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  1. Mercer County Titans Find A Way To Win January 20, 2022 Thank you to Mercer Co. Schools, my bosses, our players, our coaches, and the entire community for allowing me to be the head coach of the Titans these past 7 years. In the seven years before me, the Mercer County Titans had four head football coaches. I am very grateful for my seven years, getting to be the head football coach in our hometown. I am also very thankful for the tremendous work and progress that has been made, going back to 2015.  When Dennis Davis hired me f
  2. I really hope they decide to use the data from less than a year ago. They did this last year, and we were very appreciative that they did so. Thank you!
  3. Or, just listen to the administrators that spoke on their very own (KHSAA) survey.... by 65 %! If someone can explain this to me, please do.
  4. KHSAA did a survey of administrators less than a year ago. I don't understand why they want to do another survey in such a short time period. Seems like they would trust their own survey / results.
  5. Excellent football player. Everyone in Mercer County is glad to see him graduate. We will be the ones cheering when they hand him his diploma. Super nice young man as well. Congrats Easton!
  6. I've been trying to get hired at BGPreps and @theguru says that has been pushed back THREE weeks due weather. I think he is making excuses. Lol
  7. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one’s whole being into the being of another. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKLegacy Charlie Mayfield running for a Touchdown, early 70's We started this in Mercer County Schools a couple weeks ago and are off to a really good start. Goal: To help form & promote positive attitudes about ethnicity for our youngest students in Mercer County Schools. Action: Every Thursday morning, 2 or 3 football p
  8. We invite the “Dirty 32”. The 32 8th graders we target for freshman football… football kids and kids that play other sports or are recommended as potential players. But we share it all over the place…. If a kid wants to be one of the 32, he can. We ended up inviting 36, I think. We want 65 kids every season… 20 freshmen and 15 in the other 3 classes. That gives us numbers but a manageable number to coach. It has gone well for us. This group was really excited. Very good night. This class can be special. Several guys are repeats… an extra year is always good for males & being
  9. We started this at Mason County in 2010. This event is for incoming freshmen & their families to meet our staff, tour our facility & get an overview of Titan 🏈. Was a great night!
  10. Just got this question from a student, "Is free?" My answer, "In terms of money, yes. But, it costs you time, effort, & sweat. And, you must put everyone on the team ahead of yourself." The same things that make great, make tough. Embrace that. Never apologize for it. Thought the BGPreps crowd would appreciate it. Sometimes the posts on this site are a little over the top. I can be the same. But, this crowd loves HS football and I appreciate that. 🙂
  11. This is all well and good, but my personal favorite..... "Boyle County Citizens for Safe Driving" Lol
  12. Only ONE of those 5 men is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Considering his 1964 World Championship w/the Cleveland Browns, high character, & his innovative work in film analysis, that needs to change. Thank you Sunday Night Football NBC for the graphic! PLEASE SHARE!! #BlantonCollier #CaptainGeorge
  13. Here are Coach Blanton Collier's "Quarterback Reminders." Once again, coaching of the eyes and attention to detail are the overriding theme to his insights.
  14. In general, not 100 %, but often..... the larger the geographic area of the school and the more poverty... the tougher it is to win in football. the more concentrated the area the school draws from and more affluent (old city schools, historically) ... the more likely to have success in football. Think of it like this.. if you live 30 minutes from school and struggle to make ends meet, going to be awful tough to make football practice a priority each day. And, the head football coach of that school needs to understand that... and work to account for it.
  15. Mrs. ChiefSmoke agrees on the pay! Lol
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