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  1. Ice cold Bud Lite bottle or lemonade over ice if available. I also avoid working in the yard or exercising at all costs. Maybe coming off of the lake in the heat of the afternoon though.
  2. Anyone able to get the KHSAA Board of Control stream??? 3:15pm and I'm unable to access it.
  3. I'm sure these "guidelines" were formulated in a boardroom by "healthcare professionals" who don't understand the nature of the actual game they are regulating. What it shows is just how far "out in left-field" they really are.
  4. And you should also inform me that the population of New York City is twice the total population of Kentucky.
  5. New York Confirmed Cases - 345,813 Kentucky Confirmed Cases - 8,426 New York Confirmed Deaths - 22,304 Kentucky Confirmed Deaths - 396 (Could be a few higher) It's like we are Covid wannabes.
  6. Test the remainder of us who have not been tested (Kentucky) and you will not get .1% Obviously most of the folks whoh have been tested are those who have had some symptoms.
  7. .2% - Point Two Percent = 2 in 1000 over a 9 week period. New York is at 13 in 100. Thanks for supporting my position!
  8. Maybe! But at some point we have to move into a "At Your Own Risk" environment.
  9. Guys/Gals: It's not personal. I've generated a lot of dialogue here for the Gu and I've discovered just how strongly the "other camp" feels about this thing. In my lifetime I've lived through some challenging times, and I'm wondering if this is the defining mass casualty event of my lifetime. It doesn't come close to feeling like it. It is a very contagious form of the flu. For the most part folks get it and folks recover from it. To me it is a sign of the times that we seemingly so violently have over-reacted to. I've also spoken on a regional/statewide/BGP state of our environment - Not New York, New Jersey, Florida, China or Timbucktoo. I try to speak on how we here at home are affected. The number of confirmed cases (all I have to go on) versus the population, and the number of deaths versus our population seem dramatically insignificant for the actions being taken. Remember the shut down was only supposed to help keep our medical facilities from being overwhelmed by a huge first-wave. BUT, it is now nine weeks later, and it seems that similar dramatic steps are continued to be taken to protect every last one of us from ever contracting it. I'm also trying to be a voice of our teenagers (the least susceptible) who are being victimized substantially by this thing through no fault of their own. Using the excuse that they can't gather, compete, or experience some form of a formal graduation, BECUASE they might contract it and take it back to their elderly grandparents, seems extremely weak to me. I wonder, now that this has become the "new norm", how many times in their lifetime that they are doomed to repeat it. I've never spoken out against not taking preventative measures as required. I think that safe-distancing is the key ingredient. I think that in the beginning, I too, might have been pro-mask, and even feel like even today there are times and places for them. Were I sitting next to The Duece on his airline flight, I would have been happy and would have wanted to wear a mask. Shopping at Kroger on May 21st, not so much. I don't feel as though I'm being "callous", I'm being honest. I'm trying to represent the views of most folks my age (72) and geographical location. Most folks my age are the ones who most believe that this whole thing is insane and over-reaching, yet we are the ones who are supposedly being protected from it. Most people my age don't post on BGP. I'm certainly not going to change your thinking, and you are not going to change mine. To me BGP has always been about paying your fee, expressing my opinion, and then if you don't agree pay your fee and tell me I'm full of it. I'm OK with that.
  10. Here is the problem. WE ARE NOT NEW YORK. Almost everything I've said about this since day one has been based on the regional or statewide situation. Our numbers are DRAMATICALLY different than New York, New Jersey, Florida, or Timbucktoo. IF I lived in New York I would see this in a whole different light, but I live in the Bluegrass Preps region, where we don't need to be living our lives as though we live in New York.
  11. I'm just guessing here, but my guess is that if 100% of the population that HAS NOT BEEN TESTED would be tested, that under .1% (Point 1% = 1 - 1000) would come back positive, and probably fewer than that.. This testing thing is a new phenomena we old schoolers are not familiar with. In the past if you felt bad, or actually got sick, you went to the doctor who prescribed you something to help you get better. If you felt fine you didn't run off to get tested, just in case you might actually have it but don't know it. I think it is safe to say that if you feel fine you should be considered as not having it.
  12. I think the matter of wearing a mask or not wearing a mask should be based on the reasonable expectation of a threat actually existing, and the degree of which exists of us actually and realistically passing this virus from one of us to another. Since the threat varies from state to state and even county to county within a state, the actual need to wear masks needs to be based on the actual threat. The degree to which the public deems the threat is manifest in the number of folks actually wearing masks within a community. IF a reasonable threat does not exist, as shown in the numbers exhibited in Northern Kentucky, then the need to wear masks is miniscule. Social distancing will further diminish the possibility of passing the disease from one of us to another drops that possibility to near-zero. At that point insisting that 100% of us who live in that community wear masks "as a courtesy" is unreasonable.
  13. State of Kentucky - Population 4,468,000 As of Wednesday, May 20, 2020 1 in 823 of us presently has Covid Over the duration of this "pandemic" - 1 in every 12,207 of us have died. The majority are elderly with other existing conditions. Even at 50% Nursing Home/Federal Prison that brings the number to 1 in every 24,414 of we Normal/Healthy folks have died from it. Since I'm not one of the unfortunate folks to have it or have died from it, I'd say these are pretty acceptable numbers. Since it's been 24 days (over three weeks) since Tennessee has opened up to indoor dining, etc., and their numbers have not skyrocketed out of control, it seems to me like an "At Your Own RisK" policy need be put in place for the rest of us. Nobody would be forcing anyone to do anything they didn't want to do.
  14. Crisis seems to be averted today as they've called off evacuation orders and the river is receding.
  15. If that is what it proves.
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