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  1. Realistically since you can't improve your GPA the only thing that you can be returning for is athletics which I think is a bad idea. Primary school students I can understand as academically they could benefit from more in person instruction vs the NTI they were exposed to. Other than that this is a really bad idea as it will create "super teams" who can bring back seniors in a group to try and "win."
  2. Just a reminder its an all or none proposition. The district cannot pick and choose who does this. You either let them all do it or nobody do it.
  3. Highlands will have the pitching horses by District. They have at least 2 (one is the number 1 for sure and the other I would say is their #2) that I know are just getting their first innings of the year.
  4. Talking to a couple coaches I have gotten the "stats aren't important its a team game" kind of talk. Both are first year head coaches.
  5. Stats reported and accurate stats are really a problem. Unfortunately even if they are reported they are way off in many cases. Nature of both baseball and softball, but I agree I think the KHSAA would benefit from addressing both timeliness and accuracy with schools just to give them a push to do these things correctly. Years ago there was a program that had several .500 to .600 hitters that had a record of 3 - 19 and had a huge number of shutouts against them 🙂 Then of course you have the dad who keeps Gamechanger and his kid always seems to get hits on errors and walks. In my opinion either the state has to figure out a way to train score keepers because stats are not very comparable to each other or just not post them. I also thought there was some penalty for not reporting stats in a timely fashion????
  6. Yes, which does bring up a point Charles Barkley made after the game. UCLA was a tough matchup for Gonzaga. Baylor wants to play the same style as Gonzaga so they will be much more comfortable playing Baylor. Doesn't mean Gonzaga wins it just means Baylor is a style that Gonzaga is more comfortable with. To add to that how does a game like the UCLA game end up in the 90's. Is there cause for concern about Gonzaga's defense? With both teams pushing it up and down is someone going to break 100?
  7. Agreed and I definitely do not feel like Juzang was anywhere near ready to play last year. I am not in the camp of "Well if Cal would have played him more...." Coach Cal is like every other coach. IF a guy can help him win he is going to play.
  8. I will say I love your consistency and your passion. You will definitely find a way to make sure Cal and or UK get credit for anything you can. Using this logic EVERY person who transfers gets better with the team they were with prior and no coach can get all the credit for their development. I am giving you a hard time in jest but I think this credit goes to Mic in taking Juzang to the next level as a player.
  9. I was really impressed with the development of Tyger Campbell. He continues to get better and better. Juzang is also improving on the defensive end. He averaged on the season 4 rebounds a game and was third on the team in steals. I disagree that he does nothing on the defensive end. This is not the Juzang that left Kentucky. He has developed tremendously under this staff. Having watched about 20 UCLA games this season, Mic did a masterful coaching job and deserves every accolade he gets.
  10. What? Where did the Volunteers come into this?
  11. Agreed. Houston is a really good team.
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