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  1. I like any connection to the Browns and Massillon Tigers. Any time the Bengals can tie into Paul Brown, that is outstanding.
  2. The first day of school after Christmas break for the kids. For me, I breakdown every defense we will face the next season before Christmas. Our DC has a big head start on every offense as well.
  3. We had a really good day yesterday. It was cold, but this group was focused / locked in. Very productive. Not sure we will have the full one day camp as in the past.... unless we do the one in Pikeville in May. Hopefully by then we have some normalcy. Staying outside and going two hours during the height of the Pandemic is the route to go. Hopefully we have another one in February. We had guys from Raceland, Powell Co., KCD, Corbin, Mercer Co., Marion Co., Western Hills, Boyle Co., Mason Co., Berea. #WhosNext #QuarterbackCamp It's been a great week. We started workouts at 6:40 am Tuesday morning. Got to travel to Beechwood HS on Thursday to present Cam Hergott his KFCA Mr. Football Trophy. Outstanding workout on Saturday with this exceptional group of young men! #KYHSFootball
  4. Coach Rash and Beechwood Schools did a super job in celebrating Cam Hergott and recognizing the 2020 KY Football Coaches Association Mr. Football. Very impressive. Today was a GREAT day for KY HS FOOTBALL!
  5. My Dad always wanted to get to UK games early to watch pregame. I like watching practice of really good programs to see how they work and what they do. If you are watching practice just because you want to watch your child, great. But, anything in regards to PT... not a fan. If there is a PT issue, your son needs to have a conversation with his position coach.... "what do I need to do to improve and get playing time?" My three kids have had some pretty ridiculous adults to deal with over the past 23 years. As much as I possibly can, I let my kids handle it. And, when my kids are dealing with those adults, they still know I have their back and I can step in if things escalate beyond an acceptable level. Yeah... it has been tough some times for them. But, they will be much stronger as adults. My oldest son had just started his job as a financial adviser when the Pandemic hit and the market was crashing. I couldn't be there to handle the crisis for him. It was a tough time and he had to fight through it. His Dad was not there to make it all better. I can't call the Stock Market and say... 'Hey, this is my son's first year on the job.... can you make the market average a 50 point gain the next 6 months so he can get off to a good start? He is a really good boy and deserves (entitled) it. " Everyday... I think about my kids and what their life will be like when I am dead. I have to get them ready for that. If I fight their battles for them, I am making them weaker adults.
  6. My current AD, Donald Smith, set the world on fire when he coached the Dunbar freshman team. Lafayette went after him and he became their head coach. A few years later, he was the head coach at KY State University. There may be a great coach close by. It takes work to find them when they are coaching freshman football. I found out later, I was being evaluated as a head coach candidate when I coached my freshmen team.
  7. Most people think the progression is OC or DC to head coach. The best progression is from freshman/JV coach to head coach. You already know how to run your own program. It depends on the setup, but at Paris, Mason County, & Mercer County, our freshman coach ran the program. Same offensive & defensive system, but handled logistics, personnel, practice schedules, accountability, communicating with parents, etc. In the 21st century, the freshman coach is bigger than the OC or DC. If you don't have a good one, the OC and DC won't have players to coach. Your frosh coach these days needs to be a rock star.... like Larry Harris (Mason County) or William Harris (Mercer County)!
  8. Coach Cobb has been an outstanding football coach for a long time. He is respected across the state. Congratulations to Cobb and the Shamrocks!
  9. I got to visit with Coach Eviston this week to learn some football. Impressive, outstanding young football coach backed by an administration that wants an elite football program. CovCath is going to be really good for a long time.
  10. Male is going to be really good for the foreseeable future. I think it is more a case of people WANT Coach Wolfe to leave because they are tough to beat. They were very young in 2020. He and his staff do a great job. Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking.
  11. In 29 seasons,, we have been 1-9 & 2-8....our staff and kids did a great job. Awful injuries. Kept the wheels on. Finished as strong as possible. Bounced back strong the following years. I could not disagree more with disqualifying a coach with that record. If you don’t give up.... you emerge from it a much better coach.
  12. Getting your FIRST job is the toughest. You need to be on staff ( me @ Paris), late summer opening, get on the board as a 2nd/3rd choice & they get to you. That is very tough and I was very frustrated going through it. why are there so few young coaches out there: 1-Fewer people going into education. And, of those who do & would be successful head coaches, many end up going into administration instead of becoming a head coach so they can better provide for their family. 2- When I was growing up, much less to do. HS 🏈 in my area... those guys were gods to us... Bo Yeast, Leonard Coulter, Dickie Mays, Tim Horn. Huge local media coverage (Bill & Larry Vaught). That environment played out in several areas in KY & created a tremendous passion for Friday night HS football. Old guys like me... you can say we “love” football.... but more like an addiction. A huge part of who we are, part of our soul.... sounds crazy. A lot more choices for guys in the 21st century. 3-Young guys more aware because of social media.... further south, HS 🏈 resources are much more available across the board. Several KY guys have told me they will never come back. Just too hard here compared to where they have been....GA, AL, etc. 4- In all walks of life, “paying your dues”, has gone out of style. Some guys get out of coaching before they become a head coach. Which is ok.... I love kids & football.... but being head coach is incredibly overrated. I had a whole lot more fun as an assistant. There are some really good young assistants out there that would make tremendous head coaches. I tell them all the time.... don’t take a job unless they give you what you need. Awful tough, and really not fair to those guys & their young families.
  13. Coach Lickert is an outstanding young football coach. Had a very successful AD say to me a few weeks ago.... "these programs that think they want a new coach. They better be careful what they wish for. I don't see that many young, good, quality head football coaches out there." His words.... not mine.
  14. From conversations I've had with other coaches that would know.... .I believe the answer is no.
  15. Paranoia is my best thing. Professional issue of the day is that I am getting old. I don't want to get outdated. I don't want what we do in our football program to be behind the curve and not the best possible across the board for our kids. And, old or not, I still want to be the absolute best football coach that I can be. There is still more for me to learn and much that I can do better. Brandon Smith before he lead our KY All Stars to a 2 TD victory over TN. *photo by theguru! Last February, I drove to Bowling Green to meet with Coach Brandon Smith, one of the finest young coaches in the state. Yesterday morning I met with our strength coach at Mercer County, Josh Painter, another outstanding young football coach. Strength is moving toward POWER... strength AND speed. Josh has us changing with the times and I am glad. We use and have Tsunami Bars. Love them and GREAT for our kids! I couldn't spell Tsunami four years ago. Coach Josh Painter with our Titans After meeting with Josh yesterday, I drove to Covington Catholic to meet with Coach Eddie Eviston, another outstanding young KY HS Football Coach. It was also good because Trosper got a chance to throw with some of the CovCath guys while we met. Coach Eddie Eviston w/ his Cov Cath Team All three of those guys played for outstanding coaches : Brandon (his Dad, Chuck) ; Josh ( his Dad, Doug) ; Eddie (Bob Schneider-NewCath & Bill Cronin- Georgetown). I appreciate these young guys helping an old coach. I learned alot. I am a better coach because of those meetings. And, found out maybe I am not THAT old. Many of the things we are doing.... we need to keep doing those. But, old coaches.... seek out those young guys and listen. And, while I am at it.....young guys.... don't get your feelings hurt when the old coach doesn't implement your idea. That doesn't mean he isn't listening. It very well may mean he has 10-20 prior experiences and he learned the hard way... we need to do it the way we are currently doing it. When I was a young assistant coach at Paris HS, I made a suggestion to Coach Gruneisen in regards to some adjustments that I thought would help our defense. After listening, he said, "I don't want to do that." End of discussion, and that was fine with me. I understood he was the head coach. I am not sure that would go over as well in the 21st century. But, my Dad was a head football coach. I understand.... at the end of the day, the tough decisions are on him, and he will face the consequences for those decisions more than anyone else in our program. In closing....if you schedule South Warren (Brandon Smith) or Covington Catholic (Eddie Eviston), be ready. Those guys will have their teams ready to play. Reese Smith of WVU Football in our Athletic Complex w/ Tsunami Bar
  16. The money and decision-making yes. On the workload... that is why you have to have a secretary and one, possibly two assistant AD's.
  17. In the south, the setup frequently is that the head football coach is AD and may even be the strength coach. He also will have a secretary and one or two assistant AD's. The head football position at Highlands would merit that structure. The head football coach job demands are booming. It will become more and more difficult to teach and be the head football coach in a program that is serious about being successful.
  18. Yes. It is a great job. The community, school, & administration are committed to excellence in their football program. It's been a tough stretch.... but Highlands is still Highlands.
  19. Our Paris teams played Coach Schneider's teams in November of 1992 & 1994. Very good football teams.... especially 92. Good grief. We were fortunate to get them in 94. After the game, Coach Schneider told me that we had screwed up his gameplan by taking out a defender they had found on video, they thought they could attack. I told him... ."Coach, we knew you would go after him and had to make a change." Lol. NewCath was a different animal. Everyone else we played, we were fine. NewCath & Bob Schneider... no way. Thankful our paths crossed. It was an honor & challenge to face his NewCath teams. Great memories. Wonderful man and tremendous football coach.
  20. I don't know if he would be interested or not, but any program that could get Chuck Smith should hire him. He may have more gas in the tank than people realize. And, he is a GREAT football coach. I've coached with him, learned from him, had to coach against him over the past 37 years. I am biased... he has been a great friend and helped me to be a much better coach and person.... but I do believe there is no one better.
  21. You are very kind to say that. Highlands is an ELITE head football coaching job.
  22. My prediction is this will be an outstanding hire.
  23. Not to get carried away... but if Leetavious or Coach Barker ever run for Governor, they got my vote and a bunch more will do the same! Was a great story, if not the BEST story of 2020!
  24. When West Carter played in our bowl game to open the season in 2019, alot of people in our area didn't believe me when I told them they were good. By the time the game was over, the Comets had a bunch of respect in our community and nearby. Daniel Barker has done a super job and Leetavious Cline is a special football player. Also glad to see old Harrodsburg HS / UK Wildcat / Bengal legend, Craig Yeast, land a great player. Congratulations !!
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