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  1. I think Old Roy can afford that lol. Very nice gesture by a first class gentleman. Wish Coach Miller best of luck, especially with the players. His UNCG teams played hard and bought in to his program....maybe the UC guys will too!
  2. Played my first HS game at Augusta, coached in a game in my last year of coaching 40+ years later. Love the atmosphere.
  3. Schedule is not good to them. Of course the extra game gives them another chance. Will the QB be able to go week one? Will his mobility be compromised? Will OL be better? Running game? How about throwing motion as a result of knee injury? Lots of questions.
  4. That 6 year deal is good for Coach Miller. He'll have a full squad next year, should win 20+, so I guess they'll roll it over for a year at a time with salary increases.
  5. Sure hope the new guy keeps the players happy and does everything to accommodate them. I guess if you opted out that allows you to play, transfer, get an extra season of eligibility, be immediately eligible at new school, etc.? A new world order for college athletics is on the horizon....and it most definitely is player driven. Wait until the payments for use of one's likeness begin....there will definitely be some "hurt feelings" over that one! I guess players will have "representatives"(agents) to negotiate for them? If you say this is not part of this thread....WRONG. This situation that occured whether justified or not is just the beginning.
  6. Saw UC beat UK at Nippert several years ago. How about UC, Dayton, X, Miami, NKU, Wright State? All within an hour. Throw in IU, UK, UL, and Bellarmine and that's some great roundball in a relatively small area...as well as OSU. We're spoiled!
  7. Why with KY? I guess the money would be good, but St. Cal is NEVER going to agree to a home and home, not even a 2 for 1. I believe UC has played UNC in the recent past. I don't think there is any battle for the same recruits and greater Cincinnati UK fans think UC is not relevant.
  8. So they have the new guy. Good hire for them. Now player and fan buy in is key. The big question for me is how long does the situation with former coach Brannen drag on? All that can do is hurt the program, deflect enthusiasm over new hire, and cast a cloud they don't need. Cash settlement needs to happen and move in the direction you want. Every coach in America better be aware now....the transfer portal is more lethal than they will ever want to admit.
  9. Gates has done a great job at CSU....but another Horizon coach? I know he'd do fine but do the big money guys think he's big time enough? Bottom line, the right donors at UC wanted Brannen out and Cunningham is their pawn in this mess. Negotiate, pay the guy, and move on to the next victim lol.
  10. I keep seeing Archie Miller's name pop up for this job..... didn't he just get fired at IU? If he couldn't lead that program a month ago why is he going to be able to fix this mess? Who are names some of you think are candidates? Hey, how about Sean Miller lol?
  11. I think the AD wants his own guy. Maybe little Ricky? Still think there's a buyout being worked out.
  12. I know it is. How do you continue to moan and groan and expect the everyday working person to get enthused? No matter what the player's associations think most people really can't fathom folks making 345 million for 10 years with most guaranteed having anything to gripe about. Eventually with many other entertainment opportunities support will fall significantly.
  13. Saw this post and thought the same thing.
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