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  1. Lake house with my fishing boat tied up to the dock out front.
  2. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported this morning that longtime, former Lexington Catholic Head Coach Tommy Starnes has passed away at the age of 86. Most of you have probably never heard of Tommy Starnes. He coached LexCath long before they are what they are now, and played in a facility quite unlike the one which the present-day Knights enjoy. He served as their head coach for 20 years, until 1985. Mike Fields reports this morning for the KHSAA - "Competing in the 11th Region against coaching icons such as Al Prewitt at Henry Clay, Bobby Barlow at Bryan Station, Jock Sutherland at Lafayette, and Nolan Barger at Tates Creek, Starns managed to lead the Knights to the state tournament three times — in 1966, 1977 and 1985. He had 371 career victories." Sometimes I amaze myself with how many folks I have come to know through my association with basketball. Tommy Starnes is one of those folks. Down home, somewhat gruff, folksy and very blue collar, Starnes, who might have invented "old school", and his family had seats at the State Tournament in Rupp Arena right behind ours for a number of years and we got to know each other. Despite his success, I always got the feeling that he was under-appreciated and that he, himself, felt his fan-base expected more of him and his teams. Mason County edged the Knights 68-66 in that 1985 State Tournament opening round game which marked the end of the Tommy Starnes era at Lexington Catholic. Lexington Catholic was considered to be a favorite to win the tournament that year. The man lived through numerous life threatening health issues, one of those caused him to retire at the age of 51 years old. He came back in 1989 to start the boys basketball program at Lexington Christian High School where he served as their head coach for two seasons. Another person who has passed through my life that I was fortunate to have met and enjoyed his company along the pathway of basketball life.
  3. This is very different from what the word on the street said was going to happen.
  4. The one takeaway from this game that I will always remember was the catch that our Japanese outfielder made in the fifth inning. I'm not sure Billy Hamilton would have gotten that one, and the outfielder who failed to catch Joey Votto's walkoff double from Kansas City wouldn't have had a chance in hell. One of the best timed, most athletic catches I've ever seen made. He seems to be a solid player, I hope we keep him around. We are now 8-11 or 22-30 in normal regular season parlance, while playing teams far from being tops in the leagues..
  5. God love Thom Brennaman, who has the uncanny knack of putting earrings on whatever pigs we are playing no matter how bad they are.
  6. Reds win in extras via the new "Runner at Second Base" rule. The old school in me will not allow me to like the new rule. Where in the hell is everyone in such a hurry to go. Game Time 6:40pm! Can't we at least wait until 7pm??? Then the "Runner on Second" rule, providing a better chance for a quick decision. What a world we live in!!!
  7. Reds - Royals game joined in progress at 9:25pm tied at 5-5.
  8. Hockey game finally ends at 9:25pm. Cruel and unusual punishment. They are now promoting a post-game show. I sincerely hope not.
  9. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z Still playing hockey at 9:10pm. They should have "Heidi'd" this thing hours ago. Certainly there is more demand for the Reds than a hockey game.
  10. Reds website says Reds 5-2 in the top of the fourth. I've been irked with Fox Sports who is supposed to be carrying the live races from Saratoga Race Track. At best they carry four or five races, but most of the time relegate them to Fox Sports 2 which is a premium channel on Spectum. This never happened in the old days on Channel 5 with Jack Moran and McNamara.
  11. Unbelievable!!! The CBJs and the TBs are going quadruple overtime. When do these people go to a shoot-out????? It is now one hour and twenty minutes past first pitch. What's the score??? Castillo is one of our hurlers that I enjoy watching pitch.
  12. We with Spectrum Fox/Ohio are no better. There is an ignorant hockey game on that is in triple overtime, so no Reds on TV yet and its coming up on an hour since first pitch. Always something. If I were king of the world all evening baseball games would start at 7:35pm.
  13. I've really been sorry to see this. He (and Nate Jones) are the two guys I root for to do well. Lorenzen is a gamer. I really hope he gets things worked out soon.
  14. I could roll right into a baseball season and I haven't played in 25 years.
  15. And the batting practice pitcher on the mound for the Brewers. Major League Baseball????????????????
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