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  1. Really impressed with what Lloyd has done so far this year. They have stepped up in classes and beat Boone who is much improved, Montgomery, and a last second loss to Dixie. Providence Indiana I don't know anything about except they are 6 - 1 with their lone loss coming to Louisville Holy Cross. Lloyd is still sort of a mystery as far as 2A is concerned and of course with the immovable object in Beechwood in the same distict they will not get viewed as much of a threat statewide. BUT, my opinion is that with the exception of the top few teams in 2A, Lloyd could beat just about all the other 2A teams. Glad we are crossing over for playoffs, because they are a team that could knock off a 1 seed from the opposite district.
  2. Was there anything that would cause or give him an excuse to do this?
  3. Everything I have been reading which yes does include Matt Jones on Twitter, says UK blue will be dominating the crowd.
  4. Just curious does anyone know which district cross over with each other when it comes playoff time?
  5. Compliment your enemy to make them overconfident? 😁 Truth be told as each week unfolds and closer to the Birds and Colonels the more I see Highlands as becoming the better team. Now this game showed a really good Colonels defensive team that can hold in critical moments and win a game (or games if you add LexCath) when the offense struggles.
  6. Kentucky sits atop the MAC at 3-0 after this blow out.
  7. Ryle looked like a sloppy and unprepared team which surprised me. Highlands looked like a team that had much better athletes and a ton more speed than Ryle. This version of Highlands also seems to be committing too many penalties.
  8. I cannot see any way Highlands loses this game. Too athletic and fresh bodies will be the difference. The question is can Raceland get out of the gate well and keep it tight for as long as they can or does Highlands jump on them?
  9. Welch is developing into a huge offensive threat and seems to improve week to week.
  10. Its tough knowing they had all the "should of's and could of's" in this game and come out with a loss. Credit to coaches for having this team not "drop off" like most mid majors do after their success run and major graduation/NFL exits hit. The flip side is wow what a missed opportunity for this program. Despite the loss, UC football has a program feel and not just a "one hit wonder."
  11. What is your take on the kicking issue? Can they not find a kicker?
  12. I guess Monday start with "how to buckle your helmet properly." Besides the helmets it bothers me to no end that they did not address the kicking issue this team had last year.
  13. Yes as a Notre Dame fan this is the wrong year for this game. Ohio State may very well be the national champions this season.
  14. This will be a great game for Highlands to execute correctly as I don't see much coming from Campbell County that tells me they can move the ball or stop Highlands. I suspect a score a little more lopsided than last season.
  15. Highlands got the ball to their athletes tonight. Still not sold on SK being a top level team.
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