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  1. Since this blog was posted, over 700 people have read it. It was a blast for me yesterday to visit with Lee and talk about my Dad and the old days. People love Lee Glasscock. His life has been a huge and positive impact on so many, and still is today.
  2. Trosper got to hear a good story on his grandfather today. Lee Glasscock was on my Dad's first team at Boyle in 1969. One day, Lee and Vaughn Bradley had been working all day in tobacco and were about to be late to practice. In making the trip from Perryville to Boyle County HS, they went flying by assistant coach, Morris Allen Stewart. They were driving way past the speed limit. Lee says that they see everyone headed up to "Blood Hill" ....what was then the Rebel practice field and is now the site of the new Boyle County MS. Lee and Vaughn ran in the locker-room, got dressed, grabbed their helmets and sprinted to practice. They made it! After the practice, my Dad says, "Lee and Vaughn.... I need to see you." My Dad put them on the two man sled. They drove that sled from Blood Hill to Perryville Road. Then, they drove the sled back up to Blood Hill where they started. Probably about 300 + yards, one way. When they got back to where they started, my Dad just told them, "When you come to practice, you need to do it slower. " He didn't yell at them, preach at them, etc. That was it. They could leave. My Dad wasn't big on warnings. You knew right from wrong and his expectation was to do what is right. With the weekend coming up... make good decisions. If you don't, we may have to find us a two-man sled and make our way to Blood Hill.
  3. I am a big fan of Coach Pippen's. We both ended up at the Gatlinburg Inn one Christmas and got to telling stories while watching college basketball in the lobby. He had been friends with my Dad at Danville HS. Really good guy and will do a super job for Glasgow. Congrats coach!
  4. Coach Starns has a great basketball mind and works his tail off. Best of luck to him and his new team!
  5. Jayson Coburn will be their QB. He is a good player and a worker. Good luck to Coach DeGregorio!
  6. ArcGIS Dashboards This is encouraging. The purpose of the restrictions was to flatten the curve. Looks like it has been successful. I would think this means we can do more sooner than anticipated. Hope so.
  7. Chuck is arguably one of the finest coaches... ever... in the state of KY and deserves every bit of credit. I do appreciate you though highlighting some of those good Rebel teams leading up to his arrival. And, it was really down when he got there. According to my Dad (who could definitely exaggerate when it came to his players :sssh: ) and to several of his old players, the 1970 Rebels scrimmaged Bardstown that preseason and did very well. Bardstown went on to win the state title that season. That was the year that Boyle's QB, Robert Allen Yankey, drown at midseason.... a tragedy that went way beyond football. And, my Dad and his teammates never got over it.
  8. 1969. If that is correct, Harrodsburg's one loss was to Boyle County. Boyle finished 9-1-1. Stanford beat them to win the district.
  9. When I was growing up, we attended Centenary United Methodist Church in Danville, KY. For 19 years when I would leave my Sunday School class on the 2nd floor, hanging over the stairs was a huge banner, "God Doesn't Make Junk." My best guess is some Methodist hippies back in the 60's made that banner. I am thankful I saw that almost every Sunday from 1969 through 1988. For many of us, we define ourselves by what we do and what we accomplish. Some times, we can define ourselves based on how much other people value us, or their opinion of us. God's Word says we are created in His image (Genesis 1:27) and He put us together inside of our mother's womb (Psalm 139:13). According to Psalm 139:14, we are fearfully & wonderfully made by God, and that His creations are wonderful or marvelous. When you read those words that is God's opinion of YOU. That is His value of you. And, He values you and me so much, He sent His Son to pay for our sins. If my self worth comes from being a football coach, I am in big trouble right now. Sure, I try to keep our football family connected during this time. But, the number of football workouts & practices since March 11th... ZERO. My value doesn't come from a football, my job, or my paycheck. My value comes from WHO created me.... and You. And, that person you see that maybe you think you are better than they are.... their value comes from the same place as your value and it is the same. And, what is even better...since we are created in God's image, we CAN solve the problems we are facing right now. We are capable. We are far from hopeless. Over the years, during some of the toughest times, I have had to remember that banner hanging up that I would see every Sunday. I can't put into words how thankful I am for that repetitive visual that I needed and would help me for my entire lifetime. Don't ever forget..... GOD DOESN'T MAKE JUNK. Black Shoes and White ShoeStrings: God Doesn't make Junk- Our Value during the Coronavirus
  10. Here are the numbers from this source as of 1:40 pm, 5/2/2020. KY has an estimated population of 4.5 million people. ArcGIS Dashboards
  11. It turned out, it would be the last home football game I would coach at Mason County. We had senior night (10/17/14) coming up and our field was getting hammered all week with rain. We had a GREAT turf guy in Chad Asbury. Our field was in very good shape, but the surface was thin from hosting football and soccer all season, and an all day band contest earlier in the fall. With the amount of water on that field, the game was going to be a mess. And, we would do damage to the field going forward. To remove some of the water and improve our playing surface, I decided we should bring in a helicopter to dry the field. For Maysville, Ky, this was a radical decision. And, I really appreciated my bosses supporting me in doing so. We paid for the helicopter with fundraising money. It did not cost the taxpayers a dime. But, not everyone understood that. And, even some of those that did thought it was a waste of money. I was also criticized by those that thought our kids should be tougher, able to play in the mud, I was being soft, etc. It was not a popular decision and I got a bunch of criticism over it. We already had a ton of money invested in that field, much of it taxpayer money. I didn't want to do damage that could be avoided. I also wanted our kids to be able to play on the best surface possible, if there was a way to do so. Often times for me, weather decisions are driven by finances. Mud significantly increases wear and tear on equipment and/or takes an incredible amount of valuable time for cleanup & repair. If I can avoid it, I do so because it saves money and benefits everyone in the athletic program. The helicopter made a big difference in removing water from the surface. Our field was in much better shape because of the decision we made. Even after leaving Mason County and being at Mercer for 5 years, I still have people bring up the helicopter story. Besides the reasons listed above, I wanted to send a message to our players. #1- You are important to me. Important enough for me to do something"crazy" like get a helicopter to dry the field. #2- What we do is important. We have much invested. This game coming up matters. Anything I can do, we can do, to help us win, we will do it. #3- I wanted to communicate to people OUTSIDE of our program that our kids were very important to me. We had lost a tough game and played very poorly the week before. I wanted to make sure EVERYONE knew my kids were important to me and I still believed in them. In fact, the more criticism that I got, the better. Every time the coach is willing to stick his neck out for his kids, that is a positive for the team. The kids are smart enough to figure out, our coach is getting blasted for this, but he is doing it for us. If the coach is all in for the players, it encourages the players to be all in for the program and the team. As the new week approaches, how can you be "radical" for your team? What are steps you can take that communicate to your student-athletes.... "You are extremely important to me and what we do matters!" Any time we can do more than everyone thinks we should or is required, it makes our team stronger. Over the years, the most successful people seem to be the ones that don't mind doing things that appear unusual, excessive, over the top, etc. The easiest way to never be criticized.... never do anything or make a decision... especially something unconventional. When Monday morning hits, go find a "helicopter" for your team. They are worth it.
  12. I went for a run last night and Cliff Nobles' THE HORSE came on. I can listen to that over and over again. That was a pep band classic for a HS football or basketball game in the early 70's. Still, every time I hear it, I think of that goalline stand our guys had at Paris in the 2nd round of the playoffs in November of 1994. We had a handful of really good players, but only dressed about 27 that night. Our opponent was a very good NewCath team coached by Bob Schneider. The day before, our practice stunk to the point that I thought our guys had given up on the season and saw little hope of winning. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. Our defensive coordinator was Phillip Burbage and our goalline defense had seven guys up front.... we struggled to even have seven big guys on our team! But, the good thing about it was that some of those big guys got a chance to get on the field. So, 4th and goal inside of the one yard line, Paris, KY, Blanton Collier Stadium, November playoff game, the Greyhound Band is playing "The Horse"...loud...our big guys play great! They don't allow any movement on the LOS. Our LB's are able to come over the top and stop the play. Our guys make the stop and celebrate. As soon as it happened, I was especially happy for our big guys. They didn't get the spotlight too often. But, here they were, on a tradition rich field, the band is playing "The Horse" the crowd is cheering.... this is their moment! Some of those big guys usually didn't get much recognition. Some didn't get a whole lot of playing time, even though they never missed a practice or a workout. But, in this moment, their hard work and dedication paid off. Most of the time, the guys that hang in there for all four years, they have their moment. Some will start and play a bunch. Some will just play a little, but usually, they all have their time. And, when they do, it is great to see it. Cliff Nobles- THE HORSE You can watch this play at : Black Shoes and White ShoeStrings: Cliff Nobles, The Horse and Earning that Moment on a HS Football Field
  13. Dr. Kevin Elko. "Compared to What?"
  14. Happy for Coach Peach. Outstanding football coach. Best wishes to him and Trigg County. If there is anyone there like Greg Bridges, they will be tough to beat. Good grief he could play!
  15. Happy Birthday to Chris Lofton! photo by @theguru
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