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  1. If that number is true and I am not doubting it, I think every high school coach in America would be in play.
  2. Birds take down the Ravens ranked by MaxPreps #29 who feature Alabama recruit Brandon Miller who is the #10 player in the country. The undersized Birds shot well from the outside and did a incredible job on the defense boards tonight. Birds were lead by Zach Barth (the most underrated point guard in the state) and Will Herald. Great bounce back Birds!
  3. I agree after taking down the team that is still ranked 9th in 6A Cooper belongs in the rankings before Scott County.
  4. Who is playing who in the 1st week of scrimmages?
  5. Yes there was. I happen to meet some of my buddies from college who were Bluebirds at the Highland Country Club and it seemed there were a lot of Bluebird supporters meeting the new coach at a dinner.
  6. I enjoyed watching him play. Well deserved award. What are his future plans?
  7. That’s exactly how you build a winning football culture. Focus on the needs of one to detriment of the team. AAU might work in basketball and baseball but doesn’t build championships in football.
  8. How unfair of a coach to expect his players be at Spring practice rather going to an “AAU” 7-7 tournament. The fact that AAU 7-7 is even being brought up is ridiculous.
  9. A rematch of the 2001 Regional Final on the same court. I just hope it Is close to how good that game was that night.
  10. Congratulations to Luke Muller for scoring his 1,000 point in the game and winning MVP.
  11. I get Cov Cath charging $15 for the regular season games to try and recoup lost gate money. Most if not all purchasers during the regular season are going to be fans on the teams that are playing. However when you get to the semi finals I think there is a lot of casual interest involved. Since I have no dog in the fight if the game were free I would 100% turn it on. If it were $5 I would be more likely to get it. At $15 I would only get it if I was a fan of the one team or one of the teams had an impact player that would going to UK ie. Tim Couch.
  12. Plus you have talent and sizing coming in the next 4 classes. The Bluebirds started 4 or 5 sophomores on offense last game Cov Cath. An absolute beast of offensive tackle returning that will be a senior. Defense has some holes to fill but you got some animals on defense coming back at linebacker and safety. Freshman close was loaded with over 50 kids. 8th grade has about 40 plus players and some monster size. 7th grade had over 55 kids playing and they have some major size as well. Can’t tell me you can’t find 10-15 really good football players out of almost 60 kids. Is the High
  13. Well let’s be honest Eicher didn’t win. Duffy wasn’t about wins or loses and HHS cut bait before something really bad happened with him. Weinrich wasn’t getting done. Oh there was a coach in between that was very successful. So don’t act like there is some problem at HHS. Cov Cath went through quite a few coaches if I recall.
  14. How many seniors does Cov Cath have that will be celebrating their last game? Also it would be nice for Senior Night if the Diocese would allow more than 2 tickets per player. I am sure there are plenty of brothers/sisters and grandma/grandpa that would like to see their Colonel one last time.
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