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  1. It depends on any further announcements from the big FT.
  2. Probably has media appearance money for tv and/or radio shows, clinic speaking income, camps, and possibly commercials. Saw a SC hs coach on TV for a Ford dealership all the time.
  3. Great points Coach. So old I remember you as an assistant at Paris. I always felt assistant coaches make suggestions....head coaches make DECISIONS. In my mid 50s served as assistant head coach to a 25 year old that had asked me to take that position.....after an extremely tough loss told her she could fire me, but if you don't do what I'm telling you when we walk in that locker room we're done. She listened....and we ended season in the fieldhouse regional final losing to a great Montgomery County team.
  4. He needs to apply for the Superintendents position to make that!
  5. Check out these school's facilities, attendance, media outlets and coverage, school size, etc. Every game draws like St. X-Trinity(almost lol).
  6. They most certainly will....but every year it becomes tougher to win a State Championship in 5A or 4A. Have had people tell me that 14-1 without winning it all is an unsuccessful season and that I just don't get it.
  7. Kind of like what Brian Weinrich faced at Highlands right?
  8. Wasn't blaming limited crowds for anything. Just wondering. But, since you mentioned it your "over the top hire" went over the top. Always seemed to me that HHS coaching staffs had really good working relationships.
  9. Would think they didn't make much this season with limited crowds right?
  10. I believe one or two of the NKY teams that defeated the Birds this year had HCs who were also their schools AD.
  11. I believe he retired at BG. If so drawing KTRS pension? Much easier to be flexible in Catholic HS than public. Been there done so.
  12. I always thought it was billed as one of the top academic schools in KY with a legendary football program. They have outstanding teams in all sports, men's and women's, with fine coaches. They have been in a bit of a down cycle in football and that happens at many places from time to time. Do you think football people not attached to Highlands may not feel the job was what it once was??
  13. Well, if you don't feel he's respectable you should be glad he isn't coming. I feel his current employer lightened his school load, upped his coaching supplement, and provided other incentives for he and family. Moving, building a staff, school responsibility, commuting for Winter programs probably began looking a little difficult. He's had some very good talent the last two years and many return. Maybe looking at film factored in....you never know. I told my wife what will happen now....we shall see.
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