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  1. More than that, I think we are edging closer and closer to an NFL-like setup for football where there are 64~ teams competing in divisions with playoffs that culminate in a Super Bowl like championship. What I am more curious about is how that plays out for basketball and various other non-revenue sports. I don't see why it has to eliminate them, but I hope someone near the top is smart enough to play football in mega-conferences but put the other sports in more regionally aligned groups, instead of saying "we can't afford this" and canceling those sports altogether.
  2. If I'm ACC leadership, I'm spending every waking moment making sure the needs and desires of Duke, North Carolina, Clemson, and Florida State are met. I'm probably also making some phone calls to Stanford, Cal-Berkley, Arizona, Oregon, Kansas, maybe UConn, just to test the waters.
  3. I've heard the same thing. Obviously the big key is making sure all of those kids stay at Caverna. They're non-district this season but I suspect they come back into play in 2023. Whether that's with Russellville and the Fultons or perhaps closer with Campbellsville, Bethlehem, and Fort Knox we'll have to wait and see.
  4. I was surprised at how many games I immediately remembered their first names when you'd see the last name on the jersey. Those two teams (especially Detroit) had so many top-tier players.
  5. This is true. The biggest problems for Burgin are being in a district with three large school and being in an All A region with schools like Danville and Somerset that always have lots of talent and athleticism. Burgin isn’t bad but they’re behind the eight-ball geographically.
  6. He has a couple of big roles. He found himself in some unique situations, especially between coaches of the two teams. You’ll enjoy it!
  7. Colorado was clearly the better team but I thought Tampa's experience might pull it out. Impressive that the Lightning went three times in a row, even in defeat. And as @DragonFire said, Colorado fulfilled their promise after some missteps and look capable of winning again in the future. NHL playoffs are awesome - I have no real rooting interest and find myself on the edge of my seat for about two solid months!
  8. I’m sure they will. It aired at 1pm today for the first time but I’m sure it will be on one or more of their channels soon.
  9. Just watched a two hour ESPN E:60 episode about the Red Wings/Avalanche NHL rivalry in the 1990s. Fantastic television. I highly recommend you search through wherever you get ESPN and watch it. Lots of hockey, intensity, and good memories from back then.
  10. The Pendleton County game may not be happening. Pike Central coach Ronn Varney said last week that they have "a possibility of a week 1 cancellation and are in need of an opponent."
  11. That's a challenging read to begin with. Took me some time to get through it but it was good. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  12. This was a wild story. Found it at our local library; very interesting. I had never heard of it before. Apparently there was a movie made about five years ago that is on Amazon Prime. It didn't get great reviews but I still think I'll watch it.
  13. Great list. Only one who might have an argument is Red Holzman who won two titles and had a ton of success with the New York Knicks.
  14. Saw Green County once last year and was really impressed with their skill. Lots of speed, as evidenced by their track success. Their numbers were very small, though. I suspect the success they had last season, the new facilities, and a head coach that seems very high energy will result in more kids on the sidelines this year.
  15. Calpreps' Predict a Matchup from last season says Crittenden County would defeat Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 24-23.
  16. According to the Crittenden County football website, Our Lady of Mount Carmel is from Baltimore (it says Pennsylvania on the schedule but Baltimore in the article). Their nickname is the Cougars and they finished 6-3 last season. I don't know anything about the Maryland structure but their Calpreps rating was -15.6, which puts them roughly on par with Kentucky teams like Shelby County (larger) and Frankfort (smaller). Probably a solid opponent but also one Crittenden County should traditionally defeat. http://crittendencountyrockets.blogspot.com/
  17. Coaches: Would like to see a mix of young and old, rural and city, big school/tradition and small school/limited tradition. Obviously some older coaches have been named but what about younger guys like Crutchfield at Garrard, Wes Arnold at Fort Knox, Jones at Kentucky Country Day? Topics: Probably anything about the playoffs would work. Don't let it get into a "3 classes was best in 1974" type discussion because the state is never going back to that. Focus on their beliefs regarding classes moving forward. How do you approach scheduling? How do you pick opponents or do they pick you? Is ten games appropriate? Too many/too few? Should the season begin later?
  18. I thought Dunn had transferred to Lincoln County. Am I thinking about the wrong kid?
  19. I haven't updated my list to include changes for this season, but last season there were 139 stadiums with grass and 82 stadiums with turf. Two schools (Covington Holy Cross [Thomas More] and Newport Central Catholic [Newport] both play on turf but not at their own stadium.
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