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  1. Always interests me that a program that prides itself on having 5 or 6 of the best players in basketball coming in each year is now resorting to bringing in grad transfers that other coaches and programs have developed. Travis and Sestina weren't on UK's radar as high schoolers. Any one think the "model" could be tweaked? Maybe 3 all world guys and 2 guys that develop over four seasons? There are no trophies given for NCAA Recruiting Championships. I'm not a huge Calipari or UK fan....but I bet if he had players for four years they would be very good MATURE players.
  2. Don't see that happening. He'll be pretty old and the BBN is like a spurned lover....turn your back on them and there's he// to pay.... FOREVER lol.
  3. No matter what you accomplish as a coach it will pale to that "God Moment" as my pastor calls them. Good things happen to good people.....and at your lowest most difficult time God provided for you....and it helped you keep on keeping on!! The people you teach, coach, and interact with daily are fortunate to have you as part of their lives!!
  4. The Dayton sub-regional(First 4) has always had outstanding attendance. The NCAA likes the venue and apparently has a good relationship with management of facility. When we hosted DII Elite 8 at NKU the NCAA was very happy.....but we moved to DI after that and lost our hosting for the next season.
  5. I would say some of your law enforcement buddies from days gone by will have an interesting weekend lol.
  6. Especially with no Big Blue Nation in the stands! Think they might be in play in game in Dayton, or is that only for teams that were not conference/tournament champions?
  7. Sumo I truly appreciate the class you exhibited with your post. It's a shame more fans don't behave that way! Two good teams. Wish they could both be in the NCAA tournament!!
  8. That Imhoff led team defeated Cincinnati (Oscar Robertson) and West Virginia (Jerry West) the previous year to win it. Pete Newell also served as the Olympic Team coach in 1960 I believe.
  9. Photos look very nice and sounds like a great high school facility. People always find something to criticize. If the concessions are lacking, DON'T BUY ANYTHING. It's a high school gym not a restaurant. I guarantee there is a McDonald's you can hit before or after or an Applebee's where you can get a $10 burger. Always enjoyed all the regional venues when coaching in 10th. Never did much dining...maybe some pre game popcorn.
  10. We must be getting old Mustang! I think years ago we were all a little less critical of one another's players, coaches, and results. We both remember days where we worked tirelessly to win 10 much less 25. No one seemed to criticize.....until we were able to compete with and beat them.
  11. Great post. Really get tired of the old "well, you won 24 but you didn't play anyone" mentality. Applaud a teams success. All teams and coaches are working hard to win. You set your schedule (usually home and home unless you are a perennial power that draws great crowds) play it and hope for the best. I don't care where and whom you play, winning 24-25 takes hard work, skill, and good coaching.
  12. Not at all. Those tournaments are not sanctioned by the KHSAA as state championships. In reality they are a big invitational.
  13. Totally agree. In KY we have a basketball STATE CHAMPION....not like other places that have STATE CHAMPIONS. Tee it up, swing hard, WIN, and advance. At my home in SC right now. They've just finished upper/lower state (semifinals). Brossart/Campbell game draws bigger crowds, much more intense. Leave it alone!!
  14. There are probably some county schools where kids are (or should be) paying tuition.
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