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  1. It was funny to hear Mayo talking about winning state every year of his high school career. Did he ever play for Rose Hill as a high schooler or was he gone after his 8th grade season? Pretty interesting watch.
  2. Bench KD. Steph and Shaq are both stronger off the ball. LeBron keeps everyone involved. Kobe and MJ are Kobe and MJ. I wouldn’t argue too strongly against KD over Steph if you’re convinced MJ and 2.0 are good with setting 60+ screens per quarter. Or KD over Kobe if you want a little more length in the backcourt.
  3. Guy trying to secure an early retirement to keep working on his golf game.
  4. I had a brief obsession with Amir and his on-court shoe game. The answer to the second one I never would have guessed, but every NBA fan certainly knows his name.
  5. Amir Johnson was the last one. Feels like Spencer Haywood was mentioned in Winning Time as the first.
  6. Don’t know who will win, but I do know that if you’re a fan of pep bands, this is one you won’t want to miss! Pre-game has been a real treat.
  7. Jackson I thought was his name. Not quite 20 years ago. Played euro ball after
  8. I know McDonald's fries are for children who dip their fries in ketchup, or worse, squirt the ketchup all over them. I know Wendy's fries beg to be dunked into a frosty, but are equally delicious without the frozen treat.
  9. It’s Wendy’s and it’s not close. They’re more consistently good. Probably a case of Wendy’s just being an overall better establishment.
  10. I just got the Peacock app. Been a sharpshooter marathon…
  11. K probably has one more big win in him, and I bet he's saving it for the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Cats by 90
  12. Man, I had something called a potato keg the other day from the local greasy stop... Think breakfast-stuffed tater-tots... *chef's kiss*
  13. Well, if it wasn't clear from the first post, I do hold your opinion of fries against you. Wendy's owns the fast food fries market. The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!
  14. You wouldn't know a good french fry if it was dipped in a frosty on its way to your mouth. Better leave this one to the grown ups.
  15. Even more so than the last time it was posed? GOAT-ato
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