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  1. Most places are GA. Most games are not packed. How about wear a mask and use common sense.... Leave some space or stand near a fence and act like everyone has the flu...
  2. I do not think scheduling anyone less than a 5A school in Kentucky makes sense for the Rocks.
  3. There is over 30 Covid viruses. They are not new. .004%
  4. Besides his wallet, does Cris Collinsworth take an active roll in the football program?
  5. Trinity drives 1. Punt 2 through 9 TD’s 10. Punt. Rocks playing their best football right now.
  6. Very impressed with the fans OC brought. They were loud and proud. Best visiting crowd all season. Kudos.
  7. So if you go out of state to play top competition, it may cost you a home playoff game. Yeah, that makes sense...
  8. Running clock with 10:02 in the second. Rocks struck quickly.
  9. Male doesn’t want a turf field. They know how to use the one they have to their advantage.
  10. It was nearly a three hour game with all the flags.
  11. Ballard had 21 penalties for 181 yds and three ejections. Two players and the head coach....
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