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  1. COVID was a ploy for the rest of the world to catch up to us in athletics!
  2. I would say as long as there are no post-season implications, why not allow a shot clock somewhere like the KoB or AIT? Not that they need to mess with that formula, just... why not? It's like a wooden bat tournament in baseball. Sure, most kids won't use one until they're being payed to play, but they still happen. Or did at least. I'm not super current on baseball happenings the last 10 years or so.
  3. This is a shot in the dark... I’m guessing about 70-80 possessions per game for an average to up-tempo team. A team like Anderson Co a few years ago might be playing 45-possession games. Again, complete guesses.
  4. Depends on how you define strategy I suppose. Running 1:30 off the clock with a motion offense is strategy, but putting together three straight 0:15 possessions resulting in points on three different quick-hitters isn't? Seems to me that in theory, coaches would have to expand their playbook(which I'm not certain is a good thing). Also... the two-for-one is far more strategic, and requires a higher level of understanding by the players than an offense/defense sub late in the 4th IMO.
  5. Getting this conversation out of the way early this year! I wouldn't be surprised to see KHSAA allow but not encourage the use during maybe holiday tournaments or something like that(and maybe they already do), moving forward. Personally, I don't care either way. "Stall Ball" and its "patient" cousins have kept me in games and taken me out of them. Same with running and gunning. The logistics, understandably, will always be the one thing that will stall the institution of the clock, for better or worse.
  6. Binged this one on AppleTV last night. Football coach becomes Futbol coach. Hilarity ensues... Jason Sudeikis is great, but probably not even the most likable character. Ten 30ish-minute episodes make this dangerously bingeable. Season 2 coming in July.
  7. One other cool thing on this I forgot to mention the first time around... Bronson Arroyo was in the booth with Tommy Thrall for this game. His insight on what Miley might be experiencing throughout the game was interesting. Overall, he wasn't a great commentator but definitely serviceable and you could tell he was making an attempt to do a good job. I wouldn't be surprised to see/hear him in the booth again.
  8. Do I add to the total for each offense???
  9. I listened to the first 8.5 innings on WLW, and was afraid to get out of my car and go watch the bottom of the 9th on tv. I’m glad I did. First no-hitter I’ve felt a part of. Really cool stuff.
  10. Snickers hurts my teeth. Probably a me problem, but Kit Kat wins by default.
  11. Seriously? Stop... Hammer Time? Anyone? Can't Touch This- MC Hammer
  12. His name is still on a banner hanging in the gym from the 1990 All "A" Regional Championship season. I never made the connection until he won the big one with PLD. All W-Town does is produce winners... And I agree, this was a fun listen!
  13. My first thought as well. I can’t imagine it’s a very big number, but I’d say it’s adequate for a small school like that.
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