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  1. It would be nice to have a centralized 15k-20K high school stadium for playoffs and etc.. Similar to Massillon in Ohio.
  2. You cannot say you want the coach fired on Twitter? I didn’t see anything out of bounds.
  3. I was told two years ago that the radio broadcast was going to be attached to the feed. I am thinking the new on field video hijacked all of that. Still no excuse for Trinity whom should be the gold standard.
  4. I am glad it’s in Erlanger. Bloody Breathitt has been a road block before.
  5. As I said, Louisville speed is just different. I have always been a Roy Lucas Jr fan since he was at Lloyd, however, going for it on 4th and long inside your 40 in the third seems like a concession.
  6. St.X has a bigger line year after year. Also, I believe Center Grove line was quite big.
  7. This is certainly not your uncle’s Trinity. They have not improved since week three. Their play calling at times is suspect. They play deliberately and do not have any edge playmakers. They also seem to not be able to complete passes over 10 yards. However, they can run right by SK’s offensive line. The defensive front has lots of speed. Trinity’s depth will also be a problem for SK. I think the difference is Trinity’s speed in the end. Louisville speed is just different. Seeing SK against Highlands and Woodford Co, they just seem a bit slow. Trinity’s recipe for success is no turnovers, few penalties and getting points in the red zone. The recipe for SK is to take chances downfield and take advantage of any Trinity miscues.
  8. As a Trinity fan, I want to see what they look like on Friday. Either way, I think going to Independence will be a challenge.
  9. Solid play on both sides of the ball by the Rocks. Been a tough month. Winning is good…
  10. @Tigerpride94 this team is regressing. First time since 2009 I have seen it this bad. I’m exhausted with calling out the coaches. The players gave a great effort.
  11. Under this administration, yes. Do you believe in what @NLTanker1and I have been saying now?
  12. I think that if Drew Allen can find his touch on the pass, Trinity’s offense will go to the next level quickly.
  13. @NLTanker1 You are not overreacting. You have plenty of supporters in Section 101. Trinity played with more focus for sure. Unfortunate they didn’t play like that the previous two weeks. That effort would have been good enough to win both weeks. For the third straight week, gave up a bad punt block, which ended up to be the Bombers only score. I don’t understand why they keep the punter so close to the center without additional protection. The Rocks showed great mettle taking the next possession for a TD. I think the Bombers are certainly down this year but they are still Cincinnati St. X and always a quality brand name win. On to district play. Go Rocks!
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