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  1. Load management IMO. They start winning games and Zion will be expected to play increasingly more. They were on the outside looking in to begin with. How bout this Harden guy?
  2. I don’t disagree with you, but I think there’s enough ego in the league to make these games intriguing. I know I was captivated last night for the first time since the last dance.
  3. Not a fall sport per se, but the State Marching Band Championships(and presumably the regular season schedule) have been cancelled. Not everyone’s thing, but a big deal in my neck of the woods. State Marching Band Championships cancelled
  4. Water. With a dash of barley, rice, and hops.
  5. Every time. There’s a sweet potato and brown sugar Sun Chip... man. Really, I like most of their line up. If it weren’t for Grippos, I think Sun Chips would have a legitimate claim to GOAT potato chips. Lays might be a bigger name, and their baked line was a staple of my Spanish 3 rituals, but Kroger can do most of their stuff as good or better. Sun Chips exists in its own lane. The off brands are passable, but no one would unironically argue they’re better. Doritos is probably that fourth real contender for the......... Snacktional Championchip?
  6. The Price is Right is my favorite to watch, but I like my odds best in Wheel of Fortune.
  7. I’m with the kid; box of Grippo’s for me. I wouldn’t say no to garden salsa Sun Chips either.
  8. El Jalisco over everything. I do love pasta though.
  9. Just saw today Blake Robinson(Senior) from Grant Co. to Cov. Holy Cross probably tops the list at the moment. Almost 11ppg on 38% from three to go with a little more than 4 rebounds. Really nice player, but maybe more notable because with the class of ‘20 and his departure, the Braves are looking to replace 75% of their scoring if games are played this season.
  10. Three. I can handle all three.
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