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  1. My first time witnessing a game a DeSales. The student section, named “The Danger Zone” I’m told, was outstanding. Doss had two students come over and engage the DeSales students when the Dragons took the lead late. All in good fun I”m sure!!! DeSales hit a 3 with 5 seconds to go and then had to withstand a 30 foot attempt at the buzzer to survive. Students rushed the floor after shot went awry. Exciting HS basketball game!!!
  2. Yes I been on the property but not inside the school. So your telling us what you stated earlier is in fact true? If so, and I have no reason to doubt your word (other than it doesn’t pass the smell test for ME), they limit the number of kids? This leads to many questions for me but two of them are: Who sets these limits and how does one get chosen to go to that school?
  3. So LCA keeps their enrollment low for Athletics? I find that hard to believe. Schools are (or should be) in the business of education. The more students, especially when there is tuition involved, the better.
  4. Basketball All A encompasses the smallest 125 schools My guess is 2A covers the next 125 schools or something like that
  5. This score surprised me. I saw Eastern earlier in the season and thought they had the makings of a really nice team. Manual totally outclassed them tonight.
  6. Yes The BE players were informed that the school is looking for a new Head football coach.
  7. Here’s why? It’s a district game and the district continues to want to seed for the district tourney. If it was a blind draw for the tourney, I doubt any SHA would schedule any of their district opponents.
  8. The Colts play a lot of close games against some good teams. Bodes well for tourney time I’d think, but they’ve got to be able to close the deal in some of these. Kudos for playing anyone, anywhere!
  9. Ding ding ding….we have a winner! If a Coach wants a kid and the kid wants to go to DuPont, the kid will be at DuPont. It really is that simple.
  10. T will be just fine. Coach Szabo is one of the best in the state and while there are no elite players there, he will get the best out of what he has. Tranfers have also hurt the talent level on Shelbyville Rd.
  11. Not doubting those numbers BUT I’d think that is not just a coaching salary. Did Coach Cronin teach a class or two? Did he have another administrative position within the school. That 290 seems REALLY high for “just” a football coach at an NAIA school.
  12. Well my name could be for that OR I could’ve been in the Air Force. I’ll never tell….
  13. Colonel you better throw DeSales in that mix!!! Will be battle tested for the post season.
  14. Bill Cronin has retired at Georgetown College after a great run. Is there a fan base in NKY worrying that they may lose their HC???
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