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  1. Best wishes to Coach Brian Weinrich. Wonderful person and outstanding football coach.
  2. My Dad & I would walk up from Green Acres in November to watch those games in the mid 70's. Special place for November HS football.
  3. Coach Scenters also won a region title at Madison Central in 2018. Those are tough to get. Someone will get a terrific football coach and man when they hire Mark Scenters. Best wishes coach!
  4. I was 5 years old when Robert Allen Yankey died in the middle of the season at Boyle County, September 25th, 1970. In the preseason, the Rebels scrimmaged Bardstown who would go on to win the Class A state title, and did extremely well... my Dad said they kicked their tail (although he has been known to exaggerate). I know my Dad's Boyle team left there believing they were, or could be, the best football team in KY Class A, 1970. After Robert Allen died, it was all those devastated, broken-hearted kids and coaches could do to finish the season. The Wildcat coaches and players are not just going to "get over" the loss of a great man(Robert Allen was the same) like John Schlarman. It does something to you and it stays with you a long time. You can't stop thinking about him. Part of you mourns him for a long time. My Dad never got over it and some of Robert Allen's teammates are the same, even today. Please... extend grace to those coaches and players. Pray for them and Coach Schlarman's family. Obviously I love football. But, goodness gracious, there are some things that are so much bigger and more important than how a team plays or the outcome on the scoreboard.
  5. Very proud to be a KY HS Football Coach. The guys in our profession have done a super job in their efforts to be in compliance, prevent the spread of COVID, and make it possible for our kids to have a football season in the fall of 2020. Also, school administrators and communities as a whole have worked to make this happen. Very appreciative of their efforts as well.
  6. TJ and I did talk this week.... but, right now.... jumping on a school bus for a long bus ride is not in anyone's best interest. Navigating this COVID is tough. Just when you think you have figured out what the rules/parameters are....you find out you were wrong. Beyond frustrating. Would love to go to Flatwoods ONE MORE TIME before my days coaching football come to an end. Love that place.
  7. I appreciate it guys. Thank you so much. Was very proud of our young men. Taylor County is tough as nails. They would not go away. We took a knee at 46 seconds. Until then, they fought us tooth and nail. It was a great night in Harrodsburg. Was so glad for our kids and community to have a Friday night football game. I don't know what the future holds, but if they shut us down tomorrow, everything we did to have football in the fall of 2020.... it was worth it.
  8. Normally, we have a team meeting in May and we give our families the calendar for the preseason and an idea of what to expect the entire season. Finally, August 31, I could give our families a calendar for the month of September. Things seem a little more normal right now. Feels like a huge accomplishment to go June, July & August with no stoppages. Hope all of our kids will be on the game field very soon!
  9. If I were a private school, would be very tempting to go on their own and play a regional or national schedule. Many of their students are there for athletics. They need to play athletics to survive as a school, hold on to students to pay the bills. And, if they can draw the best kids from the public schools in the area, could play with most any program in the nation. Could take their football program and school to a whole other level. Crises reveal leadership. The cream rises to the top. The schools and programs that handle this the best will go to an entirely new level. Those that do not, will struggle for some time to come. Personally, I'm just fighting like crazy to make sure that we are working our tails off at Mercer County and doing all we can do to make our program the best it can be, during this time and in the future. Things are so up and down right now... mentally taxing... can wear you down. We're just trying to focus on our kids each day. One thing about it... sure do appreciate a day of football practice much more than I use to. Want to brag on our guys... we practiced all week, 7 am - 9 am... ZERO unexcused absences. Next week we are 6 am - 8 am. Guys have to arrive by 5:45 am. If we can do that again, will be very pleased. Wishing everyone a "COVID news free weekend!" 😀
  10. Last night was very uneasy. Today, things seem much better. Thank you to everyone who has supported our kids playing. And, I genuinely believe having our kids in athletics will hold down Covid numbers. Turning them loose right now would be a disaster. Also, one reason I have supported BGPreps and theGuru over the years is how he keeps the conversation civil. Without civility, there is no dialogue. Especially in 2020, we need all the civility and dialogue we can get.
  11. Guru- I'm not real polished on camera, but thanks for getting our message out there. I think we will be fine.
  12. Our KY HS football coaches have been united, working together to have workouts and do our best to protect the vulnerable. Overall, we have been successful in doing so. I believe we will play this fall.
  13. Coach Irvine is a legend in Harrodsburg and Burgin. Good hire by Casey County!
  14. One last thing.... if public schools, in any state, do not play football, the privates will find a way to play and explode. The gap between public and private will grow across the board. Kids/families want to play football. They will find a way.
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