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  1. I'm speaking mainly to the horrible quality of play exhibited by these "Major League" teams. The Rockies are deplorable. 5 and closing in on 30 on the road. In the Sunday game we throw some rookie who was just awful, and he is in position to win the game. The guy is a slug and will get shelled next time out against better competition. I understand that you play who is on your schedule. It is just a shame that the level of competition, and the lack of true MLB players has fallen to this all-time low level. The Reds stand to win three "formality" games. It says nothing about Cin
  2. Hollow victories!!! It certainly doesn't take much to make us happy.
  3. The Colorado Rockies are an embarrassment to MLB. I said as much the last time we played them. Too bad their opponents get to pad their stats by playing this "dreadful" baseball team.
  4. "It's the sixth title for Brossart. Congrats to Coach Dave Schuh and his staff." Actually it is their seventh Class 1A State Track Championship. They won six straight under Coach Dave Schuh from 1997 through 2002, and now one here in 2021. Really happy for Dave Schuh and his team!!!
  5. Dear BBHS Community, Last night Mr. Kevin Bundy informed me he is reassigning from his positions with Bishop Brossart. Kevin, as you know, has been our athletic director and head girls' basketball coach for the past five years. His successful tenure as coach was topped off this past season with claiming the 10th Region Championship and earning a trip to Rupp Arena's Sweet 16 Tournament. It had been 20 years since that remarkable feat had occurred for BBHS. This accomplishment also nailed down the 10th Region Coach of the Year Award. As athletic director, Kevin also st
  6. I think of Goldie all of the time, and often wonder about her present condition. Does anyone have any updates???
  7. So, now that the Covid restrictions have been lifted, and in attending baseball game parlance, things have returned to "normal.", they still have no intentions of bringing back the beer vendors??? Doesn't make sense.
  8. Virtually none in Alexandria in the vicinity of Tollgate Road and Brossart High School.
  9. Even Sadek is running out of superlatives. Is Free Pizza a bigger deal than a Win??? 🙂 Have the Reds turned anyone away this season??? If not, what's the big deal about a "Re-Opening Day" other than another marketing ploy to sell tikets. Sad!!!
  10. 37th District Semi-Finals Campbell County Senior Jack Sell starts and goes the distance allowing the Mustangs a single run on four hits to advance to Monday's 12 Noon district championship game vs Scott, who defeated Calvary Christian 10-0 in the other district semi-finals game. The Camels win didn't come easy as Brossart, down 2-0 in the top of the seventh opened the inning with a pair of hits. A sacrafice fly scored a run and brought to the plate Senior Stephen Verst with two outs and a runner at second. Sell was up to the task getting Verst to offer on a down and out breaking pi
  11. Have seen them at the mouth of the Little Miami River last couple of boat trips in that area.
  12. The King has no clothes....... No Rebuild, just a revolving door roster, with no long term plans or goals.
  13. Here we go with the revolving door roster again. Instability in the roster, leads to discontentment and a lack of confidence. Same old, same old. The new guys look OK the first time through and then get shelled the second time around until they get sent back, and others take their place. Any positive chemistry in the clubhouse gets diluted by the addition of all the new slugs. If MLB players wouldn't take off for two/three weeks every time they bump into the wall or trip over a base, there wouldn't be the need for the constant influx of new bad players. The Cain catch in cen
  14. Keep the faith, the Rockies will be here on June 11th.
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