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  1. Normally, we have a team meeting in May and we give our families the calendar for the preseason and an idea of what to expect the entire season. Finally, August 31, I could give our families a calendar for the month of September. Things seem a little more normal right now. Feels like a huge accomplishment to go June, July & August with no stoppages. Hope all of our kids will be on the game field very soon!
  2. If I were a private school, would be very tempting to go on their own and play a regional or national schedule. Many of their students are there for athletics. They need to play athletics to survive as a school, hold on to students to pay the bills. And, if they can draw the best kids from the public schools in the area, could play with most any program in the nation. Could take their football program and school to a whole other level. Crises reveal leadership. The cream rises to the top. The schools and programs that handle this the best will go to an entirely new level. Those that do not, will struggle for some time to come. Personally, I'm just fighting like crazy to make sure that we are working our tails off at Mercer County and doing all we can do to make our program the best it can be, during this time and in the future. Things are so up and down right now... mentally taxing... can wear you down. We're just trying to focus on our kids each day. One thing about it... sure do appreciate a day of football practice much more than I use to. Want to brag on our guys... we practiced all week, 7 am - 9 am... ZERO unexcused absences. Next week we are 6 am - 8 am. Guys have to arrive by 5:45 am. If we can do that again, will be very pleased. Wishing everyone a "COVID news free weekend!" 😀
  3. Last night was very uneasy. Today, things seem much better. Thank you to everyone who has supported our kids playing. And, I genuinely believe having our kids in athletics will hold down Covid numbers. Turning them loose right now would be a disaster. Also, one reason I have supported BGPreps and theGuru over the years is how he keeps the conversation civil. Without civility, there is no dialogue. Especially in 2020, we need all the civility and dialogue we can get.
  4. Guru- I'm not real polished on camera, but thanks for getting our message out there. I think we will be fine.
  5. The plan is to play football in the fall and I believe that is the best plan for kids in all sports. Getting back on schedule is best for all student-athletes. Even if we pause our football season in the fall then start back to finish.... that is better than the disruption playing in the spring would be. We would still be dealing with the negatives in the fall of 2021.
  6. Taking the survey was Clay Clevenger's idea (Danville HS head coach). Coach Marc Clark of McCracken County built the survey and put together the results.
  7. We've had 63 kids working out since June 15. Of those 63, we have had ZERO cases of Covid. I hear similar stories from other coaches. Most of the time, if they do have a Covid case, it comes from an outside source... not a football workout. We work out in the morning. The first two groups are 7 am. Last two groups are 9 am. It's been good for our kids. They have something to do. They are with their teammates and coaches. We can enforce compliance and guidelines with 14-18 year old males more effectively than most any other place they could be. I'm starting to think that having football, keeping those kids occupied, may actually contribute to holding Covid case numbers down. I sure hope so.
  8. Our KY HS football coaches have been united, working together to have workouts and do our best to protect the vulnerable. Overall, we have been successful in doing so. I believe we will play this fall.
  9. Coach Irvine is a legend in Harrodsburg and Burgin. Good hire by Casey County!
  10. One last thing.... if public schools, in any state, do not play football, the privates will find a way to play and explode. The gap between public and private will grow across the board. Kids/families want to play football. They will find a way.
  11. Athletics will be played this fall, winter and spring. As of right now, that plan includes the KHSAA. But, if something were to happen and there are no public school HS athletics in KY, many athletes and families will find a way and a place to play. It may be a private school playing a national/regional schedule. It may be a club sport, private, AAU, etc. It may be in another state. Many KY athletes will play sports this fall. It is my hope, and I believe in the best interest of kids, that athletics take place through their HS here in KY. And, the people in charge know that. They also know the benefits of getting kids with their coaches and all that goes with athletics. They also know the negatives if that does not happen. Covid 19 is real. Absolutely. So are the detrimental effects on kids if we don't have public school athletics. And, as in most things, those that are most vulnerable (socially & economically) will suffer the most. I don't envy anyone in a position of leadership right now. This is tough and getting it right is tough. But, the kids are counting on us to get it right and we owe them our absolute best.
  12. The CDC definition for close contact is 6 feet for 15 minutes. Tailgating is voluntary. Would be tough to shut down, have someone buy a candy bar & coke at concession stand, etc. Hopefully we can tailgate.
  13. Many places, 50 % capacity would cover pretty big crowds. I know at our place with the tailgate area, etc., we have a boatload of space.
  14. I believe we will get good news tomorrow. The consensus is that switching spring & fall sports would not be good for most student-athletes. Athletic Staff/Facility Logistics, risking no baseball/softball two years in a row in case of a spike, and very difficult/tough on the bodies for kids to play a football season in the spring and then turn around and play again in the fall... not enough recovery time. Mr. Tackett has been great in seeking input from the KY HS Football Coaches Association both through the Elected Council and Regional Reps. I don't know what the final plan will look like, but the process has included our coaches and we are appreciative that has been the case. Bottomline, for the most part, we want our kids to have a season and we are willing to do what is necessary to make it happen... and protect the vulnerable the best that it can be done.
  15. Spring football started back in 1998. It was very beneficial for us at Mason County. The extra live reps helped us to improve dramatically. Spring football has also been a big help for us at Mercer County. Live reps in pads help guys get better. We only got 3 days in the spring of 2020, but were very glad to get those days. I sure hope we keep it.
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