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  1. One last thing.... if public schools, in any state, do not play football, the privates will find a way to play and explode. The gap between public and private will grow across the board. Kids/families want to play football. They will find a way.
  2. Athletics will be played this fall, winter and spring. As of right now, that plan includes the KHSAA. But, if something were to happen and there are no public school HS athletics in KY, many athletes and families will find a way and a place to play. It may be a private school playing a national/regional schedule. It may be a club sport, private, AAU, etc. It may be in another state. Many KY athletes will play sports this fall. It is my hope, and I believe in the best interest of kids, that athletics take place through their HS here in KY. And, the people in charge know that. They also know the benefits of getting kids with their coaches and all that goes with athletics. They also know the negatives if that does not happen. Covid 19 is real. Absolutely. So are the detrimental effects on kids if we don't have public school athletics. And, as in most things, those that are most vulnerable (socially & economically) will suffer the most. I don't envy anyone in a position of leadership right now. This is tough and getting it right is tough. But, the kids are counting on us to get it right and we owe them our absolute best.
  3. The CDC definition for close contact is 6 feet for 15 minutes. Tailgating is voluntary. Would be tough to shut down, have someone buy a candy bar & coke at concession stand, etc. Hopefully we can tailgate.
  4. Many places, 50 % capacity would cover pretty big crowds. I know at our place with the tailgate area, etc., we have a boatload of space.
  5. I believe we will get good news tomorrow. The consensus is that switching spring & fall sports would not be good for most student-athletes. Athletic Staff/Facility Logistics, risking no baseball/softball two years in a row in case of a spike, and very difficult/tough on the bodies for kids to play a football season in the spring and then turn around and play again in the fall... not enough recovery time. Mr. Tackett has been great in seeking input from the KY HS Football Coaches Association both through the Elected Council and Regional Reps. I don't know what the final plan will look like, but the process has included our coaches and we are appreciative that has been the case. Bottomline, for the most part, we want our kids to have a season and we are willing to do what is necessary to make it happen... and protect the vulnerable the best that it can be done.
  6. Spring football started back in 1998. It was very beneficial for us at Mason County. The extra live reps helped us to improve dramatically. Spring football has also been a big help for us at Mercer County. Live reps in pads help guys get better. We only got 3 days in the spring of 2020, but were very glad to get those days. I sure hope we keep it.
  7. KY Football Coaches Association Elected Council Statement : 7/16/2020 We support KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett and the Board of Control in their efforts to safely have a 2020 Football Season this fall. We are willing to be flexible in how the season looks, including the number of games, when the season begins and in regards to the playoff structure. We are appreciative of the opportunity our kids have had to workout these past five weeks and that they will be able to continue those workouts through August 3rd. In order to have a football season in the fall of 2020 for our student-athletes, we are willing to make the necessary adjustments.
  8. Since this blog was posted, over 700 people have read it. It was a blast for me yesterday to visit with Lee and talk about my Dad and the old days. People love Lee Glasscock. His life has been a huge and positive impact on so many, and still is today.
  9. Trosper got to hear a good story on his grandfather today. Lee Glasscock was on my Dad's first team at Boyle in 1969. One day, Lee and Vaughn Bradley had been working all day in tobacco and were about to be late to practice. In making the trip from Perryville to Boyle County HS, they went flying by assistant coach, Morris Allen Stewart. They were driving way past the speed limit. Lee says that they see everyone headed up to "Blood Hill" ....what was then the Rebel practice field and is now the site of the new Boyle County MS. Lee and Vaughn ran in the locker-room, got dressed, grabbed their helmets and sprinted to practice. They made it! After the practice, my Dad says, "Lee and Vaughn.... I need to see you." My Dad put them on the two man sled. They drove that sled from Blood Hill to Perryville Road. Then, they drove the sled back up to Blood Hill where they started. Probably about 300 + yards, one way. When they got back to where they started, my Dad just told them, "When you come to practice, you need to do it slower. " He didn't yell at them, preach at them, etc. That was it. They could leave. My Dad wasn't big on warnings. You knew right from wrong and his expectation was to do what is right. With the weekend coming up... make good decisions. If you don't, we may have to find us a two-man sled and make our way to Blood Hill.
  10. I am a big fan of Coach Pippen's. We both ended up at the Gatlinburg Inn one Christmas and got to telling stories while watching college basketball in the lobby. He had been friends with my Dad at Danville HS. Really good guy and will do a super job for Glasgow. Congrats coach!
  11. Coach Starns has a great basketball mind and works his tail off. Best of luck to him and his new team!
  12. Jayson Coburn will be their QB. He is a good player and a worker. Good luck to Coach DeGregorio!
  13. ArcGIS Dashboards This is encouraging. The purpose of the restrictions was to flatten the curve. Looks like it has been successful. I would think this means we can do more sooner than anticipated. Hope so.
  14. Chuck is arguably one of the finest coaches... ever... in the state of KY and deserves every bit of credit. I do appreciate you though highlighting some of those good Rebel teams leading up to his arrival. And, it was really down when he got there. According to my Dad (who could definitely exaggerate when it came to his players :sssh: ) and to several of his old players, the 1970 Rebels scrimmaged Bardstown that preseason and did very well. Bardstown went on to win the state title that season. That was the year that Boyle's QB, Robert Allen Yankey, drown at midseason.... a tragedy that went way beyond football. And, my Dad and his teammates never got over it.
  15. 1969. If that is correct, Harrodsburg's one loss was to Boyle County. Boyle finished 9-1-1. Stanford beat them to win the district.
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