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  1. What about former OC Andrew Coverdale who went to Cincinnati St. X?
  2. My iPad stream was more reliable than my Firestick but both worked pretty well. I do have ATT fiber and a Ethernet cable directly to the Firestick which helps.
  3. From Jason Frakes: Final tally on Trinity's defense: Allowed 4.8 points per game (#1 in the state) Posted 41 1/2 sacks (#1 in the state) Allowed 26 total rushing yards all season (#1 in the state) Allowed 4 TDs (all pass plays of 22 yards or longer)
  4. I thought for the most part, the quality was pretty good. A couple of times I had to back out and go back in but I would give it a B for the season. I did enjoy discovering some of the small schools that have fabulous production quality. Some that come to mind are Murray, LCA and West Carter. Would love to see some of the bigger schools join the network and put out the same quality.
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