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  1. Basically agree!!! However, this and a multitude of other infringements at some point becomes a matter of principle.
  2. Trevor Bauer "ain't quite right", which caused him to land here, but he is certainly a competitor and the guy can pitch. Enjoyed watching him tonight.
  3. Totally off of the deep end. Micro-management at its finest. Did someone actually get paid to come up with this????
  4. I guess I'm simply longing for some legitimacy. The same people who created the Kentucky State High School Football playoffs, must have designed the MLB playoffs. How a team that has been this abysmal this season is in ANY playoff discussion is a travesty. Earn something legitimately and we will be all in. I just hate to see folks buy into this sham. I guess it is a sign of just how desperate the fans in this city are.
  5. Who in the world is Goodwin?????? Where did he come from, and why do we need him??? Looked real threatening up there. Jeez!!!
  6. Woo! Woo! Our embattled franchise has achieved over .500 status, with the exception of opening day this year, for the first time since May 14, 2017 - 1,226 Days. How tough must it be to be a Cincinnati Reds beat writer??? This :"accomplishment" achieved with 10 games with Pittsburgh, two gifts from old Chicken Wing with the Chicago Cubs, and a Chicago White Sox team, obviously on cruise control after already clinching their playoff berth. It is what it is. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, I guess!
  7. Just another fantastic exhibition of Major League Baseball!!! Disgraceful!!! Whatever the Pittsburgh Pirates have, the Chicago White Sox have obviously caught it.
  8. No shortage of offense in the River City in this one. Ludlow scored two quick touchdowns early on, on a 55 yard pass play from Austin Daniels to Noah Hoffmeister and a 3 yard run by Braxton Newborn, his first of six touchdowns on the night, to take the 14-0 lead. Brossart cut into that margin on a touchdown pass from Jacob Leicht to Mason Meyer, and the Panthers led 14-6 after one quarter. Brossart knotted the score at 14s when Trevor Schadler capped off a 39 yard drive with a 5 yard scamper, followed by a Jacob Leicht keeper for the two-point conversion. Newborn scored his second touchdown of the night, a 2 yard run with 1:25 remaining in the half, but not to be outdone, Brossart answered with 15.3 ticks remaining when Jacob Leicht found David Govan on a 19 yard touchdown pass, and the Mustangs trailed 22-20 in what was thought was going to be the halftime score. That thought would prove to be inaccurate as a 56 yard Newborn run with time expiring gave the Panthers a 29-20 advantage and momentum, when the PAT was good, at intermission. It would be Brossart who gained the momentum to start the second half. Trevor Schadler capped off a 45 yard drive with a 16 yard touchdown run, narrowing the Ludlow advantage to 29-27, and when Mason Meyer picked off a Austin Daniels aerial and returned it for a Pick Six, the Mustangs had taken the lead for the first time in the ballgame, 33-29. Unfortunately for the visitors, their scoring would be over for the night, and they would witness Ludlow putting up 25 unanswered points to finish out the contest. Those were the result of a 22 yard touchdown by Braxton Newborn with 6:18 remaining in the third quarter that would end with the Panthers on top 36-33 and would be followed up by a touchdown on a Daniels pass to Noah Hoffmeister, his second touchdown of the night, and two more from Newborn within 26 seconds of each other to put the icing on the cake for the Panthers, who even their season record at 1-1, while the Mustangs fall to 0-2. Ludlow will travel to Carlisle to take on Brossart's district opponent, Nicholas County next Friday night while Brossart will invade Thomas More University for a date with the Holy Cross Indians.
  9. I want an overall better Major League product. Maybe those days are gone forever. The Reds have a better dimension than the Pirates - starting pitching. We have played these people ten times out of the sixty we are going to play this season. I'd like to feel like we have earned something, or accomplished something other than beating the hapless Pirates. Mac Whitaker would have walked out on the field and escorted the shortstop off of the field after his olay of the ground ball earlier this week. Mis-judged fly-balls, strike outs on horrendous pitches, a myriad of walks in each game, baserunning blunders night in and night out. Has the game of Major League baseball sunk to this pathetic level????
  10. I think wins over Pittsburgh should only count as 1/2 wins, they are that bad. I realize the Reds play who they are scheduled to play, and with superior starting pitching we win, but the Pirates don't deserve to be playing in the Major Leagues.
  11. The KHSAA Board of Control today (09/16) proposed a plan where basketball practice would begin October 26th and games to start on November 23rd.
  12. Burrows is pretty exciting. Has a command about him. Shows just how vanilla/boring Dudley has been.
  13. Pretty cruel to Bishop Brossart who is not on trial here. We haven't "withered" into anything. We are a fourteen year old program who are very much in the successful process of building a program. The fact that CovCath has 600 boys in their program, and Brossart has less than 150 should eliminate any comparison of the two programs at all
  14. Nice opening night win for the Greendevils, who tend to play their best football early in the season.
  15. Blame the mud. If you were up at 1:45am for the post-game show, the nerdy guy with the black rim glasses who I have never heard of, came out and exonerated Gray, because he had trouble pitching with mud in his spikes. More players I've never heard of and more non-Major League play last night.
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