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  1. NCC prevails 39-36 over Brossart in a "Battle of the Campbell County Fish-eaters", as a former poster would say. Lady Stangs unable to overcome the "Carothers Curse" dating back to Dec. 11th, 2000, when our girls last tasted victory on the Carothers Road Hill. NCC Senior Rylee Turner added 29 points to her career scoring total, raising that number to 1,689, scoring 29 of the Breds 39 points. Only two other players joined her in the scoring column - Emily Heck, who drained two huge 3-pointers to start the second half to finish with 6, and Caroline Eaglin with 4. Brossart had se
  2. I like the Fieldhouse popcorn, because when I'm eating it we are usually playing in a regional tournament or big game. I recently found Calvary Christian's to be good, and I still remember some that I got at the Owensboro Sportscenter and that has been nearly 20 years ago.
  3. St. Henry in command early in this one, as we fall behind 38-28 at halftime, and then dig a 17 point hole at 48-31 with 2:21 remining in the third quarter. From that point on the tide changed dramatically, as the Mustangs would cut the deficit to 12 after three quarters, go on a 7-2 run to start the fourth quarter and draw within a single point at 56-55 when Luke Schumacher delivered a 3-pointer with 30 ticks remaining on the clock. A foul send the Cru's leading scorer Jack Grayson to the charity stripe for two and he missed them both, with Brossart coming down with the rebound and a chance
  4. I'm sure that the Mason County Fieldhouse was built with the specific goal of hosting the 10th Region Tournament on an annual basis at a central location. For years and years it fulfilled that mission, and the 10th Region was proud of it, and the member schools were happy to have such a wonderful venue to hold it's annual rite of spring. In the present day where the 40th spent millions on two Region-worthy facilities the Fieldhouse lost a 25% slice of the pie. Now with the 37th exercising their option to host it in Northern Kentucky, and the 38th now also perhaps considering that opti
  5. OK, I guess they changed it to assure that they would receive close to a comparable "double-share." There was a time when the host school did receive a double-share.i
  6. Bracken County also beat Augusta in the 10th "A" Opening Round, which was their stiffest test.
  7. Answering a question from the podcast. Districts that choose to play at the Mason County Fieldhouse do not pay rent to use their facility. Mason County does however receive a double-share.
  8. Lady 'Stangs get a quality, signature win over Ashland Paul Blazer on Saturday in the MLK Classic at George Rogers Clark. Girls hot from beyond the arc early. Hit six 3-pointers on the day. Come from five down late to pull the upset over the now 8-2 Lady Tomcats. Lauren Macht leads the offensive attack with 16, Olivia Lloyd adds 10. Molly Kramer pulled down 8 rebounds. Brossart senior Lauren Macht named Player of the Game. As a side note, the Brossart girls are now 5-0 while playing in the the new GRC facility in WInchester. Will take their best shot at Notre Dame Mon
  9. New traditions, when for the greater good, might be acceptable. GRC and Montgomery County spent millions to build basketball palaces worthy of hosting a 10th Region tournament. They get their crack at it every four years and we all understand and accept it. Our "new tradition" is nothing more than a short-sighted, self-serving effort to have GRC ride a bus to Covington for three days, and to save us a drive to Maysville.
  10. It has nothing to do with going to Covington. It is a mentality of "Every man/program for themselves." The 10th Region was in existence long before we arrived. We embraced and appreciated being part of a tradition rich region that had a central focal point, and worked hard to be good citizens of the 10th. The 10th Region began to lose some of its glamor and identity when Fred Hester retired, and here in the 37th when Willie Schlarman and Ken Mueller moved on Unfortunately, we no longer value the past and have adapted this "what's in it for us" mentality. All this will serve to d
  11. So much for history, tradition and solidarity. 10th Region Tournament at Holmes. Kind of has a sad ring to it. We are no longer members of a once proud unit, but have simply become a geographic location. Too bad!
  12. I'm sure they are partying like it is 1998 in Brooksville, the year they last won a 10th Region "A" Championship. Blake Reed with 32 points vs Calvary. I was also impressed with Calvary. Bracken was much too quick for them, but overall, they have a nice team.
  13. Losses should hurt, that means you care. You must also understand that they re a part of the game. I've been a lifelong horse-player and when you are winning you think you are smart beyond belief and invincible. When you are losing you wonder why you are playing a game that depends on the performance of animals - similar to teenagers. I'm still hurting and second-guessing myself for a loss we took to Boone County when I was our girls coach back in the 9th Region Semi-Finals in the late 80s. Right, wrong, or indifferent, you only pass that way once, and when your decisions work out yo
  14. Great game, well played. Brossart led 39-35 after three quarters, but could muster only a single field-goal in the fourth quarter, along with seven free-throws and were outscored 17-10, giving the Lady Hounds the win 52-49. This is Paris's first 10th Region "A" Championship since 2009 and 8th overall.
  15. Congratulations to Gary Huhn on 1,500. Saw, but didn't have a chance to chat with Gary when the Bulldogs came to Alexandria last week. Impeccably dressed - shirt and tie, showing respect for the game, Gary is a credit to the profession, and I'm happy to see the Holmes community recognize the milestone.
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