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  1. Please don't tell the Diocese about that pension check they are sending me every month lol.
  2. So in theory the UK basketball post season "autograph tour" could open up to all players, not just people leaving (few use up their eligibility). Nice parting gift! Those offensive linemen better get their slice of the pie or those QBs and RBs won't look as good and be as valuable. Wow, this is going to be interesting to watch.....and wonder who is monitoring it.
  3. Trust me....you never have, never will cause me any stress lol. Just commenting.
  4. The guy is moving to Maysville to coach at a school in a basketball minded community. Is it any different than a coach coming from football rich southern Georgia to coach in NKY? I believe it was an opportunity that Kevin felt was a new "challenge"(ever hear that one lately?). I can promise you he scoped it out and knows what he's doing.
  5. I believe Kevin is a journalist. He did a nice job at Brossart for many years on the boys and girls side in basketball and as AD. I imagine he has thought this move through thoroughly and as far as journalism, in today's media you can work from anywhere.
  6. Probably close on certified salary schedule, but I imagine Newport coaching salary is less. They will more than likely pay him for other duties too. For retirement purposes his highest 5 or 3 (depending on when he retires) would be his last years at Highlands. Big thing would be ability to transfer unused sick leave.
  7. I believe the new coach has some former staff members on board. Hey, it's just the way it is. When I was teaching and coaching it seldom occured, but now it does regularly. If a person has 25 years experience....two years from retirement....in a high paying district and is eligible for unused sick leave how can you leave if you coaching position is terminated? I always told young coaches to become the best classroom teacher in their school because you make a lot more as a teacher than as a coach.
  8. Pretty obvious you know nothing about education nor the demographics of the two communities so it would be counter productive to reply in depth.
  9. UK was UK before the current coach and will be after he leaves. But....a lifetime contract can be a long time.
  10. Must be some fine coaches at Iowa. He was a very good HS player and shooter at Cov Cath, but I don't think UK ever considered him. Now he's good enough. Late bloomer? Role player? Good coaching? Maturity? Just hard for me to figure. I thought he played a bunch at Iowa before injury. Would he get as much PT at UK?
  11. I think Old Roy can afford that lol. Very nice gesture by a first class gentleman. Wish Coach Miller best of luck, especially with the players. His UNCG teams played hard and bought in to his program....maybe the UC guys will too!
  12. Played my first HS game at Augusta, coached in a game in my last year of coaching 40+ years later. Love the atmosphere.
  13. Schedule is not good to them. Of course the extra game gives them another chance. Will the QB be able to go week one? Will his mobility be compromised? Will OL be better? Running game? How about throwing motion as a result of knee injury? Lots of questions.
  14. That 6 year deal is good for Coach Miller. He'll have a full squad next year, should win 20+, so I guess they'll roll it over for a year at a time with salary increases.
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