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  1. Love college football. HS football is very enjoyable and being a part of it for many years was special......but the speed, athleticism, and skill level of major college football is incredible. Too many divas in today's NFL for this old timer. Just play the game.
  2. First class gentleman! Great ambassador of the game.
  3. I bet that rating rattles some Wildcat cages.
  4. That's a great school name. Prolific Prep....wonder what their mascot might be? The Grape Stompers? The Someliers(sp?)? The Geniuses? The Successes? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  5. Wonder if the SEC will fine the Vols for that behavior? Yeah, right.
  6. I think it would be larger if they played at the Horseshoe than at Nippert lol. Two good teams with several next level players.
  7. His buyout at A&M is unbelievable!
  8. Maybe. He saw it in real time ONCE. You probably got 15 looks lol.
  9. Think maybe Georgia defense had the receivers blanketed down field?
  10. That honor for Lamar Jackson is well deserved and fitting!!
  11. Yeah.....and he has been the referee in a National Championship FCS game.
  12. Not all school districts have the MONEY, facilities, nor staff to offer those types of programs. Great idea......but difficult to pull off. Maybe a community volunteer effort and private funding could help that happen!
  13. What a cheap shot that is.....to the players and the officials. Those guys attend training sessions, work lower level games, and give it their best shot. Trust me the money is secondary to the love of the game on the HS level.
  14. Didn't Cooper get after the Birds pretty good last year?
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