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  1. How many seniors does Cov Cath have that will be celebrating their last game? Also it would be nice for Senior Night if the Diocese would allow more than 2 tickets per player. I am sure there are plenty of brothers/sisters and grandma/grandpa that would like to see their Colonel one last time.
  2. Let's stop talking about if they are going to play and let's talk about when they do play. I was surprised by the other high school games on TV that I saw. I thought the play would be more sloppy. Did Ohio, Alabama, Texas, and Utah all start practice before Kentucky? Will the Kentucky schools with only 3 weeks of practice with helmets look sharp or will the play be sloppy. I personally think the first couple of weeks are going to very sloppy. I hope I am wrong.
  3. It is joke but this has everything to do with no school board wanting to get sued. So they will keep slow playing it.
  4. Colonels beat the Birds for the Freshman Championship. Birds JV took it to the Colonels in the JV Championship. Tomorrow the Varsity get to duke it out for basketball supremacy in Northern Kentucky.
  5. Highlands Coaches and their winning percentages Homer Rice (1954-1961): 70-11-6 (80.45%) 3 State Titles Owen Hauck (1962-1966): 48-8-1 (84.21%) 1 State Title Mike Murphy (1967-1973): 66-12-1 (83.54%) 2 State Titles Roger Walz (1974-1975): 20-4-0 (83.33) 1 State Title Bill Herrmann (1976-1983): 81-18 (81.82%) 3 State Titles Jack Eicher (1984-1987): 30-13 (69.77%) Tom Duffy (1988-1993): 61-15-0 (80.26%) 2 State Titles Dale Mueller (1994-2013): 250-36-0 (87.41%) 11 State Titles Brian Weinrich(2014-present): 46-30 (60.52%) 1 State Title
  6. I am no Cov Cath fan but to me it could be an economic decision. Cov Cath costs around $9-10K and a GCL school costs around $13-14K. As long as the KHSAA continues to allow out of state kids to play athletics wouldn't you as a parent want to send your child to the best school that would allow them to compete and still get a great education. Plus you get to save $4k a year.
  7. Forgot to mention the Cooper cheerleaders wearing blue bows. Very classy by Cooper all the way around.
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