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  1. 12 Team playoff system.... more risk of injury to players who have much at stake... big paychecks & financial security for their families. Also, significantly reduces the importance of regular season games.... many of which have made college football special and different from the others. I know I am in the very small minority.... but still convinced the old bowl system was best for college football. I really wish I didn't think that. I cringe when I see where this is headed. Wish I was excited about the changes. I will admit.... very biased. Some of my happiest day
  2. If your players / sons plan on attending summer camps in 2022, you absolutely need to track down events by OnTopAthletics & Ryan T. Montgomery in the off-season. Excellent prep work. Affordable. No recruiting garbage from other HS coaches or just trying to make money from kids & families. #FirstClass #KidsFirst
  3. Enjoyed having legendary Harrison County Coach, Ray Graham, talk to our guys this morning after our workout. Ray was a junior at Danville in 1969, my Dad's first season as head coach at Boyle. I was only four years old, but remember that game very well, played at Centre College. Ray's Dad, Gippy, was the head basketball coach at Boyle during that time and was a very good friend for my Dad. After our workout, we were on the white board & talked football for 3 hours. The man loves kids and loves football. What a blessing he is and has been to so many for so many years.
  4. Since they are a no brainer, it would be more than reasonable to bring them back in 2021... especially considering the numbers 65% & 77%.
  5. Making an Honest Person A Crook... Why there should never be intra district playoffs November 1993, New Cath @ Paris I learned much from working for Roger Gruneisen at Paris HS. There were only two things that got you kicked off the team... lying and stealing. But, it's never good to leave money, especially a large sum, laying out on the top shelf of your locker. Someone in need, really can be anyone, sees an opportunity to do the wrong thing, it can be tough to pass it up. Intra district play in the first two rounds of the playoffs is
  6. Coach Ryan Montgomery knows this stuff very well, and he is a kid-first guy. Check this out on Friday.
  7. Had another good workout. Kids got after it! We had guys from Ballard, Taylor Co. , Boyle Co., Lexington, Paris , Madison Central & Eminence. Next QB Workout... Saturday, 5/22, 2:30-4:30 @ Somerset HS. Thank you to Coach Robbie Lucas for hosting us. Let me know if you want a spot! #QuarterbackCamp #WhosNext
  8. In defense of Commissioner Julian Tackett, when he presented the results he said, "Two-Thirds of the schools want this (sister districts) and I recommend we give them what they want." When he said that, I don't think he meant 2023.
  9. I don't know if this is true or not. But, Harold Davis is a tremendous football coach and great person. Life isn't easy being in a district with DeSales & CAL, but I am glad that Harold has become a good friend. If he does go to Butler, sure, it will be tough. But, if there is anyone that can take Butler and compete with the best of the best, Harold is the guy. Being the great guy that I am , if he does make the move, I will be more than happy to come help him clean out his office and become a Butler Bear, ASAP. 🙂
  10. I hear really good things about Coach Rice. Loves Paris and the kids. Has a big time motor. Love the orange and black. Always will. Wish him and the Greyhounds the best! #ParisPr1de
  11. Bryan Kennedy - WTVQ 36 KHSAA BOC Decision on Playoffs
  12. Just got finished talking to Bryan Kennedy about yesterday's KHSAA BOC decision. He plans to air this today and tomorrow on ABC 36 News. I sure do appreciate Bryan and his love for KY HS Football!
  13. This is from an article that Joe Mathis wrote when this change came about two years ago: Clevenger and Smith were both in the football advisory meeting that took place Friday, Jan. 11 when the topic was discussed and both said that those in attendance were vehemently against it. “Every coach in that meeting adamantly spoke up and said they were against the intra-district play in the first two rounds,” Smith said. “You could play the same team back to back or you could play the same team within two weeks. Nobody in there thought that was good for high school football.” How
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