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  1. It was much more prevalent in years past because you got the crossovers instead of staying within the district. It made more sense to allow 4 seeds in back then since you had weaker districts who were not as good as all 4 teams in the opposite district. Now with staying within the district it is less likely. This year excluded with all the weird scheduling and covid issues. Holmes as a example could not practice for a week leading up to the Boyd Co. game and you had Boyd, who if the whole season would have played out would never have been a 4 seed.
  2. NCC will be rusty I think. Ludlow needs to take advantage of this early in the game. If they do maybe they can stay within striking distance. NCC offense has been really bad its last 2 games.
  3. Yes I have a lot of respect for Bellevue coaches and players. Have some great kids. Battled until the end in the game I saw them play against Newport.
  4. I know folks in both programs and evidently there is some bad blood this year between the 2 schools and perhaps this has something to do with his tact. In any event, in my humble opinion, he should have taken the high road. Others closer to the programs can perhaps shed more light. I am just hoping Newport and Lloyd get to play!!!!
  5. https://local12.com/news/local/nky-high-school-team-forfeits-playoff-game-over-covid-19-concerns Been waiting for a school to do this. Not play due to an opponent having covid issues. While I get where they are coming from after reading the principals letter he really blames his opponent. I don't think we can start doing this. Nobody wants to catch this and its everywhere. We can't start pointing fingers at each other. If he didn't want to play due to concerns that is fine but he makes sure he points the finger then suspends all athletic activities until the 30th anyway. Doing that alone means no football playoff game. I respect his decision but really question his need to push the blame for his decision on another school, then suspend all athletics anyway. Strange and rough times these are indeed.
  6. I agree. I am shocked more teams that are not very good have not opted out.
  7. If Campbell County is indeed and I have no info on this at all, how is this going to effect their opponent from Friday?
  8. 14 days from lets say Friday last week will allow a team to play a playoff game next Sat.
  9. This....NCC has a win over Walton and I didn't consider Walton very strong at all.
  10. Yeah it wont be close. NCC offense struggles early in every game and this game will not be one they can afford to do that. Beechwood defense is something NCC has not seen the likes of all year.
  11. Newport struggled to do anything and although they lead the state of Ky in interceptions, much of that is the level of competition they play. Beechwood is on a whole different level right now. Lets hope next 2 weeks everybody stays healthy and goes into the playoffs ready. I personally would love to see the state say ok lets cancel the last week and get the playoffs started, but I get it and am glad kids are playing as many games as possible.
  12. Schedules for all 3 teams are 6A Ky. schools with the exception of the Moeller game for Highlands. Not sure if it helps or hurts with a victory over them in comparison to Cooper and Connor's schedule. Cooper's schedule seems to have the strongest opponents and potential with wins to add points having Ryle and Dixie. Highlands has Moeller and Campbell County. Connor has GRC and Ryle. If all three win out I would think Cooper would get the best bump, but I have to leave that to the scientist who can figure all this out.
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