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  1. Definitely looks like they’ve packed it in for the night.
  2. Yep. I’m sticking with Lee and Wright are the two best athletes on the field.
  3. Outsiders perspective: two best athletes on the field play for a 2-4 Cooper team. That probably explains why Highlands is struggling.
  4. Interception Cooper. Quarterback got drilled right as he threw it. Tip drill pick for the Jags.
  5. Field level camera(s) are higher quality than the above the bleachers camera.
  6. This is a monster drive coming up for Highlands. Probably a must score, and may need it pretty quickly.
  7. Typically it’s 1A and 3A on Friday; 2A, 4A, and 5A on Saturday; 6A on Sunday. But this year could be completely different. I wouldn’t expect an announcement from the KHSAA for a few weeks.
  8. Same. The angle was pretty good but it happened so quickly I couldn’t tell if he was in bounds or not.
  9. Feel like I’m seeing an old VHS tape about to rewind while looking at the scoreboard.
  10. These two will play again in three weeks but you have to think Dayton is disappointed with this result.
  11. It feels like every Raceland/Paintsville game is a good one.
  12. 34-yard field goal for the win. Would have easily been good from 35!
  13. Raceland about to attempt a 34 yard field goal for the win. Shades of Raceland/Pikeville a couple years ago.
  14. Is it not intentional grounding if you spike it from the shotgun formation?
  15. Watching on YouTube. Volume and picture aren’t synced very well but this is a good quality broadcast.
  16. Nice stop by Raceland. Rams have looked pretty good tonight.
  17. That’s what I meant. I knew there was some type of contract/relationship. But like you said, Central/Franklin should be on somewhere!
  18. I know Prepspin is LCA centric and that’s fine. I wish they were covering this one tonight, though. Should be the best game in central Kentucky.
  19. No. I think JCPS is hopeful that two weeks away might help reduce cases and lower the color from red. I have no idea if it will work, but in no way do I think they are trying to force the hand of the other 119 counties.
  20. I know Corbin has done their home games on a Pay Per View link this year so they might take it on the road.
  21. This is an important game for the Dayton program. They've made steady progress over the last couple of seasons. However, coming off a loss to Newport Catholic, the possibility exists of a tailspin like last year. If Dayton can come out and beat Ludlow this weekend then that will say a great deal about their staying power and will bode well for their future.
  22. I can why a first road game could be complicated for a team since the protocols for travel are different this season. However, your point about a lack of fans in the stands is a good counter-argument.
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