical as afar as being game ready but if they didn’t practice this week and team that had a player become covid positive would have already started their quarantine . Covid numbers will not improve in the next couple of weeks.
  14. It was nice to see the Indians with most if not all of their players healthy last night. They have not been at full strength since game one.
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