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  1. Well? Sounds to me they (Newport) are playing like it's the last game of the season
  2. True, maybe everyone is eligible to play. A strong team when they are together. Discipline is the key to success in my opinion. You have to be able to maintain yourself as a person, be strong and mature.
  3. Any thoughts on this one? I'm going with Newport in a close one, by 4. Newport should be up to full strength tonight.
  4. Mullins is a discipline issue. This kid has talent but no discipline. Left Holmes because of discipline. Some how manages to transfer to the open arms of Newport. He gets into more discipline issues with Newport at a game in Ashland. Gets removed by Snapp from the team. Newport then brings him back to the team. Big mistake! To top all of that, you have Covington and Hollis getting discipline in school about a week ago. Newport has Snapp and Davis, that are great young men trying to hold the team together. But when you have more than one discipline problem on the team, good young men like Snapp and Davis can only produce so much.
  5. Congrats to Jacob Smith! Jacob is an awesome young man, he will be truly missed at NewCath. I look forward to getting the opportunity to watch him play Thomas More.
  6. I agree with you, this Newport team has talent. The lack of discipline reflects the leadership from the top to the bottom. Mullins has talent but that is all he has. I don't expect him to reach to the next level. Covington and Hollis are the same. The only hope for Hollis is that he is a sophomore and may mature after players like Mullins and Covington are gone. The bright spots on this team is Snapp and Davis; these two young men are student/athletes. If Coach Snapp had a full squad of players like Davis and Snapp, there would be no stopping them.
  7. Newport should be competitive this season. Snapp will need to keep his players head together. Keep up with their academics and discipline at school.
  8. Jacob Smith is a talented player. NewCath showed good character throughout the game. Newport had some good moments but lack senior leadership. Coach Viox is a good fit for Newport. Coach Viox will improve Newport fit the future.
  9. Withrow is 5-4 with a very tough schedule.
  10. Withrow head coach stated in an interview that he had 2 new cornerbacks starting, one being a sophomore (#8) IMO those guys did a terrific job. Not having a lot of varsity experience might have hurt them because they were running with the wide receicers to the bleachers each play! I see #8 and #9 becoming great players. They both also went both ways and played wide receiver.
  11. Well I'm not sure who any of these coaches are but I wish them luck. Let's just hope that they have familiarized themselves with the kids that have been on the roster this past season. Believe or not Newport still has a lot of talent in the school. The group that is left can be a aggressive group if they are coached in the right manner.
  12. For years when you mentioned Newport baseball you always knew who what family was in charge of the program. Ray and Grady Brown were the ones that molded boys into men. Is there a replacement for Grady out there? True there will be a replacement but no one will ever be the coach that he and his brother were to the players.
  13. Coach Russell is an outstanding individual and yes he had to make adjustments to coach at Newport - and yes he has helped a lot of families in the Newport area. I wish him all the best at CC and I'm sure he will have a long and successful years at CC. When I refer to discipline I'm referring to the fact that there comes a time in life when one must install self discipline on them selves and not have to rely on someone else to install it on you. When you reached a sophomore in high school you should know what it takes to get yourself a better life - Coach Russell did all he could do for a lot of kids in Newport - he will be missed and I for one hope to attend a few games at CC to cheer him on.
  14. Well if that's the case - let's hope that he is makes a good decision based on someone that can keep the program going forward and install discipline.
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