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  1. The "Push to the Playoffs" is back on.
  2. I always called Andy Dalton, Dudley. Mr. Mediocre, and extremely vanilla.
  3. I thought that this was a classic NFL football game. Two good teams with all of the drama. My only disappointment of the night was that I thought it was pretty obvious that Al Michaels has reached the end of the road.
  4. Watching Andy Dalton Sunday night demonstrates how futile we were throughout his and Marvin Lewis's careers here. I too, hope that Andy starts Sunday, BUT we better not darn well lose to him.
  5. I like the Mayer exuberance, but you are Notre Dame beating Toledo for God's sake. Catch it, flip it to an official and get back to your bench. There will be many other opportunities for real, honest, meaningful exuberance in your career
  6. How bad does this team have to get before we can stop this "playoff" insanity??? It speaks volumes about how flawed the "playoff" system is, that a team that is over 15 games behind the other "playoff" candidate, can still be in consideration. The only ones who give a rats patoot about this "playoff" race are the Cincinnati fans who are being sold a pig in a poke. These guys want this season to be over so they can get on with their post-season lives. The revolving door roster and lineup has killed this team. How many different players have washed through this roster now, and how
  7. Big win for the Pioneers, defeating Beechwood, who defeated CovCath.
  8. Thanks to our buddy NkyPete for providing extensive stats for the game. Mustangs improve to 4-0 and I felt we played a rather compete game, without being overwhelming in any particular facet. Holy Cross turned the ball over on two kick-off fumbles, and had a touchdown called back for a face-mask violation. I thought that we did a great job in not allowing Javier Ward to run rough-shod over us, and did a great job of eliminating any runback opportunities. As Pete denoted Brossart scored a touchdown in each of the first three quarters. A 16 yard touchdown pass from Jacob Leicht to D
  9. Interesting game. Three of the four Class 1A - District 5 teams - Brossart, Bracken Co, and Paris go through Ludlow. Bracken County was contentious, losing 21-13 in Ludlow on opening night Paris, who has several re-upped seniors from their 2020 team visits this Friday, and the Ludlow Panthers visit Brossart on September 24th. Nicholas County, the remaining District 5 team is not on Ludlow's schedule.
  10. Is there an echo in here??? There must be an echo in here. Take heart my friends, only six more days until we play Pittsburgh, when the Reds will be great again!!!
  11. This whole Wild Card playoff chase is a sham from the get-go. The Dodgers/SanFran are 14 games ahead in the race for one of the two Wild Card spots with the other winning their division outright. Whoever the other team is, out of respect, and common dignity should concede the Dogers/SanFran the WildCard game. If anyone thinks the Reds are going to go to the West Coast and beat one of these teams with a spot in the playoffs on the line, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona that you might be interested in. I do, however, think that a one game, win or go home situation is grossly
  12. Lou Holtz once made a list of 25 things he wanted to accomplish in his lifetime. After reading it over, his wife told him he missed one - To Get A Job.
  13. Thanks for the updates. We (Brossart) scrimmaged Sayre competitively earlier in the pre-season, so keeping tabs on them. We know all about Frankfort.
  14. In one of the only two games played on Thursday night in the Commonwealth, the Brossart Mustangs, playing without starting quarterback Jacob Leicht, and a few other key players, took care of business, handing the homestanding Bellevue Tigers a 42-0 thumping, improving to 3-0 on the young season, while the Tigers are still in search of their first season victory. The Tigers limited the Mustangs to a single first down on our first offensive series, forcing a punt. They would then control the ball, moving it from their own 8 yard line to the Brossart 34 before turning the ball over on down
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