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2022 New Uniforms / Helmets

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Garrard County has new uniforms and helmets. The helmets have been solid maroon for years but they've added the gold G. Jerseys don't look much different but they appear to be wearing yellow pants full time. In the past, yellow pants have typically been worn about once a year. I haven't seen the white jerseys yet.

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Hazard is another team moving away from the matte color look (I've never really cared for matte helmets, on the whole). They're switching from matte black and a gold 'H' on both sides, to gold lids with a navy 'H' on one side and navy script "Hazard" on the opposite side.




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6 hours ago, Colonels_Wear_Blue said:

I was always a fan of those too. Their early-80s unis were pretty sweet too...


Can you imagine playing on that today?  Brings back some great memories, then I look at the field in the Trigg County vs Fulton County picture below it and think, "man, these kids have it so good!"

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