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  1. Questions with the result of X and Male this past Friday, is there anyone who thinks X is the number 1 team in 6A? X played without two of their best defenders and easily could have tied the game late. Who is the choice in a rematch???
  2. Word on the streets that Central has a very talented group of Freshman. It will be interesting to see the outcomes of these Frosh/JV games
  3. That should read “ HS placement test is early December “
  4. Guru, I am speaking about next years incoming kids. This season will be over in mid November for most teams. The hiring process takes some time as there will be many applicants. Typically the HS placement test is in early November. Kids and their parents want to see/meet/know the coach before making that choice. There is also the aspect of who is going to be representing DeSales at local youth league games. It’s a part of the fabric of CSAA football that local High Schools have their eyes open for talent.
  5. Totally agree Guru. Thats why they need to make the best decision for DeSales and in my opinion waiting is NOT the best option. Bellarmine didn’t wait when they hired Coach Davis away from them. Start now, find your coach and let him/her get a head start on getting acclimated.
  6. Agree on DeSales being a good job BUT with numbers down in the program they can’t afford to wait too long as kids want to know who they will be playing for. DeSales should do what’s right for DeSales.
  7. Is this the same Gerald Gray that played HS in the late 70’s, early 80’s? Maybe at Iroquois or Central? If so….Baller!!!
  8. Lots to unpack here…. As far as BU Basketball goes, does Coach actually make that from the University? I know he is active in the community, has basketball camps and does radio. Not sure all his compensation comes from the school? As far as Sprint Football, I can’t see BU paying Coach Davis the sum reported here. This is a case of a Coach who was unhappy where he was, and as stated by other’s, doesn’t have to relocate to get into college coaching. My GUESS is that Coach Davis will be making less than $100k.
  9. One of the top jobs in Louisville is going to come open…. Keep your ears to the ground and you might hear what’s up!
  10. Young Mr Lile just signed an over slot deal with the Nationals. $1.75 mil signing vs 1.5 slot value. Congrats to him and his family!
  11. These have been the 2 best teams all year and both have played strong schedules. May the best team win tonight…because I think that is Trinity!
  12. I didn’t know the coaches could talk to the players at these events? I thought it was for coaches viewing the players?
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