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  1. Another being the key word. Stenzel did the same thing earlier in the series, failing to score when a teammate got caught in a run-down. Two major letdowns on that play. Stenzel fails to hustle and fails to score. Runner gives himself up before Stenzel crosses the plate. Thursday night's game was beyond embarrassing. A total travesty. I kept waiting for the theme from the "Bad News Bears" to break out. These guys have mailed it in. The Cubs and Reds (combined over 40 games under .500) deserve each other.
  2. So far as Castillo goes, with me it's - If it ain't broke, don't fix it. He is our most consistent, effective pitcher.
  3. Seems totally counterproductive. With the logistics of GABP you are more than a few steps away from rest rooms/concession stands, as they were at Riverfront. It is actually quite a hike. Picture Riverfront with the blue and green seats combined with the only concession options at the top of the green section and that is what you have at GABP. As a result of no vendors, I spent zero dollars on concessions. On the way in, I would have grabbed a pizza slice and a Coke, but the game had started and the LaRosa's lines were 10-12 deep. Had a vendor come by offering coke or lemonade, I would have made a purchase. Had I asked, I'm sure one of our players would have been happy to get me something, but, planning on dinner after the game, I simply waited until then. Another case of customer service suffering in the name of corporate profit, greed, and board room philosophy.
  4. Made only my second trip ever to GABP Thursday afternoon, as we took our basketball players who worked this week’s Summer Youth Camp to the game. I was lucky to have a parking pass, but arriving just at game time caused a lot of delay, waiting to get in line to get into the garage, (Central Bridge/Pete Rose Entrance) and then finally getting into the garage and then finding the ball park. The major culprit was that we no longer use a paper ticket, but have bar codes on our phones, which obviously aren’t very efficient, as it seemed each car took 2 or 3 minutes, including my own, to scan. Ditto for entrance to the ballpark as for paperless ticketing, BUT was much more efficient since the game had already started. Our seats were in the sun (132-W) but there was a breeze. We have no vendors working the crowd, and this 75 year old wasn’t about to get up and fight the crowd to get a hot dog or a beverage. I had mapped it out to attend the game, have dinner at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport, and tour the Levy before heading home, so it was no big deal. Is this another cost-saving maneuver, or a workforce shortage issue??? I notice on TV that other stadiums have vendors. Being only the second time I’ve been there, I was overwhelmed by the size of the place. In my mind I was thinking Crosley Field on steroids, but it is huge compared to old Crosley. Who do they think are going to ever sit in all of those seats??? Inside and surrounding the stadium is really first class. I enjoyed seeing the sculptures of our former greats, and took interest in an area loaded with kids who were playing their own game. Plenty of concessions, once you get out of your seat and climb up to the plaza level, about three times the distance of our old “blue seats” at Riverfront that had concessions on each of the four levels. I was surprised to see that we still tolerate pan handlers and others beating on pickle buckets, playing musical instruments, or just plain sticking their hands out. These may be higher class bums, BUT it is one of the things that really detracted from your trip to Riverfront. The bottom line is that we have a major league facility and a bunch of incompetents playing there, masquerading as Cincinnati Reds. Unfortunately, there was little interaction between the crowd of 21,000 and the teams playing the game on the field. Watching our basketball players watching this poor excuse of a baseball team, I really feel awful that they are being so short-changed and the overall crowd cheated by this inferior product who was 23 games under .500 at the time. The crowd seemed to be much more engaged in their own social interaction than they were immersed in the game being played. Most of the crowd had departed the sun-bathed field seats by the 7th inning. Sadly, my early season assessment of Hunter Green is coming to fruition – another wasted first round draft choice. Depending on a 100mph fast ball is not going to cut it for him long-term. Too bad! He’s an articulate, clean cut, well groomed young man who checks all of the high class people qualifications. He gave up three home runs in six innings to a good team. Maybe he can beat the Cubs or Pirates, but becoming the Don Gullett, that I had hoped for him isn’t going to happen. In the seventh inning somebody named Hoffman was serving up batting practice for the Dodgers and quickly it was 8-1. My fear was that being 8-1 Bell would just leave him out there for the duration as I stewed in my own juices. I was wrong, he sent someone else out there – Cessa – who was equally futile. There were 29 hits in this game that saw 15 runs score, another lousy exhibition of major league baseball. Our bullpen is atrocious. It is no wonder that our few capable starters want to be from Cincinnati. Castillo should insist that Mahle be his reliever and Mahle should do the same insisting on Castillo, maybe then those two guys would get a win or two. Why do you/we tolerate this charade of a baseball team in this once proud city??? We are suckers. By attending in person, I realize how much more I actually get out of watching the Reds games on TV, albeit having to listen to John Sadek. Not following the ball off of the bat well, and the distance between myself and home plate is not conducive to my enjoyment of the game. This was my first time ever sitting behind “the screen.” It is way overdone, too high and too far extended. In this powder puff era, I’m not surprised that we now sit behind a screen, but, run it from home to 1st and 3rd base and cut the height down about 50%. While it doesn’t seem to detract from your viewing the game, I'll bet that if they would show you the view with or without it, there would be a distinct difference. I got up and toured the facility after the 7th inning and then eventually found my vehicle and had no problem exiting the garage and being on the Central Bridge heading to the Hofbrauhaus in short order where my dinner bill was $40, and I then drug myself over to the levy to purchase some Carmel Corn and take in a view of the river. I was SHOCKED at how deserted (people and venues) the levy is. Not good. That used to be a happening place, but it is seemingly dying a slow death. In a day that started with our final day of camp at 8:30am, I returned home at 7pm to strip to my shorts and dive spread-eagle on the bed for a two hour nap, before creating a Camps Champs page on our website that I knew our campers would be anxiously anticipating in the morning. Overall, I thank our head coach for making this trip possible. It was an exhausting day, but I’m glad that I had the chance to experience it. The Cincinnati Reds have some major issues, but we all know that. Maybe with our being the 38th largest media market in the country has finally caught up with us, and that we are incapable of fielding a competitive baseball team. Too bad! I’ll count my blessings that I lived through and witnessed a golden era of Cincinnati Reds and Major League baseball. Right now a night/day at the Reds game is nothing more than a gathering spot for your social see and be seen outing, that has nothing at all to do with the game of baseball.
  5. If his future is in a different position, why did we trade Barnhart, who I considered to be a really good catcher.
  6. CORRECTION - I misunderstood. The opening night game at Dayton remains as scheduled on Friday, August 19th. It is the following games vs Newport and Bellevue at Brossart that have been moved to Thursdays.
  7. I've been informed that our first three games - At Dayton, Home versus Newport and Bellevue, have been changed from Friday night to Thursday.
  8. We traveled in two vehicles, one pulling a boat and the other not. We rented one boat up there. The going rate for a rental ranges from $650 to $950 Canadian ($1.35 exchange) per week. Our total costs for gas for the truck pulling the boat was $750 round trip. Boat gas was $2.45 a litre, or about $9.1 a gallon. We used 56 litres of gas. IF you can arrange it a two week trip is more cost-effective than a single week, since the cost of going up and back i8s the same. Cost off the cabin was $475 each and splitting the cost of the renal boat was $475 each, plus food, license etc. We also split the trip into two days, staying overnight at Saulte Ste. Marie the night before going into camp. All prices quoted are Canadian. They did have a warm/hot early spring, which, as you stated must have killed off the bugs.
  9. Our group was able to return to the North Channel of Lake Huron on the Canadian Side for the first time since spring of 2019, prior to the onset of the Covid Pandemic. Submitting your vaccination information as directed within 72 hours prior to entering Canada makes entry seamless.We were fortunate in that minus an all-day rain on Monday we had near-perfect weather, and incredible fishing. The four of us literally caught hundreds of a combination of Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye, and Smallmouth Bass. The pike were consistent at 22 to 28 inches with no "trophy" 40 inch class wall-hangers boated. We caught and landed two Muskie - a 45 incher and a 50 incher, and had two other major muskie encounters. Walleye were small but plentiful allowing us enough to catch enough to feed six of us, and the smallies were amazing running from 16 to 20 inches, with a large number of 20 inchers - all caught and released. The only fish that went in the box were the walleye.In addition to good weather and great fishing there were absolutely no bugs evident on this trip. That is a first. Normally, I return home with my legs resembling a checkerboard, but no Black Flies, Deer Flies nor mosquitos on this trip. We will count our blessings.You can read my complete fishing trip report complete with pictures by clicking the link below: https://bmustangs.com/schabs-annual-canadian-fishing-trip-one-to-remember-good-friends-good-food-and-great-fishing/
  10. Tommy Thrall seems be doing a great job without all of the Sadak kindergarten rhetoric.
  11. Both Larkin and Sadak are unbearable. Phoney laugh track, and his Question and Answer show really gets old quick. If the word "Sensational" come out of his mouth describing mediocre players and performers one more time, I'm going to throw something through my TV. No objectivity whatsoever. Everything seen through his Reds colored glasses to the point of his coming off as considering us all to be ignorant. Someone tell John that our hitters are not robbed every time a fielder makes a major league play. That's what major leaguers are supposed to do.
  12. Campbell County knocks off Harrison County and then Montgomery County to advance to Thursday finals. GRC takes out Mason County and Nicholas County to earn their finals berth. Championship Game set for 6:30pm Thursday at Harrison County High School weather permitting.
  13. Nicholas County limits Brossart to two Adam Bezold singles. Brayson Ring and Brason Sosby combine to shut out the Mustangs 7-0, leaving the Blue Jackets with Johnson the left-hander, and Dalton Davenport eligible to pitch the next two games. It appears to me as if Nicholas County is a major player in this tournament.
  14. At Dixie on June 9th. Brossart will have several players involved, namely Jacob Leicht, Jed Martin, Thomas Sayers, and perhaps others.
  15. I remember a game not on that list that Harvey Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings for Pittsburgh versus the Milwaukee Braves and then lost the game. The game was played on May 26th, 1959. Haddix had previously pitched for the Reds.
  16. I'm hoping I was wrong about my early pre-season assessment of Hunter Greene. I was convinced that he was damaged goods, and that we had wasted a Number One draft pick. After watching the young man pitch I'm becoming a fan. We will see how he does the second time around, BUT he seems to be in command and has a good mix of pitches. Why he throws 36 pitches over 100 mph one game and none the next boggles me, But I'm hoping for the best for this guy. Professional, articulate and clean-cut. Hopefully, he is the real deal.
  17. "Paraprofessionals are encouraged to apply." Certainly a change of perspective from back in the late 80s when paraprofessionals were frowned upon. I was a successful head coach, as were several others, who were terminated by the KHSAA because we were paraprofessionals. The KHSAAs beef was not with us, but with a paraprofessional who was coaching at University Heights, who at the time, where bringing in players from abroad, and using the school as a springboard to obtain college scholarships for these immigrants.
  18. Congratulations to the Rams, and to the good folks at Raceland!!!
  19. We welcome Coach Brown to Brossart. Steve has been a fixture on the Northern Kentucky basketball scene, both on the Girls and the Boys side for decades. He will bring stability and experience to our program. Steve is familiar with both the importance of the All "A" having coached at St. Henry, and knows the ins and outs of the 37th District and 10th Region, having coached most recently at Scott. Coach Brown will have the opportunity to build on the progress made by Coach Garren Parker and his staff a year ago. He will have the services of 7 seniors returning from a team that graduated 4 from the 2021-22 team that went 20-11, were 37th District Champions, and played into the semi-finals of the 10th Region Tournament where they were competitive with George Rogers Clark, the Regional Champion. Both the 2021-22 Freshmen and JV teams experienced success at a high level. Coach Brown is expected to maintain the current assistant coaching base, that has been in place for the past four years.
  20. Bishop Brossart High School is pleased to announce Mr. Steve Brown as our new Girls Head Basketball Coach. Coach Brown brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new position with the Mustangs having coached both boys and girls high school basketball for over 30 years. He started his coaching career in early 1980’s at Beechwood and has had stops at Campbell County, Boone County, St. Henry, and Scott High School. “We are thrilled to have Coach Brown to be the new leader of our girls basketball program,” Bishop Brossart Athletic Director Ron Verst said. “With Coach Brown’s experience we know he will be able to continue the winning tradition here at Bishop Brossart.” Coach Brown has been the Girls Head Basketball Coach at Scott High School for the past three seasons where his team made it to the 10th Region Semifinals and he was named the 2021 KABC Coach of the Year for the 10th Region. Prior to that was the Girls Head Basketball Coach at St. Henry’s for two seasons where his teams made two All-A Regional finals appearances and advanced to the 9th Region tournament. Coach Brown is recently retired from the United States Postal Service and he and his wife Sandy have three daughters.
  21. Steve Brown is the new head girls basketball coach at Bishop Brossart.
  22. Moustakas has been milking us since the day he arrived.
  23. Expect an announcement forthcoming shortly.
  24. Aaron Stamm has had success at whatever challenge he has taken on to date. I wish hi nothing but success on the boys side. The Ludlow kids are lucky to have him.
  25. Lots of fishing but few fish on our annual weeklong trip to Pickwick Late Tennessee. The quality of the "keeper" sized fish that we caught was impressive but were far and few between with literally no short fish in evidence. We fished in ideal conditions - lite winds, partly cloudy skies, stable water levels (413ft) and temperatures (66-69, just few fish on this trip. Read the report and see the photos: https://bmustangs.com/lots-of-fishing-few-fish-in-much-needed-spring-pickwick-trip/
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