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  1. Sounds like someone familiar with Louisville is headed back this way.
  2. Anyone know where coach Washington is headed?
  3. I haven't heard any openings in JCPS yet. Any news?
  4. Most of the gyms in Louisville are "cookie cutters." I'd like to know what Shawnee or Atherton would be like if filled to capacity. Ballard's campus is nice. There is a good vibe as you walk up to enter the gym on a night when there's a big game.
  5. I was told they made a hire. An assistant coach from a school outside jefferson Co. Not going to post until confirmed.
  6. What is the best high school gym in Kentucky, present or past, and why? Please post an image of the gym if possible.
  7. Mosely did not play. Mekhi played sparingly. Anyone know the status of Mosely? I heard he wasn't on the bench for the game
  8. Who is the favorite to win the All A tournament this year?
  9. Per courier-journal. 7th region "All A" contender is the extent of my knowledge.
  10. When Indiana went to class basketball, the sectionals (equivalent to districts) lost all their luster. Rivalry match-ups in your sectional went away and teams sometimes had to travel over an hour to play in their sectional. Fan attendance at the sectional level was terrible. Not sure if this is still the case, but I'd assume to ensure teams are playing within their class, the travel necessary would be the same or worse than it was in Indiana. Ask a majority of people in Indiana and they'll tell you class basketball killed the state tournament.
  11. I'd argue that the other candidates, especially if they're young, gain valuable experience going through the interview process...
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