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  1. Exactly what the NCAA wants to happen! Parity is their goal. It's killing them that a West Coast team hasn't made the final four.
  2. He played a bunch at Iowa as I remember. I would think he has his degree finished. Engaged to a young lady on the women's team. Dad is an executive type with WLW. If he plays anywhere it will be UK.....unless both would transfer to the same school( think about that one).
  3. See, this post backs up what I said lol. 26 years ago!!!
  4. If you have the audacity to EVER beat UK they are going to hate you. If you leave them.....Oh my!!!!
  5. Wouldn't there be some judgement involved occasionally as high schools do not use replay? (Sorry, didn't mean to open that can of worms lol.)
  6. Be sure to contact your local athletic director and volunteer to run the shot clock for girls and boys varsity, JV, and freshman. Oh yeah, we'll need to introduce the shot clock in middle school too. I'm being obnoxious I know.....but staffing will be even more difficult than paying for it. This will also just be one more opportunity for parents and other fans to go nuts lol.
  7. Will he live until it's conclusion? Old Slick Rick looks a little frail to me. Still dresses great!!
  8. The transfer portal and NIL have improved parity..... which the NCAA LOVES!!
  9. Reading the last three pages while I drink coffee on Monday morning. Sounds like a coaching clinic on defending the pick and roll lol. Lot of people bashing Oscar. I'm neither a big UK fan nor Calipari fan.....BUT..... it's tough to blame Oscar or even St. John of Calipari when you shoot 2 for 22 from three and you just flat out get outplayed by KState's point guard down the stretch. He's a stud.... probably not a McDonald's All American, just likes their food. One last point.....you all bash Big Oscar for his lack of defensive ability. Does this maybe explain why he was so unhappy at WVU with Coach Higgins? Just a thought. On to the next "best group of players ever assembled at UK".
  10. Non renewal of some scholarships? Announcing the next "best ever" recruiting class? Learning to defend the pick and roll? Hitting the portal and NIL raises?
  11. Can you imagine how good KY or any team would be if ALL their people played with the intensity of Big Oscar?
  12. UK will win this one. Kansas State plays the style UK should play. Plays right into their hands.
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