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  1. The fact that the Superintendent has even interjected himself into athletics speaks volumes about what is going on.....
  2. Here is now where things get hairy. Once the admin and coach make a decision, can you give the perceived appearance that social media pressure caused you to change your mind? Having dealt with many of these types of situations from a variety of angles, I wish in hind sight that the coach and administrators had not banned him from walking out and being recognized as a senior. In my opinion (which means very little here) banning him from senior night was not the right decision. Again though don't know 100% of everything that transpired.
  3. A little clarity on this. Coach suspended him 2 games. One of those is this weekend which is senior night. His parent(s) want him to be able to be recognized as a senior on the team. They are not asking to be allowed to play. They had no beef with the 2 game suspension. Social media now being used to pressure coach into letting him walk and be recognized as a senior since next week he will be suited back up and playing anyway. I have read through several posts on FB and nobody is asking that he be allowed to play, but there is a huge groundswell of support to let him be reco
  4. Well I am going to take a stab at this. Ok so I am going to say Brcatz has a bias. Let me say Coach Wiggins has done an unbelievable job getting the program where it has started the season 5 - 0. Obviously most of us know the schedule Brossart has played and we all know those teams are not very good. However, Brossart is an A school and judging them as an A school I think they are a top tier class A school in Northern Ky. I think the exact same thing about NCC. They have played a very tough schedule but regardless of their record they are a top class A team in Northern Ky. The po
  5. Beechwood Ryle Cooper/HIghlands/CovCath - I just don't know. And yes this is the cop out 3 way tie.
  6. I agree those facts are not for social media but we really are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to what Nick did and how he reacted. That being said I did not plan on saying anything else but I am throwing this out there because I know what happened and can't really stomach making it seem as if he is some type of righteous person taking the high road. I will leave it at that. Let me also clarify I am not looking at this as a Weinrich or Nick side. I am on the side of the players who desperately want and need to be coached up and in my opinion are being let down by a lot of
  7. This is a very odd list. Why Georgetown and Tennessee State? UK is rarely competing with those 2 schools for a recruit.
  8. Struggling with where CovCath is. I don't think they are Top 5 at all under the current way of playing.
  9. To me this screams of "It's not my fault it's the players." I don't like this at all. Maybe that was not his intent but if the scheme is good that leaves execution of said scheme.
  10. Technically NCC was the last school of record. There are so many twists and turns and honestly even in this thread at least one bit of false info that has been posted about the situation that realistically it would take way too much to clarify everything. I just hope he ends up back on the varsity field as soon as possible.
  11. I think he is saying teams underachieving with the current Newport head coach who used to be at Highlands. I thought it was pretty easy to understand what he meant.
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