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  1. The added flopping ability doesn't get you anywhere in pick-up ball... Solid purchase nonetheless.
  2. I could get with the all black and all white looks, and even black jersey/white pants and vice versa, but those orange pants gotta go. This, coming from a guy whose wardrobe is 70+% orange.
  3. This is the first time I can recall that maybe we were underprepared here. Everyone knows how us hillbillies love to throw a blade and salt bin on a truck and adventure out into the night. I don't feel as we lived up to our reputation last night. Fortunately I haven't seen or heard of any accidents, not that I actively look for them, so that's good, but I'm glad to hear everyone was able to commute elsewhere.
  4. Grant County's main roads were uncharacteristically sloppy this morning. I'm wondering if sportsfan is on to something with the accumulation being undersold, and as a result, less pre-treatment was done.
  5. Lots of movement this week as some teams bounced back from tough Week 1 and 2 slumps, others began to drop some games they were maybe expected to win, and a few weren't able to get a game in. John Hardin remains atop the standings on the strength of its head to head victory over Elizabethtown, and Thomas Nelson continues upward, as their shooting prowess jumped off the screen this week. 1- John Hardin Bulldogs- (3-0) The Bulldogs had three games cancelled in Week 3 due to COVID-19 Upcoming Games: 1/27 v. Elizabethtown; 1/29 v. Christian Academy of Louisville; 1/30 v. Ohio County 2- Elizabethtown Tigers- 3-1 The Tigers had both games in Week 3 cancelled due to COVID-19 Upcoming Games: 1/27 at John Hardin; 1/29 at Greenwood 3- LaRue County Hawks- (4-0) Wins: 59-45 v. Glasgow Losses: None The Hawks got balanced scoring, with three players in double-digits in the scoring column, and seven more chipping in at least two in their only contest prior to two straight COVID-19 cancellations, with a third coming in Week 4, as the Trinity (Whitesville) game has already been scratched. Upcoming Games: 1/29 v. Green County; 1/30 at Thomas Nelson 4- Bardstown Tigers- (3-4) Wins: 52-43 at Washington County; Losses: 73-71 at Christian Academy of Louisville; 69-46 v. St. Xavier Following a poor shooting night in a victory over Washington County, the Tigers’ shooting woes continued throughout Week 3. A straight-shooting Thomas Nelson club comes to town Tuesday. Upcoming Games: 1/26 v. Thomas Nelson; 1/29 v. Nelson County 5- North Hardin Trojans- (2-2) Wins: None Losses: 64-57 v. Dixie Heights (4-2) The Trojans had one COVID-19 cancellation and fell in a close game to a good Dixie Heights team in the Will Harris Homes Classic at Central Hardin. They will make a return trip to Central for the first of two district showdowns on Friday. Upcoming Games: 1/25 at Hart County; 1/29 at Central Hardin 6- Central Hardin Bruins- (2-1) Wins: 51-33 v. Campbellsville (2-7) Losses: 77-68 at Owensboro Catholic (7-1) The Bruins shot 50% from the field, 47% from 3, and 81% from the charity stripe, and it wasn’t enough to lead them past 3rd Region power, Owensboro Catholic. Following the COVID-19 Cancellation of the scheduled contest against John Hardin, they bounced back at home against Campbellsville, led by strong performances by Hayden Ash and Landon Elmore. Upcoming Games: 1/26 at Barren County; 1/29 v. North Hardin 7- Washington County Commanders- (7-2) Wins: 59-56 v. Cumberland County; 71-70 v. Hart County Losses: 53-42 v. Bardstown The All “A” Regional champs bounced back from a loss against Bardstown with two wins. It’s another busy week ahead for the Commanders. Upcoming Games: 1/26 at Spencer County; 1/29 v. Bluegrass United (Lexington); 1/30 v. Caverna 8- Thomas Nelson Generals- (7-2) Wins: 73-50 v. Nelson County (3-6) Losses: None The Generals added only one win last in Week 3, but continued their strong shooting. Coach Kays’ squad is shooting a staggering 52% from three as a team on 161 attempts. Offense like that is difficult to sustain, but with 5 guys (Brown, Smith, Hogan, Downs, Keene) shooting better than 38% in the team’s first nine games, they appear capable of picking up the slack for a slumping teammate. Upcoming Games: 1/26 at Bardstown; 1/29 at Bethlehem; 1/30 v. LaRue County 9- Adair County Indians- (3-3) Wins: 78-34 at Foundation Christian Academy Losses: 59-58 at Casey County; 64-42 at South Warren Despite two COVID-19 Cancellations, Adair County managed to squeeze three road games into Week 3, sandwiching a big win between a nail-biting loss and a big loss. Balanced scoring has buoyed AC, as four players are averaging double-figures. Upcoming Games: 1/26 v. Taylor County; 1/29 at Campbellsville; 1/30 v. Monroe County 10- Green County Dragons- (6-2) Wins: 63-27 at Nelson County; 66-36 at Caverna Losses: The Dragons responded to their All “A” Finals loss with a pair of convincing road wins in Week Three. Led by Seniors, Gunner Bush and Kellen Whitlow and Freshman, Hayden Blakeman, Coach Young & Co. continue to jump up in the rankings. Upcoming Games: 1/25 v. Christian Educational Consortium (Louisville); 1/29 at LaRue County 11- Marion County- (2-5) The Knights did not play any games in Week 3 due to COVID-19. They are losing ground here, not because of their lack of games, but because I am becoming a believer in Thomas Nelson. Upcoming Games: 1/26 at Campbellsville; 1/29 at Taylor County 12- Taylor County Cardinals- (3-3) Wins: 79-20 v. Foundation Christian Academy; 80-65 v. Hart County; 69-58 at Campbellsville Losses: None The Cardinals took the first steps in turning the young season around by winning three straight in Week 3, and averaging 76 points per game in the three contests. Upcoming Games: 1/26 at Adair County; 1/29 v. Marion County; 1/30 v. Central Kentucky HomeSchool 13- Hart County Raiders- (2-5) Wins: None Losses: 62-53 at Barren County; 80-65 at Taylor County; 71-70 at Washington County The Raiders have dropped three straight since opening the season with wins in two of the first three. Upcoming Games: 1/25 v. North Hardin; 1/26 v. Edmonson County; 1/29 at Mercer County 14- Nelson County Cardinals- (3-6) Wins: 37-29 at Eminence (0-5) Losses: 63-27 v. Green County (6-2); 73-50 at Thomas Nelson (7-2) The Cardinals picked up a victory over a re-tooling Eminence team between a pair of shellackings at the hands of regional foes. Upcoming Games: 1/26 at Bethlehem; 1/29 at Bardstown; 1/30 at Grayson County 15- Campbellsville Eagles- (2-7) Wins: None Losses: 47-38 @ Clinton County; 69-58 v. Taylor County; 51-33 at Central Hardin The Eagles are keeping themselves in striking distance despite poor offensive output. Adair County comes to town capable of posting big numbers. Upcoming Games: 1/29 v. Adair County 16- Caverna Colonels- (0-5) Wins: None Losses: 67-62 at Danville Christian; 66-36 v. Green County The Colonels are still looking for their first win. Upcoming Game: 1/26 at Foundation Christian Academy; 1/30 at Washington County 17- Bethlehem Eagles- (0-9) Wins: Losses: 65-40 v. Evangel Christian; 63-55 v. Glasgow The Eagles couldn’t keep the Scotties off the glass in the eight-point loss. Upcoming Games: 1/26 v. Nelson County; 1/29 v. Thomas Nelson
  6. I don't think he was ever actually fat. I think that was a show. Because it's suddenly gone... He was lookin like pre-"shoutout to pears" Rick Ross though.
  7. 1- John Hardin Bulldogs - (3-0) Overall Record; (2-0) Region Record; (3-0) Week Two Record Wins: 68-67 at Elizabethtown; 68-60 at North Hardin Losses: None Upcoming Games: 1/19 at Central Hardin; 1/21 at LaRue County; 1/22 at Evangel Christian 2- Elizabethtown Panthers- (3-1) (2-1) (1-1) Wins: 79-39 at Marion County Losses: 68-67 v. John Hardin Upcoming Games: 1/19 at North Hardin; 1/23 v. Oldham County(at Central Hardin) 3- Bardstown Tigers- (2-2) (1-0) (1-1) Wins: 69-57 v. Collins Losses: 77-62 v. Ashland Blazer Upcoming Games: 1/19 at Washington County; 1/21 at Christian Academy of Louisville; 1/23 v. St. Xavier 4- LaRue County Hawks- (3-0) (3-0) (2-0) Wins: 75-38 v. Highlands Latin; 53-34 at Washington County; 62-46 v. Hart County Losses: None Upcoming Games: 1/19 v. Glasgow; 1/21 v. John Hardin; 1/23 @ Adair County 5- North Hardin Trojans- (2-1) (2-1) (0-1) Wins: None Losses: 68-60 v. John Hardin Upcoming Games: 1/19 v. Elizabethtown; 1/23 v. Dixie Heights(at Central Hardin) 6- Central Hardin Bruins- (1-0) (0-0) (1-0) Wins: 74-41 v. Kentucky Country Day Losses: None Upcoming Games: 1/18 at Owensboro Catholic; 1/19 v. John Hardin; 1/23 v. Campbellsville 7- Hart County Raiders- (2-2) (2-2) (0-1) Wins: None Losses: 62-46 at LaRue County Upcoming Games: 1/18 at Barren County; 1/19 at Taylor County; 1/23 at Washington County 8- Marion County Knights- (2-5) (1-3) (1-3) Wins: 62-54 v. Louisville Collegiate Losses: 72-69 v. Thomas Nelson; 52-38 at Collins; 79-39 v. Elizabethtown Upcoming Games: 1/20 v. Sayre; 1/22 v. Adair County 9- Washington County Commanders- (5-1) (5-1) (3-1) Wins: 73-70 v. Caverna (All “A” Semi-Final); 60-58 v. Green County (All “A” Final); 71-56 at Nelson County Losses: 53-34 v. LaRue County Upcoming Games: 1/19 v. Bardstown; 1/22 v. Cumberland County; 1/23 v. Hart County 10- Adair County Indians- (2-1) (1-0) (1-1) Wins: 78-74 v. Wayne County Losses: 51-40 v. Metcalfe County Upcoming Games: 1/19 at Casey County; 1/23 v. LaRue County 11- Green County Dragons- (4-2) (3-1) (2-1) Wins: 63-60 v. Bethlehem (All “A” First Round); 63-53 at Campbellsville (All “A” Semifinal); Losses: 60-58 v. Washington County (All “A” Final) Upcoming Games: 1/19 at Nelson County; 1/22 @ Caverna 12- Thomas Nelson Generals- (6-2) (3-1) (4-0) Wins: 72-69 at Marion County; 69-58 v. Taylor County; 73-72 at Christian Fellowship; 74-33 at Community Christian (Paducah) Losses: None Upcoming Games: 1/22 v. Nelson County 13- Campbellsville Eagles- (2-4) (0-3) (0-2) Wins: None Losses: 63-53 v. Green County (All “A” Semifinal); 60-53 at Southwestern Upcoming Games: 1/18 at Clinton County; 1/22 v. Taylor County 14- Taylor County Cardinals- (0-3) (0-2) (0-1) Wins: None Losses: 69-58 at Thomas Nelson Upcoming Games: 1/18 v. Foundation Christian Academy 1/19 v. Hart County; 1/22 at Campbellsville 15- Nelson County Cardinals- (2-4) (0-2) (1-2) Wins: 84-50 v. Christian Educational Consortium (Louisville) Losses: 72-67 v. Breckinridge County; 71-56 v. Washington County Upcoming Games: 1/19 v. Green County; 1/21 at Eminence; 1/22 at Thomas Nelson 16- Caverna Colonels- (0-3) (0-2) (0-1) Wins: None Losses: 73-70 v. Washington County (All “A” Semifinal) Upcoming Games: 1/18 at Danville Christian; 1/22 v. Green County 17- Bethlehem Eagles- (0-7) (0-2) (0-3) Wins: None Losses: 63-60 v. Green County (All “A” First Round); 49-47 v. Breathitt County; 69-41 sy Edmonson County Upcoming Games: 1/21 v. Evangel Christian; 1/22 v. Glasgow
  8. Doesn't matter. UK fans really are the worst. The home court advantage is basically nonexistent, regardless of COVID guidelines. But that is a solid counterpoint. Watched KU beat the absolute brakes off Miami(OH) over Christmas break when the Morris twins were still in school. Without question, the greatest basketball experience I've had where I wasn't involved as anything but a fan.
  9. I'm receiving the vaccine Saturday. Initially, I declined to be included on the roster for no real reason other than I haven't been vaccinated since I went to college. Not in an anti-vax stance or anything like that. I've just never had the flu, so I never got a flu shot. In my advanced age and wisdom, I realized a couple things about that line of thinking. 1) I don't want to get the CV, even though I'm fairly certain I had it this time last year. And putting myself at risk because I didn't want a shot is dumb. 2) It would be irresponsible for me not to take every possible step to ensure that I and my loved ones remain healthy, short of giving up caffeine. Gotta have my Dew. 3) People who legitimately need the vaccine either to protect themselves, or even just feel the peace of mind would jump all over the opportunity to get vaccinated. I might as well take advantage of my fortuitous position. 4) My niece and nephew absolutely do not understand why I wouldn't get it. Both are prepared for their dose if ever the opportunity arises.
  10. It's not crazy and in actuality is pretty likely, but I don't know that anyone could say with 100% certainty that the official is the root of the spread.
  11. Unless the defensive player touched the offensive player it's either a warning or a play on. Contact could, imo, warrant a T, but a warning might be more appropriate. Don't believe there's anything illegal about playing defense O.B., but it is a foul for a defensive player to be simultaneously making contact with the boundary and an offensive player, however minor or incidental you deem the contact with the player with the ball. I'm happy to be corrected on this.
  12. You say last year, but they've been top three in the region in scoring defense the last three seasons, and number one the last two. I don't know much about AC, but I do know they can guard.
  13. 1- Elizabethtown Panthers- (2-0 Overall) (2-0 Week 1) (1-0 vs. Region) Wins- 73-70 @ DeSales(1-1); 92-58 vs. Taylor County(0-2) Losses- None Upcoming Games: 1/12 v. John Hardin; 1/15 @ Marion County 2- John Hardin Bulldogs- No games played Week 1 Wins- None Losses- None Upcoming Games: 1/12 @ Elizabethtown; 1/15 @ North Hardin; 1/16 @ Bullitt East 3- Bardstown Tigers- (1-1) (1-1) (1-0) Wins- 71-62 v. Marion County(1-2) Losses- 73-56 v. Trinity(1-1) Upcoming Games- 1/12 v. DeSales; 1/14 @ Christian Academy of Lousiville 4- LaRue County Hawks- No games played Week 1 Wins- None Losses- None Upcoming Games- 1/11 v. Highlands Latin; 1/12 @ Washington County; 1/15 v. Hart County 5- Marion County Knights- (1-2) (1-2) (1-1) Wins- 76-75 v. Hart County(2-1) Losses- 71-62 @ Bardstown(1-1); 74-47 @ Madison Southern(1-2) Upcoming- 1/11 v. Thomas Nelson; 1/12 @ Collins; 1/15 v. Elizabethtown 6- Central Hardin Bruins- No games played Week 1 Wins- None Losses- None Upcoming Games- 1/12 v. South Oldham listed as a COVID cancellation 7- North Hardin Trojans- No games played Week 1 Wins- None Losses- None Upcoming Games- 1/11 @ Louisville Collegiate; 1/12 @ Spencer County; 1/15 v. John Hardin 8- Hart County Raiders- (2-1) (2-1) (2-1) Wins- 69-62 @ Campbellsville(2-2); 82-38 v. Caverna(0-2) Losses- 76-75 @ Marion County(1-2) Upcoming Games- 1/12 v. Whitefield Academy; 1/15 @ LaRue County 9- Adair County Indians- (1-0) (1-0) (1-0) Wins- 60-48 v. Nelson County(1-2) Losses- None Upcoming Games- 1/14 @ Foundation Christian Academy; 1/15 v. Wayne County; 1/16 v. Metcalfe County 10- Campbellsville Eagles- (2-2) (2-2) (0-2) Wins- 61-60 v. Evangel Christian(0-3); 67-62 v. Rockcastle County(0-2) Losses- 69-62 v. Hart County(2-1); 56-45 @ Green County(2-1) Upcoming Games- 1/12 v. Green County/Bethlehem (5th Region All A); 1/16 @ Southwestern 11- Washington County Commanders- (2-0) (2-0) (2-0) Wins- 70-57 v. Bethlehem(0-4); 60-54 @ Thomas Nelson(2-2) Losses- None Upcoming Games- 1/12 v. LaRue County; 1/13 v. Caverna (5th Region All A); 1/16 @ Nelson County 12- Taylor County Cardinals- (0-2) (0-2) (0-1) Wins- None Losses- 58-54 Russell County(1-2); 92-58 @ Elizabethtown(2-0) Upcoming Games- 1/12 @ Thomas Nelson; 1/15 v. Burgin 13- Green County Dragons- (2-1) (2-1) (1-0) Wins- 66-46 v. Cumberland County(1-2); 56-45 v. Campbellsville(2-2) Losses- 59-57 @ Metcalfe County(2-1) Upcoming Games- 1/11 @ Bethlehem; 1/16 v. Russell County 14- Thomas Nelson Generals- (2-2) (2-2) (1-1) Wins- 72-69 @ Beth Haven(1-1); 82-50 v. Highlands Latin(1-1) Losses- 77-54 v. Marshall County(2-1); 60-54 v. Washington County(2-0) Upcoming Games- 1/11 @ Marion County; 1/12 v. Taylor County; 1/15 @ Christian Fellowship; 1/16 @ Community Christian 15- Nelson County Cardinals- (1-2) (1-2) (0-1)N Wins- 63-55 v. Cumberland Homeschool Athletic Teams Losses- 76-24 @ Spencer County(3-0); 60-48 @ Adair County(1-0) Upcoming Games- 1/11 v. Christian Educational Consortium; 1/14 v. Breckinridge County; 1/16 v. Washington County 16- Bethlehem Eagles- (0-4) (0-4) (0-1) Wins- None Losses- 90-56 @ Christian Academy of Louisville(2-1); 70-57 @ Washington County(2-0); 62-50 v. Sayre(2-0); 86-37 v. DeSales(1-1) Upcoming Games- 1/13 v. Washington County (5th Region All A); 1/15 v. Breathitt County(barring 1st round All A win); 1/16 @ Edmonson County 17- Caverna Colonels- (0-2) (0-2) (0-1) Wins- None Losses- 57-42 v. Russellville(1-1); 82-38 @ Hart County(2-1) Upcoming Games- 1/13 v. Washington County (5th Region All A) 5th Region Notes: No change in the top seven, despite losses by Bardstown and Marion County. I just can’t bring myself to move up a team who hasn’t stepped on the court yet. I will do my best to remain consistent on this throughout the season. I have a feeling 8-13 or so will be jockeying for position all season. Hart County and Green County were the big movers this week in that range, each jumping two spots, with a case to be made for Green County to move another one or two. Taylor County and Washington County swapped the 11 and 12 rankings. The 5th Region All A Tournament tips off… or flips off perhaps(?) Monday with Bethlehem looking for their first win of the young season at Green County. Campbellsville awaits the winner of that one on Tuesday. Caverna and Washington County square off Wednesday night, and the Finals will be held Friday.
  14. Chalkboard Tchaikovsky is some of your best work.
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