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  1. No higher than 4th? Lets see Georgia and Florida then.....?
  2. Could not agree more! In fact the amount of kids that go away to play a college sport that actually last 4 years is a small percentage. At least in the area of the state I am familiar with - Northern Kentucky. Kids get a chance to play but become disillusioned with the numbers, lack of playing time, etc and end up back home at a pretty high rate.
  3. If that were the case he certainly should have better stat lines. Solid, experienced player....yes. An NBA prospect.....no Somehow I missed the quote line. I was quoting and responding to this. I was told to think Hagans but a better shooter. Shoots like 37% from three.
  4. What is exactly real? Social media has made this such a mess I don't really even know what the true risks are any more. This is what is frustrating. However, I agree with PP92 the KHSAA was way late in making some sort of decision.
  5. The 9th region nominees are a little head scratching. Not sure who makes the decisions on these. Kudos to those that are listed but definitely some high quality players not listed.
  6. If this happens do players have the ability to transfer with no penalty? Obviously as late as it happened and the type of school Berea is, I would think nobody really is going to get that opportunity.
  7. Fun crowd though. Announced it was a little above 6,000 in the house.
  8. Staying on the floor while the other team gets the trophy is definitely an unwritten rule. But as far as Coach Snapp is concerned he does a fantastic job overall and normally does things "the right way." It was disappointing though to see Newport do that in this situation.
  9. While I tend to agree with you, IF Highlands gets St Henry on their side of the bracket that could be the "wrinkle" in this.
  10. Newport was the aggressor all night. However, they also showed great patience and really shortened the game. NCC looked tentative all night and missed a lot of rebounds on missed free throws and on in the paint shots. In other words not long rebounds. Newport was able to take advantage of the NCC "bigs" and really exerted their will on them. Several times Newport players would knife through the paint and grab a board away from an NCC player. I thought the rebounding was a huge reason for the upset.
  11. Thank you! Ethan Stringer is on roster but do not see any stats for him yet. Brayden Combs getting some playing time at Rice!
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