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  1. Could somebody tell me why Marshall County has to come all the way up to Northern Kentucky in the 1st Round?
  2. I think it would be pretty cool if the teams would agree to wear throwback helmets for a game in the future. I think the ‘81 helmets would be fun to bring back.
  3. Best part of the game. Conner Band. Phenomenal. Broke out a Prince tribute.
  4. Yep. Taking the ball and scoring two games in a row is coming out flat.
  5. Never seen Garrard's old jerseys and helmets before but I think those unis with the helmet look pretty sharp.
  6. I am not giving all the credit to football but I do think it had an impact. Southern Campbell County is booming and having football my convince little Jimmy to go to Brossart instead of Campbell County and continue his Catholic education. Maybe Jimmy's family live in Alexandria and Jimmy really wants to play football. Mom and Dad don't want to drive to Newport every morning and afternoon to send Timmy to New Cath. Either way Brossart picks up a kid they wouldn't have been getting. Now I don't have any idea about St. Henry's finances but I do know where all of the new construction is happening and Boone County is booming more than Southern Campbell County. St Timothy is putting a big an addition so that tells me parents still want their kids to get a Catholic education. If I were the new Bishop and wanted to get my Catholic High School enrollment up especially in Boone County I may look at St. Henry to see if football wouldn't help them. And apparently they got one of the biggest expenses already covered. As someone said above build it and they will come.
  7. Look at what football has done for Brossart's enrollment. I think St. Henry would be crazy not to at least explore it. Boone County is booming and there isn't a Catholic High School in the county with a football team. I think it makes all the sense in the world for them to do it.
  8. Anyone else find it ironic? When Highlands was rolling people always was said it was because of the kids from Kenton County. Now Beechwood is rolling and it is because of kids living in Fort Thomas. And Cov Cath always takes the heat. Well maybe they deserve it for basketball.
  9. Any publication that lists Casual Chinese in Newport ahead of Oriental Wok in the Chinese category loses all credibility. Try a different source Guru.
  10. Fort Mitchell takes the restaurant title . Fort Mitchell wins in the following categories: Chinese- Oriental Wok Mexican- Montoyas Best place to pick up divorced women-Grandview Tavern Sub Sandwich- Jersey Mikes Fort Thomas wins in Best Burger Midway Cafe Best Pizza Fort Thomas Pizza and Padrinos beats out Camporosso Bars are a little bit more of a tossup but I think the Bluebirds get that one Ole Fort Pub over the Saddle Club Midway Cafe Bourbon selection is better than Grandview
  11. Blue Colonels were very young this year and had to replace a lot from last year. If similar things happen in the next few years then you can say it is time for Krumps to retire but for him to win the district over Beeechwood with what he had to replace was impressive.
  12. Anyone got details on the game? How did the Breds score 3 in the extra frame? I would love to hear who came up clutch for them.
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