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  1. Boyle also lost games with Henry Clay tonight and Lincoln County tomorrow. I hate that for them. Boyle might well be the best team in the 12th Region; I know they'd like an opportunity to compete against other top tier programs.
  2. The KHSAA had to play when they could play. Moving the dates back meant they were now working on Rupp Arena's schedule. I'm sure semifinals and finals on Saturday are to avoid Easter but avoiding Good Friday is probably not possible. Theoretically, it could affect five other parochial schools (Owensboro Catholic in Region 3, winners of Region 6 and 7, Lexington Catholic in Region 11) but that isn't too likely.
  3. Most of his career has been in the central Kentucky area. Coached high school at Anderson and Dunbar, college at Campbellsville, I believe. Trigg was where he landed after Anderson got rid of him last year (a whole different issue), but Green is close to where he's been for a long time. Probably helps explain the interest.
  4. I believe Taylor County has added turf for baseball. All part of a huge renovation of their athletic facilities that included turf on their football stadium this past season.
  5. Saw this in effect tonight. Referee rightfully called it but it makes zero sense why it is a rule.
  6. I like what Robertson County is doing this season. Expected to be solid and playing several top tier opponents (Ashland, GRC, Campbell, Mason, Lexington Catholic) on the road to prepare them for the 10th Region tournament.
  7. Expectations are high and the first three games were against solid competition but a pretty blah start from supposed 14th Region contender Wolfe County this season. Anxious to see if they start rounding into shape.
  8. PBK Death Valley Bowl August 20 at Lincoln County 6:00 - Lincoln County vs. Somerset 8:00 - Danville vs. Garrard County Bob Allen Pigskin Classic August 28 at Danville 6:00 - Garrard County vs. Somerset 8:00 - Danville vs. Lincoln County
  9. Absolutely. And those Grayson County teams were often in districts with Bowling Green, South Warren, Owensboro, and other strong western Kentucky teams. As it stands, Edmonson County is in an extremely winnable district with very similar schools. No reason to think Ed Smart can't move them to a consistently solid Class 2A ballclub.
  10. Always good basketball, boys and girls, played in Laurel County from way back when to today.
  11. I get that. Reminds a bit of Renner, Ballard’s basketball coach. Their comments on social media and in the news always come across as “I know more about this (everything) than anyone else and so you should listen to me.” Not sure that attitude would fly in Fort Thomas.
  12. Highlands being reconsidered and ultimately getting left for what appears to be a better job is not something I ever expected to see but here we are. Also, stop with this “never get another job.” This isn’t common but it isn’t uncommon. Chuck Smith took the Madison Central job and then immediately left for Boyle. This stuff happens. Don’t knock a guy for reconsidering. You might have hated what you ended up with.
  13. While I get your point, based on the current schedule it looks like Walton-Verona is the only district team Trimble County wasn't playing. If you're going to play all but one, go ahead and play WV, then schedule competitive opponents in the non-district. Trying to schedule non-district games late in the season is difficult and your options might be limited, which could lead to dispiriting losses. Plus, a win over one district opponent could set up a later district game with playoffs on the line. Even if you know you'll lose the first round game, putting kids in a win-and-you're-in position late in the regular season can build confidence and enthusiasm.
  14. I understand the discouragement but by the end of this season I'm sure everyone was pretty much ready to be done. The scores/descriptions against Shawnee, Owen, and Gallatin make me think that Trimble is headed in the right direction.
  15. Meyer seemingly was on the verge of hospitalization every time Florida or Ohio State lost. He’ll have to temper that in the NFL where there will be plenty of losses early and three or four losses per year even if you’re a title contender.
  16. While ineligible for the postseason, Trimble County did play four of the five district opponents last season: -Shawnee (Won 14-6) -Gallatin County (Lost 34-14) -Owen County (Lost 33-14) -Carroll County (Lost 60-0)
  17. No chance South Laurel will end up 9th in the region. They’re annually one of the three best in the region and even having to replace some folks this year they’ll still be very good.
  18. First time I’ve seen Lincoln this year and most notable is point guard Jaxon Smith’s hair is insane. Keeps getting longer every year! In truth, Lincoln is very different this year than last. They don’t have a 6’6” guy like Bodner at center and they’ll miss the defensive presence of Frye. However, they might be quicker with better shooting. They’ll be an interesting team to follow in the 12th Region this year.
  19. Yes it is. Those guys at Lincoln do a top notch job on all of their broadcasts.
  20. Other than some type of mass player scholarship signing (which likely wouldn’t be allowed due to Covid) I can’t imagine what else it could be. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  21. A couple of years ago I was responsible for making sure the referees got safely from their halftime spot back to the field. As I walked with them heading into halftime you could tell they were all friends, they were chatting, making comments about good plays made by both teams. On the way back after halftime, one of the refs even stopped and thanked the cheerleaders for being supportive of their teams. Point being, there are lots of good people refereeing who enjoy the job and do it well. They also enjoy the atmosphere and making things better for all players, participants, and fans. Hopefully once Covid eases up their numbers will increase.
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