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  1. I just know I help with the local high school team and we have 5 seniors freaking out. Crazy times!!! Thank You theguru for opening this back up!!
  2. So in light of the current situation dealing with the Corona virus. What are everyone’s thoughts on our season this year. Has KHSAA made any statements or planning on addressing it? Could get interesting...
  3. Is the boys 8th region the only region to wait till Sunday to draw?
  4. If the most talented need to win... Why play the game at all? Who ever is best on paper wins.
  5. I have a prior commitment tonight so I will not be able to give updates. If anyone is there please help us out! Thanks in advance.
  6. Friday Night should be a great Match up. Grant Co. won the regular season game 74-70. It was a high energy night and I would expect Friday night to be an even better atmosphere!! If SK shoots the 3 like they did against Walton, I think Grant Co. could be in trouble. My prediction... SK 82 GC 78 in a dogfight!!
  7. Top scorers for both teams. WV- Smithers 21 GC- Hammonds 30
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