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  1. Just finished the “Topics” episode. I want in on the sports pod.
  2. The Mustangs controlled the game, holding Williamstown to no more than a handful of shots on goal. I was too busy wallowing in agony to catch the names of the scorers for North, but man can they go. Tough end to the season for the Demons and their 13 seniors. This class was the first members of the first soccer team in the school's history, and, along with Coach Simpkins, put a great many items on their resume, including but not limited to-- becoming the first Williamstown team to win a district title since the 1977-78 girl's basketball team, the first to win an All "A" region title since the 2017 softball team, and the first to win a Regional Tournament game since the 1997-98 boy's basketball team. Heckuva run fellas.
  3. I used to drink my step-dad's Tab because it would frustrate him. This was early 2000s. I honestly didn't know they still made it.
  4. Top 5 ever with the “and 1” call. He will definitely be missed.
  5. No, you said they were middle schoolers, when in fact a couple of them were playing at Rupp. You can see the difference, I'm sure. I was bullish on Ashland last season as well, largely because I don't get many opportunities to watch 16th Region hoops, but thanks to your expert evaluation of their schedule, I feel that we will actually get a true indication of Ashland's proficiency this year.
  6. I think to suggest that a team who won their region is a weak, or as you so eloquently put it, "middle school" opponent is very Skip Bayless of you. That being said, I was incorrect in my initial post on the thread. They defeated only two eventual regional champions. I will add that they also bested 14% of the state's district winners. I'm not saying every district or region is great, but if a team gets to the last two tournaments of the year, they're clearly a formidable opponent.
  7. And Reno was clearly talking about the post where I mentioned that they played no fewer than 3 Regional Champions in the early part of last season’s schedule.
  8. Yes, because three regional winners and at least four regional finalists before January is just a cakewalk through the first part of the season.
  9. Final Early goal for Dalton Darlington, late one for Brock Houchens.
  10. Did you not see Jimmy's performance in the bubble and Finals?! He is clearly superior to LeBron. Jimmy just needs more help.
  11. At least somebody here is capable of changing their own perspective.
  12. Final from Monday Kenner McClelland nets the lone goal to send the Demons to the 32nd District Finals and Regional tournament for the second consecutive season. Interesting tidbit: Williamstown Head Coach, Bill Simpkins was(and is tonight) serving his 3 match suspension for a questionable red card at SK last week. He will return to the sideline in regional competition.
  13. No need to debate! It's because AD carried Old Man Cry-me-a-River.
  14. Ankle Monitor KCP was peak KCP, but this guy in the playoffs was really really good, much to my surprise.
  15. Let's not forget the two LA teams were the only ones to vote(or whatever the process was) against restarting after the boycott in the first round. They didn't think it was the right thing either. Also, the Champs* had a key player opt out, which begs the question, would KCP have had a shot at Game 4 magic if Avery Bradley hadn't opted out?
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