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  1. BGPreps- We are excited to host Southwestern. They have an excellent football team. All tickets will be online. Concession stand is cash. GPS is Pioneer Way, Harrodsburg. Friday, by 3 pm, you should be able to find the ticket link on twitter at @MercerCoTitans . Please... come to this game. Should be a great Friday night. Football pays for all other athletics at Mercer County, like most schools. We will need to buy several new helmets and a new set of white jerseys for the 2022 season.... WE NEED THE MONEY! LOL In all seriousness, this potentially could be one of the fine
  2. My first year as the head coach of Paris, 1992, went to a Highlands playoff practice and watched the defensive line scheme period... which is still my preferred way to review and teach, inseason. I believe they beat Ashland that week and eventually won the state title. When John and Rob both got into coaching, we became friends. Miss them both, but thankful for two guys that had big hearts, loved others, and made such a positive impact on those around them.
  3. *Just spoke to Mr. Julian Tackett. This option is not available, but the KHSAA office is working with schools to be creative and flexible in playing as many games as possible. Thank you Mr. Tackett!
  4. From the KFCA Elected Council, all 12 members . Seeking flexibility so we can play as many games as possible, while we are able to do so.
  5. How is your team navigating the heat right now and continuing to practice?
  6. One way or another, you've been there for a bunch of Lincoln County football over the years. You may need to change your name to Mr. Patriot. 😀
  7. @coachhawk has done a super job at Bryan Station. This will be a big challenge for our team & we are looking forward to it. Makes it even tougher, my old QB, Harry Lewis is on the Defender staff. Wonderful young man! On matching wits... job number one for me is not over coach and screw up the good players that we do have!
  8. Dumb question- if they prevent concussions better than a helmet without them, why don't we wear them for games? We are the opposite... very few practice concussions. Most of ours come in the games.
  9. Games will be played at Alvis Johnson Field (371 East Lexington Street, Harrodsburg KY 40330). Gates will open at 4:00 pm for spectators. Tickets will be available ONLINE ONLY for $10 (plus processing fees). Below is the ticket link, however they WILL NOT be able to purchase tickets until closer to game day. Ticket link: https://mercer-titans.ticketleap.com/
  10. Awful tough for St. X.... they risked a major Covid event (bus ride) for no scrimmage. Sitting around waiting for the weather to clear would have been just as bad or even worse... at least on the bus you can open windows. If they can get through this without Covid case and the quarantines that go with it, will have been a very successful night. I don't know what it is like for everyone else, but right now, for us, 2021 has been much tougher than 2020 in regards to Covid.
  11. Not sure. Have always heard talk like that but have never experienced at Mercer or Mason.
  12. It is my understanding that a student-athlete is always eligible at some school.... usually the one they just left.
  13. Will do facebook live at 5:15 on our team facebook page.
  14. Mercer County VARSITY Football is VOLUNTARILY pausing practice, until MON, 8/16. At that time, those student-athletes that are safely able to do so will return to practice and play. This is a proactive step to protect our players, team , season & prevent Covid from spreading through our team. The Frosh/JV are able to continue w/o pause. I will try to do a Facebook live, soon, to share information.
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