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  1. I think you missed the joke. Once Sheppard signed with UK the honor was a given. While that may have happened in the past, this one is well deserved. He had a great career and a great senior season.
  2. I firmly disagree. How many times do we see kids decommit? This is a two way street and at the end of the day BOTH parties (school and player) need to do what’s best for them. Good Luck to the young man.
  3. So how many total HC jobs are open? Mods do we need an Open jobs post?
  4. I could go either way with this one but what Woj stated about the money doesn’t hit for me. It would be a one time cost and then it’s done. Woj is correct that it would be the hardest job in the gym, so let’s give it to the refs? Go back to 2 person crews on the floor and let the 3rd ref run the shot clock.
  5. Yeah. Last year shot a shot they shouldn’t have and this year did the exact opposite.
  6. So how did we survive without Ticketmaster? I find what you are saying hard to believe wrt prices and where the money goes.
  7. Heard an interesting nugget on this at halftime of the GRC boys game. Is coach moving to Winchester?
  8. We will see. How does he do in AAU against taller guards? I know Defense not all out in AAU but that would give you some indication. It will be an interesting case but surely ALL those High Major coaches couldn’t be wrong could they?
  9. Coach Haworth needs to keep his starters on the bench with the game in hand. can't let anything happen that will keep kids out of later games
  10. You can stay. The sections from baseline to baseline are reserved. Everything else general admission.
  11. Just goes to show how bad a formula RPI has. To completely ignore out of state competition and not using H2H as a bigger component is ludicrous. Massey a much better program
  12. So where is Zee going to college? Also heard some rumblings that there may be a prep school in Kentucky in a year or so
  13. That one Senior was/has been their defensive leader for four years. Triniti Ralston doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Best defensive player in the state and totally shut down McCracken last night with her D on Johnson. They will miss her BUT you are correct that they are primed for a long run.
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