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  1. Tell me more? What position does he play and is he going to camps this year?
  2. A little birdie told me that the Mercy job is open...
  3. Interesting Someone caved!!! It is hard finding coaches these days and Administrators need to have their coaches backs. The folks at NO have NOT in the past. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Best of luck to all.
  4. ^^^This The kid has done an incredible job getting himself into shape. He’s not going backwards tOSU to me is the biggest threat to flip him.
  5. Well I know for certain that Basketball has had there share of “ overly involved parents” and IF you have spineless administrators....this is what happens.
  6. I have no idea of what the circumstances are in this case BUT this school seems to have a problem keeping coaches in ALL sports. A little too much parental involvement is what I hear....
  7. Still a great job on the Highway!!! Be interested to see who Coach Just chooses?
  8. It could have been called a foul BUT I’m pretty sure that the 10 times Ralston ended up on the floor after drives to the basket should have resulted in more than 5 FTAs. Refs are human and make mistakes. The key is to be far enough ahead that one late game call doesn’t determine your fate.
  9. Reported on radio that the win was Coach Donna Moir’s 700th victory. Thats impressive.
  10. Keith has stepped down at Mercy. Great guy and Coach. Big shoes to fill. Who fills them?
  11. Great hire but he will find the parents just as bad if not worse than where he came from.
  12. I have to believe that the car accident that broke the hand of Radford signee Destinee Marshall really hurt SHA's chances this year. But with no conclusion to tourney it is a moot point.
  13. This is a PRIME job. Lot of good returners (including KC's son). Ready made for a run to Rupp in 2021.
  14. Ryle B East Casey Anderson Henderson BG SHA GRC
  15. Will X and T play at Trinity? They earned the right to host but that will be a packed house. Could probably sell out Bellarmine.
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