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  1. We've found our niche!!! 7 Inning doubleheaders versus Detroit. Eliminate the bullpen.
  2. Take my comments with a grain of salt, because I am very much a casual fan who will watch the Reds if they are on TV, but by doing so I notice subtle things going on with the team that others might overlook, and often as in the case of this topic not so subtle things. But I have a memory like an elephant. What happened to the Rebuild??? The Rebuild was something perpetrated upon us about five or six years ago, where we sold all of our good players, and were going to develop players in our farm system that would develop into budding superstars, keeping us competitive for the long run, and taking us to the promised land. Well how has that worked out? I'd say that we are presently on the "Ellis Island" plan - Give us your tired, your poor, your casts off, and the huddled masses of the mediocre. How many of these guys are products of our farm system???? We are a swinging door of players, many of whom I've never heard of, but don't have to remember their names because they will be gone in short order. I'd like to know how many players have washed through this program over the past few years. Going back to when I was a kid, Johnny Temple (2b) Roy McMillen (SS), Ted Kluszewski/George Crowe (1b), and Jim Greengrass/Don Hoak (3b) patrolled the infield. Frank Robinson, Gus Bell and Wally Post played the outfield and Ed Bailey was the catcher for years at a time. How many kids today can recite the Reds starting lineup from one year to the next??? They can't, because there is no consistency from one day to another yet alone years at a time. Back then these guys had an allegiance to the city for who they played, and we related to them. They now sell themselves to the highest bidder, with no allegiance whatever to this city. Because we are somewhere in the mid-thirties when it comes to the size of our media market, I don't expect things to get much better.
  3. That's because you read all of the off-season rhetoric spewed on a daily basis by the scribes who are paid to paint a rosy picture of the upcoming baseball season. I also hear the Bengals are supposed to be good this year. We are always set up for disappointment. Our illustrious ball team is presently 2-5 or 5-13 based on a 160 game season against what was supposed to be a "favorable " early season schedule. . If you check the recent past you will see that the Reds have only been over .500 for one day since spring of 2018, when they were also dismal over the long run. Why is this??? How about we are the 38th largest media market in the United States? We are "lucky" that we even have a franchise. If the media would be more honest and up front I would be more acceptive of them. But because we are fed the Red Kool-aid on an annual basis, I chuckle when I see them struggle. We are a rudderless ship with no rhyme or reason as to a long-range plan nor day to day stability on the roster.
  4. Huh!!! I always thought that pork belly was bacon. Learn something new every day.
  5. Once again the Commissioner and the Board of Control are doing their jobs to plan for a fall football/sports season. Again, it was emphaised that the KHSAA is an agency of the State that answers to the Governor and Board of Health. Another meeting was scheduled for August 20th with the caveat that we must be prepared to "pivot" depending on the Covid situation at that time. So, in fact, the KHSAA bought themselves some more time, and are moving ahead as though life will be good in September.
  6. The accepted plan was Option Two which added an additional week of practice in front of the original plan to start football practice on on August 31st. The number of 7.5 hours equates to be the allotted limit for football (One and a half hours per day). To keep things equal among fall sports, the Soccer, Volleyball and Cross-Country first week practice was amended to 7.5 hours from the original 6 hours that was agreed upon.
  7. I'm saying that I don't want to hear the broadcasters telling me about this valiant "comeback" when the opposing reliever puts four or five runners on base without a hit.
  8. Somebody needs to inform Thom that YES, it is not too early to be standing on the edge of the cliff. Using the "one game in in a 60 game season is worth 2.7 games in the regular season" formula, the Reds are presently 3-11. Given their past track record, that is major cause for concern.
  9. Comeback??? The Reds were benefited by a monumental Cubs meltdown. That wouldn't have been a win. It would have been a gift.
  10. Trevor Bauer was obviously upset about getting yanked, and there was a player Saturday who had a tantrum after being pinch hit for and replaced in the outfield. There seems to be no stability in the lineup. Some of the same things we saw a year ago.
  11. Bell obviously hasn't learned anything about letting players play. Cybermetrics weren't his friend last year and so far aren't his friend this year. He's going to have unhappy players in the clubhouse which will lead to overall dis-content on the team. If indeed each game played this year is worth 2.7 games of a normal season, our illustrious ball team is roughly 3-5 early on.
  12. That game had much the look of those we witnessed all too often in 2019. Castillo pitches well and the bullpen lets it get away. At least the dynasty lasted one day, which is one day longer than it did a year ago. I wish Thom would let these folks and groups of folks (bullpen) prove themselves before dubbing them the finest, best, supremely talented, etc., titles that he bestows on all things Reds all too often. I had actually forgotten how truly annoying he is.
  13. And while they are at it, they might want to open a few more checkout lanes. While this is a positive step, San wouldn't believe what he would see at a Wal-Mart today.
  14. I would prefer that we deal with hospitalizations and deaths only, and then break them into age groups. Then we might find out how truly hazardous this thing is to the general population.. The few people that I know who have had it, or have been "down" with it, experienced symptoms for about 8 hours and did not require hospitalization. The one who did require hospitalization was there for four days and has totally recovered. We can deal with that. We'd all volunteer to get it for eight hours and move on. While raw numbers sound high. Kentucky's 24,000 "cases": are only .004% of the population, which, better stated, is 1 in every 100,000 of us. I
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